Free range Egg farming Australia. Chicken Caravan Glenburn Victoria

Time is a premium on a farm, all farmers would tell you that. I guess it’s daunting to think of having you know… hundreds of chooks that don’t really herd or are hard to manage. That’s not the case with this type of production. It really… It is really time-saving. The trailer has everything you could need on it, It’s one move. Well we’re able to have another style production on the property, that really has impacted our primary focus which was beef. I would say we were probably working at the chooks as rivaling that in terms of financial means so… The big doors on the sides provides adequate shade and the adjustabilty of the doors is great, so you really can put them down on your prevailing wind side perhaps. if you´re at autumn, you’re getting some storms or some wind coming through, the chooks don’t like that so much, so you can really shelter them a bit more. For my first kind of prototypes the trailers used to take me a long time to collect the eggs from the nest boxes. You know, in all types of weathers and the chicken trailer really has streamlined on that process with the conveyor belt that actually brings the eggs the length of the trailer towards you. So you just collect them, probably takes about 20 minutes now, and that’s… you know, that’s nothing really on a daily basis: anyone could do that. And the benefits for the pasture I think are evident, there’s more money now to spend on renovations and improvements and yeah, it’s a great diversification and the Chicken Caravan it’s really made it possible. There’s plenty of space for the chooks to lay, the eggs roll away nicely: not too fast. And the eggs come out just crystal – clean, just really really really clean, it’s fantastic. That safes a lot of time and labor and money on cleaning dirty eggs. The Nest Box Gates are a really phenomenal idea: it just keep the nest boxes so clean, and reliable 100%, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night thinking : “I need to go and do something to the chooks!” it’s all pre-programmed and solar charged, and really just set it and forget it, which is great. So when I started on the alternative pastured poultry of paddock egg model here, I was looking to actually build my own trailer: I put some designs together, went and saw some experts and they really quoted way through the roof luckily I saw the Chicken Caravan online, and really it meet my needs 100%, it’s really well designed and thought out, and really it makes this type of farm – poultry – and production productive and possible, so I give it 100% tick of approval.

18 thoughts on “Free range Egg farming Australia. Chicken Caravan Glenburn Victoria

  1. Yes a small one 25 red cross chooks 10 leghorns and a few meat rabbits, and 1/2 acre of vegitables!! and a small vineyard

  2. btw, saw article on chicken caravan in 'farming small areas' mag that comes with The Land that my auntie had saved for me and Im like..omg, I know those! I came across the caravans few months ago while researching as I am planing to making the 'country escape' but of course need to sort income. Fantastic idea!

  3. wow, this is interesting . Farming is fun, I also happened to set up a small poultry farm  you could check it out under this account that I have used !

  4. I loved that video and information.  I would be interested in seeing that for myself, would that be possible?  Its so animal friendly and the rotation is a great advantage for your paddocks, well done….chooky

  5. wow wow wow, they have as much space as when I had my farm in Afghanistan. Nice work Tom! It's so beautiful that you move them to find new grass, Nice work supporting our girls! Also nice work with the portable caravan ! Makes my day about you getting to move them around to new grass because I can only imagine how excited they get! This guy is a legend and a half! Thanks heaps for the video 🙂

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