Full Review and Deep Analysis of “Kimi No Na Wa” AKA “Your Name” [HEAVY SPOILERS]

Yo what is up my homies. As always, sorry for for making something
so fucking late. Fuck. Recently been very very busy. I just feel like making this video because
I just really want to talk about this. I will be talking about the movie that the
entire anime community is babbling on about. Captivated the world and open doors for a
lot of newcomers in the world of anime. When something like happens, it is impossible
to avoid it or ignore it. The latest marvel, Kimi no na wa. In other words, Your Name. I do not believe I can talk about this without
spoiling it. If I were to not talk about it with spoilers
included, this video would have been nothing but pure shit garbage bullshit and be deemed
useless. If you have not watched this movie, you betta
get the fuck out before I ruin everything. I am GOING TO SPOIL THE ENTIRE SHIT. I warned you. If you don’t give a fuck, just watch and
enjoy my take on this film. I’m going to talk about story, , music and
animation, symbolism you guys should check this part out. It’s probably the most intriguing part in
this video I think. It really gets you thinking. Next my opinions, and overall final conclusion. Caution. I might go pretty deep into this, to a point
where it can get pretty scientific and shit. Sorry, it’s just me. Just a pointa i would like to get across before
ya’ll starting fucking me in the ass for it. While talking about my insights on this movie
I might trigger or cringe some of you guys. I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCKKKKKU! Well, let’s get this shit started babbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbe. What is destiny? Do you believe in destiny? What is meant be to be will always find a
way. (insert meme) Your name is heavily spiritual and borrows
a lot from japanese culture and customs shit. A person who is spiritual will find this film
a straight up masterpiece and praise it for delivering a strong wonderful message. On the other hand, people who are unspiritual
or i guess atheist would find this movie mundane or just generic. For me, I’m kind of find myself somewhere
in the middle. To see the true beauty of the film, one just
needs to educate themselves a bit on the shinto religion that is practiced and applied in
Japan. After all this is a film from Japan and was
intended for the japanese audience and shinto believers. Grab some snack and shit as I tell you about
a story of love that surpasses time and space. That sounded so fucking cheesy. Fucking kill me now. I will explain things as clearly as I can. I warn you, this will very long because there
is just too much going on in the film that cannot be explained in 5 minutes. Buckle up kids! The film revolves around Mitsuha Miyamizu
and Taki Tachibana. Mitsuha is a female high school student who
lives in a rural town nestled deep in the mountains. Her father is the mayor and isn’t at home
much, and she lives with her little sister and her grandmother. Mitsuha has an honest personality, but she
doesn’t like the customs of her family’s Shinto shrine, nor does she like her father being
too focused on his work. Ya FUCK TRADITION AND CUSTOMS! YOLO SWAG! I DO WHATTA I WANT! Quoted by Miyamizu herself. Implied. She laments that she lives in a confined rural
town, and yearns for the wonderful lifestyle of living in Tokyo. On the other hand, Taki is a male high school
student who lives in central Tokyo. He spends time with his friends, works part-time
at an Italian restaurant, and is interested in architecture and fine arts. Nothing much about him and don’t believe
he even has any struggles. Just a complete normal kid. One day, Taki and Mitsuha switches bodies. Mitsuha wakes up as a Taki while Taki wakes
up as a Mitsuha. What is the mystery behind the body swapping? Basic shit about the movie Pretty much. And this shit happens then this and that. Mostly character development and a montage
of moments and how they learn to adapt to each other daily life. Then the big kicker and plot twist happens. Do I even fucking dare to say what the twist
is? Fuck it. You’ll have been warned in the beginning. Your fault for continuing this video after
this point. I’ve pause for 5 seconds if some of you
guys do care. YOU FUCKING Ready? Is this considered deep analysis? Why not? Let go over the history in this universe first. There is a comet that is called Tiamat. The comet crossed earth every 1200 years. My guess is that Tiamat crossed earth about
2 times before the start of the film. Tiamat splits when it is in perigee. Some of it become meteors and evaporates. However a piece of it becomes a meteorite
