Front Garden Makeover

Hi and welcome to Garden Ninja today we are
going to be converting this front drive to a beautiful front garden. More often than
not, people end up with a sea of tarmac where the front garden is and what I want to do
with Garden Ninja is to show you, you can have both a functioning drive and a fantastic
front garden. Here’s the finished design for the garden that we will be working to when
doing this makeover. As you can see I’ve removed quite a lot of the tarmac and put some nice
clean formal lines in there, using low hedges and grasses to add movement and some drama
to the garden. There is clear access to the front door, back of the house and side of
the house and also enough parking for up to 3 cars. I’ve now got my team in here who are
starting to cut away the tarmac to prepare for the garden design. Working to a scaled
plan, like the one I showed you before, makes it far easier for both your contractors to
quote and to undertake the work because its really clear what needs to be done and where.
Always make sure you use a reputable contractor. So we are at the end of the first day now
as you can see the garden is starting to take shape now based on the plan. We have the path
behind me which has been cut out and the new beds and lawns but unfortunately, it’s raining
so we’re going to stop for today and carry on tomorrow. Ok so the hard landscaping is
nearly complete as you can see we have the outline of the new garden design the edging
stones are in and the ground has been prepared to the subsoil level. What I’m going to do
today is turn over this unusual shaped bed remove any plants that are not staying in
the existing scheme, hopefully rehouse them and give them to someone who would want them,
turn over that bed and then get ready to out the sleepers in to build that feature raised
bed. Lets get cracking! What I am going to do now is break up all the soil from where
the tarmac has been lifted because over years its been compacted and there is a pan thats
formed in the soil. A pan is just a really compacted layer of soil but it is really bad
for drainage roots and aeration which is what plants need to survive so I’m going to break
it all up, take out any of the bigger rocks and then work it into the soil add compost
and topsoil to aerate to remove that pan. So I have cleared out all the hard landscaped
areas now and I’m just about to start putting together the raised beds. I’ve spent quite
a lot of time now preparing the sub base which is the layer under the top soil and turf I’ve
removed a lot of debris, rocks and bits of broken glass and I’ve levelled it now what
I’m doing is putting on a mix of three quarters top soil to a quarter organic matter. In this
case mushroom compost. What the organic matter will help do is to retain moisture, give nutrients
to the new turf over a long period of time and also help drainage and other issues you
may find with compacted soil so it is really important to get the balance right. So I’m
spreading this all over and evening it out and then move on to marking out where the
turf is going to be. So all the hard landscaping is now done we have the turf down and the
soil in unfortunately I got rained off yesterday but it did mean that all the soil got a good
soak which is great. So what I am going to do now is layout all the plants based on the
design and then start the planting. It is really important that you lay out all your
plants before you commit them to the soil, this allows you to move them around and make
sure the spacing is correct and that it looks exactly how you want it to look. Better to
do it now rather than when you’ve dug them all in! Just to remind you here is how the
garden looked before. A sea of ugly tarmac and an unusable front space. Here it is the
finished design turning a lump of tarmac into a beautiful and functional front garden, I’ve
been Garden Ninja and if you have any questions please visit my site

9 thoughts on “Front Garden Makeover

  1. Front gardens are often overlooked and can be a real selling point to your property! Watch my guide to how a boring grey front drive can be turned into something beautiful! Has this video helped you? Let me know or share!

  2. Nice job ninja, love the clean lines and varying heights. Just subbed. I too have started a channel and have included a garden makeover. As it was over a long period its just a slideshow but please can I ask for your expert opinion..

  3. It looks a hundred times better and your videos are very clearly explained and well presented.
    One question if I may? How does the water drain from the garden area immediately in front of the house in times of heavy rain?
    I'd like to do something similar but I'm worried about managing runoff correctly. Thanks.

  4. Great – a proper front garden again. We have lost so many over the years. Well done for restoring suburban greenery.

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