Flying Cows | Organic Valley

Welcome to Southfork Organics here in
western Wisconsin and spring is here we’re about ready to turn the cows out
on this fresh grass. “Come on, time to go out.” Boom! Welcome to the Hass family farm
here by Westby, Wisconsin we’re going to let our cows out for the first time this spring season. I’m Nate Trussoni, on the Trussoni farm. It’s always fun to see the cows get out on pasture for the first time. Hello my name is Dennis Buck.
I’m an Organic Valley dairy farmer. The pastures are lush this year and the
cows are excited to get out there and get at ’em. The cows really enjoy being out here
where they can walk and run and you know, it’s good for their bodies, and their feet especially. They like to run around a little bit and kick up their heels in the springtime. It’s really nice to see them get their exercise and what’s also nice is to see that milk quality with the butterfat typically goes up a little bit. It’s just a good environment for them. It’s a clean environment for them. We believe in the benefits of pasture. It just makes for a healthier cow and a healthier product. We just think that this is the proper way to farm in harmony with nature and that’s why we became organic in the first place. Ahhhh. What else can a guy say?!

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