and impacts the earth’s surface and because of this, It leaves a huge crater. About 1200 years has passed and a group ancient
japanese people inhabited the area and called it Itomori. In japanese culture, land that are given names
have symbolic meanings to it. The translation for Itomori, is threaded forest
Ito is thread and mori is forest. This isn’t the exact word, but based from
the kanji you can make up this conjugations. From the name too, you can easily generalize
that this place is engulfed by trees are one with nature. Another quick thing you can kind of point
out the just from the first few minute of the film is that the people living there are
experts when it comes to knitting threads. Another 1200 years passed and comet Tiamat
makes another visiting creating another crater. From this natural catastrophe, the inhibitors
of Itomori saw the comet as a god and believe that this was judgement for not worshipping
it. Since they are aware of the 1st crater, they
known that this is bound to happen again if they do not change their ways. To avoid this from happening in the future,
the people of the village appoints people who has high amplitude of spiritual powers. Pretty much a shaman. Think of the native americans for a better
picture. Thus, this brings in the Miyamizu household. The representative becomes somewhat of a divine
figure for the villagers. This maiden (miko) is set to the task of preserve
the old traditions, communicate with the comet and warn people of the impending disaster
if they fail to change their ways. There special power seems to be clairvoyance. Jedi’s if you want a comedic analogy. Now begins our story and enters Mitsuha Miyamizu. THe main protagonist of the movie and the
descendant of her ancestors. From what I explained, the movie should be
a bit more clearer and everything starts to become clear as day. From what I just said, everything becomes
quite fucking predictable. From the synopsis. We know that Mistuha disliked her life, duties
as a descendant of miko and want to leave her home village Itomori. Shit who wouldn’t? Look how fucking uncivilized and unmodernized
fucks? I would be bored out of my life. I also would have eventually ended up killing
myself. Just kidding. Not anything to that extent or degree. Anyways, as you can see, Mitsuha is tasked
with keeping her bloodline tradition alive and keeping the villagers to worship Tiamat. And based on what I explained in the history
part, Mitsuha cannot leave. She is inclined to do so even though her heart
desires it. She is internally bounded to the Itomori because
of the heredity she carries and the connection she has to Tiamat. So pretty much you can see where this shit
is going. I can go way deeper into her bloodline and
the land of Itomori, but it is not necessary, plus it would be very long because there is
just some much going on with this film. It’s amazing that just from like a quarter
of the movie and a bit later you can get all these information. As you know me, I love overanalyzing shit. Even the smallest and shittest details. I always make sure to scrape every last piece
of shit. You know what I mean? Of course, the inevitable happens and Itomori
and the residents gets rekt again by Tiamat the FUCKING GOD. the KAMI. The story then switches over to our other
main character Taki. At this point the plot continues to build-up
to keep the story moving. Just when Taki was expecting to switch places
with Mitsuha, it does not happen. Taki begins to feel concerned and called her
up, but that didn’t work. He then took another big step, which is visiting
her personally. Upon reaching Itomori, to his surprise, it
is now a desolated wasteland that was brought upon the comet. He even discovers that the events of Tiamat
destroying Itomori happened 3 years ago and Mitsuha has been gone for awhile now. And something weird happens. Upon realization, Taki’s memories about
Mitsuha and the messages they shared started to erase in front of eyes. Memories of Mitsuha begins to fade quickly
to point where becomes a false memory or to put into a better context, a dream. He refuses to accept reality and truly believed
the things he witnessed were real. From this, it seemed Taki has grew a strong
relationship with Mitsuha. At this point, you can call it love. Taki then takes a giant desperate measure
of journeying to a sacred shrine that he vaguely remembers thanks to some historical text. In this shrine, he discovers what the fuck
was going on. He then proceeds to drink something called
the kuchikamisake. Translated God’s mouth sake. This reminds me of love juice. You know… the the thing that leak out a
girl’s pussy? Sorry. I’m just a fucking pervert. Taki then coincidently slips and falls unconscious. Probably something to do with the sake, but
