9 thoughts on “Forest Gardening with Robert Hart (Complete)

  1. I was reading today about Robert Hart's life, who passed awau in 2000.
    He is one of the pioneers on the Food Forest concept.
    Robert Hart inspired Martin Crawford, a contemporary Food Forest experty from the UK.
    One video with Martin Crawford:

  2. Cereal growing has been practiced in Britain for at least 5000 years , up until the invention of the tractor at least it was back breaking hard work, Why then did no one in all that time ever think of forest gardening ?

  3. Wonderful to watch this. We're at such an early stage with our forest garden that it's hard to imagine how it will look and feel when mature.

  4. Also interesting that Robert Hart then advocated compost, whereas nowadays Martin Crawford prefers "chop & drop" from what I read. I composted in a previous garden, but now experimenting with the chop and drop approach. Are others doing chop and drop too? How do you find it?

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