From City Life to Organic Farming: Fredrik from Yduns Have

I think it’s important to
keep the vision alive. But of course we have some
core values here about – – how we can cultivate
the land in a way, where – – we create some good soil,
that gives some good vegetables – – rather than just producing
some good vegetables. So we start with the soil.
And good soil produces good vegetables. It’s potatoes until the water
and also all this. Many of our parents went
out of the city in the 70s – – to create self-sufficient collectives and so on. So now it’s like ‘the green wave 2.0’. But it’s maybe more thought through now. It’s not like “we just wanna leave everything behind”
It’s more like – – we wanna make change, but from here
and not from behind a computer in the city. I felt I had to compromise too much
when I lived in the city. I had to make money to be part of
a society that I really didn’t like. I don’t want to do something
that doesn’t have real value. I never doubt that what I’m doing
now has real meaning. Producing good food
is in a way always meaningful. Today is Thursday.. The big exciting job today is planting –
so we’re planting the pak choi. But until then we have the
squash, potatoes, carrots, apples and tomatoes. And then we also have the dried onions. So I think we can do two teams. One starts with the potatoes
and one starts with the carrots. You know where the apples are? So you can just take them out and
make 42 x 500 gram bags. When you deal with apples,
they are very fragile – – so you have to be very careful. We have to go and harvest some more
potatoes, because we don’t have enough. I had an identity crisis about how
I could canalize my frustration over society – – for many years. I think a lot of things are fucked
and I asked myself – “how can I do something?” But I just ended up being frustrated and bitter. For me it was great to say –
“I start with food” – – it became the starting point. That’s where I canalize all my energy
and that’s where I begin making changes. Before the summer I spent a lot of time
walking, writing, thinking, talking. And that was tough! I read a lot of articles, surfed online,
looking for some online courses. I thought it was very difficult, but then I began realizing which direction I wanted for my life. And from that point I began
talking to people about it, like: “This is what I want to look into.” And when I came with
that energy, it was like – – have you read ‘The Alchemist’? If you have a dream it’s as though the
whole universe works to make it happen – – if you really want it to. And that’s how I felt. When I went out from my ‘bubble’
and began talking to people – – it was as though some force dragged
me in the direction I had started to go. It was a very strong experience. And that’s how I came here.
It was quite random actually. You have to start first, open up, talk
and be active – and then it comes. Should we drive back?
Let’s drive back..

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