he did tripped though. Probably just the works of deus ex machina
here. As he falls, he sees the comet on the ceiling
of the shrine. From that he learns that the comet Tiamat
is a god. He wakes up as Mitsuha again and the same
day the Tiamat is going to make its impact. Thus begins Taki’s plan on saving her and
the townsfolk from complete annihilation. From this you can already see how it ends. With the help of Taki, Mitsuha was able to
save her people which altered their fate. The story ends with an epilogue 5 years into
the future, and Taki and Mitsuha finally meet face to face. The end. .Shit. How long is this already? I’m getting too fucking into this. Which is good. I hope…I really want to get on and talk
about other stuff then the story. Okay, I’ve been blabbing on about about
the story and shit and I bet you’re wondering, what about the body switching and the other
shits? Here is when things might start not to make
any sense or logic. To put into words, super-natural. It took me awhile to come up with this. So since the quarter of the film, our main
protagonists are switching bodies and we just see a slice of life of thing going on. They learn from different perspectives and
each other. This kind of got m head scratching when i
was watching the movie. What is so special about this Taki kid? Well, after think and cursing myself for not
solving the mystery, I realized it was an easy
explanation. The reason why Taki is connected to Mitsuha
is because they met in the past. They met face to face 3 years prior to the
start of film in Taki’s timeline. Oh shit. I’m bringing in timelines now. However, Taki does not recognize her at all. To try and ring a sense to Taki, she throws
him her braided cord in the hopes of Taki remembering her. To make it more convoluted here, Mitsuha,
herself comes from the past. While Taki is from the future. The obvious explanation you can come up with
why Taki is connected with Mitsuha is because the braided cord is imbued with Mitsuha’s
spiritual power. Since then Taki wore it as a wristband, unconsciously
he gradually soaked in Mitsuha’s power. That is why they can connect to one another. Now let’s talk about the timeline shit in
a western perspective. Westerns tend to apply science and logic in
these type of topic. Here is my interpretation. Kakuyori, translated the underworld or you
can call it a different realm of existence. At this specific area, time and space intersect
and that is how Taki and Mitsuha were able to connect. Now here is the twist here only if you paid
attention. As you can see, One thing was missing from
Taki after the kakuriyo event, was the braided cord. As we all know, there can only be one thing
in existence in one timeline. In this case, the braided cord. If two existed, would have started a time
paradox. Now try and follow. It might sound confusing but it’s that simple. To reiterate, in order for Taki to be connected
with Mitsuha, he needs be in possession of the braided cord. In this merged timeline, Taki only had the
braid for ONE day, that is a day before the comet when Mitsuha gave it to Taki 3 years
ago on a train. As Taki returns it back to Mitsuha, the braided
is no longer in his possession. As a result, Taki has no memories of Mitsuha,
since he didn’t possess some of Mitsuha’s power. Remember, it took 3 years for taki to gain
mitsuha’s power Thus, he immediately forget about Mitsuha. Why? because the universe resolved the paradox
by itself. Simple as that. Now to look at it in a spiritual and I guess
in a japanese perspective, Kakuyori is the hidden realm, a realm not of human. It was mentioned as the underworld in this
film. I’ll keep this brief and easy. It’s probably easier to understand than
the scientific explanations and reasonings though. To leave the underworld, you had to leave
something precious behind. As Taki entered this area, he had nothing
to offer, but Kakuriyo tried to resolve this dilemma and that is by taking what is considered
important to Taki. At that time, it is his spiritual connection
with Mitsuha. By returning Mitsuha her braided cord, he
acknowledged that it was deemed important for him, along with his memories of her and
the spiritual connection between the two. In a sense, he paid God something important
in value in exchange to rewrite history. Pretty based of Taki. Fuck. I’m barely teasing the butthole here. Get ready for me to plunge right in with my
dick. Before that, let’s take a breather. You know, put some of that lubricate. yall feel me? Don’t wanna break your rectum. Just some immature jokes just for the fuck
of it. Gotta keep you guy this entertaining. Excuse me. First to get this out of the way, the visual
for the film is absolutely breath taking and very appealing to the naked eye, The colors
and aesthetic were so vivid and vibrant. Most of time, I was just memorized and dazed
by it’s beauty. As expected from Shinkai. He really brought Japan to life and made the
world immersive. In the visual department deserves a 10/10
no questions asked. This should not even be subjective, it should
be objective. Another thing that that film did was the cinematography. The camera work, scenes and effects were top
notched. It really resonated with the mood of the scene. I just loved the lighting and animation. Very fluid and really create the feel of realism. Still, maybe a bit far from studio ghibli
standards, but can be up par with it. Shit, I just cannot stop thinking about the
sceneries in this movie. You can literally take a screenshot from the
film at anytime and use it as a wallpaper or frame it as an art piece. The music on the other hand, well to be honest,
it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that good either. I was not feeling you, u feel me? Didn’t like the melody at all mostly. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the
music was realllllllllly generic. Just something that did not stand out for
me. The soundtrack was just pure mediocrity. There was not even 1 single track or song
I liked in the film. Definitely not memorable. Still, some of the music did fit the scene
i guess. So, music is 5/10 for me. I can go further into analyzing plenty of
scenes, but my time is very limited. If you have some questions, leave it in the
comment section below. I would be glad to answer your question and
solve your confusion, if you have any. This film has plenty of symbolism in it. I will list a few of them because they are
the most important ones and the driving force for the theme of the movie. These are some obvious ones and some I handpicked
out and analyzed myself. I mentioned some in the summary too in case
some of you guys weren’t paying attention. We got the comet, old customs, the red braided
cord connection to the word musubi, Kataware doki, relationship between our main protagonists,
and dreams. Now let’s look at Itomori’s custom. In Shinto, the acts of worshipping is very
important for keeping the tradition and god alive. In accordance to this, shrines and festivals
are held to commemorate them. Let’s think of other festivals that shares
the same purpose. The one that every knows about is Dias de
la Muretos. A day that memorialize the dead, so that they
will always be remembered and never forgotten. Memory are very important to the well beings
of a person. If one is forgotten, they are cease to exist. Another great symbolize that kind of took
me a while to come up with. Let’s discuss about the comet a bit. This is the driving force for the movie. Shinkai loves putting subliminal messages
into his works. Comets can symbolize both good and evil. It also disrupts the order and regularity
of the world. Comets are always associated with auspicious
and inauspicious events. Because this, superstition is correlated to
them. Their appearance can generate as a bad omen,
but for some it can means anew. Astrologically speaking, comet may exert positive
or negative influence to people or the world. Now jumping back on this. A comet is beautiful and radiant. Even if it’s a gorgeous, it’s true nature
is chaos and despair. Now relate lets this to love. Love can be beautiful, but during certain
times, it can cause destruction far beyond any power. Love is a power that mankind possess. It is a force that god himself cannot even
comprehend or experience. The full comet represent closeness, but once
it splits, it means separation and a severed link. In other words, star crossed lovers. As the comet split, so did Mitsuha connection
to Taki. A relationship that was not meant to be. Knowing Shinkai, he would totally do something
like this. This goes back to the saying that keeps appearing
in the film and that is kataware doki. A very nice to connection to the comet if
you were able to catch it. I would love to dig deeper, but I got no time. Fuck. Now, time to think more scientific and fictionally. If you think and I guess critically, the concepts
of a multiverse is at work here. Scientifically speaking, Everett Universe. It is believed that we live in a multiverse
where timelines are constantly changing and creating separate worlds and we each experience
countless of different outcomes in each of these worlds. For instance, being dead and alive is objectively
impossible, but in another universe or timeline. We all are in different branches of the universe
that are equally real but cannot interact with each other. Coming back to Shinto, spirits are a part
of nature so in a sense, spirits are everywhere in the world. Our souls can be seen as spirits and in this
case, Mitsuha, her soul had been traveling across the boundary of the dead and the living
through Taki and transporting her subconsciousness to him. I feel like I am losing you guys here. Don’t think too much into. It might hurt your brain. ¥ Next the most important symbol that you cannot
miss at all. The red braided cord and the word musubi. I going to say the quote Mitsuha’s grandma
said. It is a strong message and it is important
to the story. “Tying thread is Musubi, connecting people
is Musubi, the flow of time is Musubi, the threads are the god’s art and represent
the flow of time itself. They converge and take shape. They twist, tangle, sometimes unravel, then
connect again.” That “when a person consumes something and
it joins their soul, that’s Musubi.” My old lady impersonation. Musubi, in the shinto religion, it is consider
the the power of becoming or creation. Musubi also means “bond”, as in a knot
or a relationship.HMMMMMMMM. Let’s think a bit. Does this saying sounds vaguely similar to
something? “The two people connected by the red thread
are destined lovers, regardless of place, time or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but
never break.” Yep. Definitely the connection to the red string
of fate. Musubi is literally the same as this shit. No questions asked. Mitsuha and Taki were separated by time, circumstances
and memories. But still, their hearts are connected. The string will never break. Meaning, they are meant to meet again. They are destined to be together. FINDS A WAY. This should have been a dead giveaway too. He have seen this motif used in plenty of
movies and stories throughout history. This then brings me to Taki and Mitsuha’s
relationship. In the beginning of film they were both single
and did not care much about finding romance at all. They welcome loneliness with open arms. However after that supernatural event of switching
places, they learn more to life, themselves and the feeling of being close to someone. As time goes on, loneliness becomes their
worst enemy. This symbolizes to finding our own perfect
match. Finding our significant other is a monumental
task and might seem impossible, but when that person does come along, we must make our move
or else we would lose that person forever. We must have the courage to break social barriers
and to face obstacles ahead and the possibility of being rejected. Taki’s and Mitsuha courage and hard work
despite being normal is what made them special and unique. This is also a lesson that teaches us to be
proactive and go for what your heart desires. If you want to get a bit more philosophical
here, there relationship greatly portray Aristotle idea of shared virtue. Partners who challenge and inspire you to
grow into your highest potential and nurture your soul. In this case, Mitsuha played an important
role for Taki’s development. He went out of his way and did the impossible. A complete madman i tell ya. Another symbol seen throughout Shinkai’s
work is his usage of trains. He loves trains and most of the time, train
scenes are really symbolic. I’ll just leave it out that. Let’s see if you can connect the trains
to this film. I have my own, but i wanna hear your own interpretation
on it. Hint. there are plenty ways to interpret this. The last symbolism I am going to go through
is the body-swapping. In this film, the way our protagonists switches
bodies are through the concept of dreaming. Here is a nice description on this type of
dream and what does it means. “To dream that you are switching lives with
someone else or that you are living someone else’s life implies that you need to consider
something from someone else’s perspective. You need to be more sympathetic to others. Alternatively, dreaming of swapping lives
represents an escape from your own personal issues and stresses. You wished you were someone else.” This is exactly what Mitsuha was going through. Remember, she is sick of tired of her mundane
tradition, life and her role as the miko of the village. She also cried out to the god’s that she
wished to become a boy in her next life. And boom, god delivered and granted her wish. Well, let’s just say it was also a coincidence
that her spiritual power developed at that point too. This experience also taught her a life lesson
and that is be thankful for what you got. Now to get a little sciency. I’ve took a psychology at my university
and after watching this film I can make a direct connection to the dreams Mitsuha is
having. The meaning of dreams varies across different
cultures and periods of time. By the late 19th century, German psychiatrist
Sigmund Freud had become convinced that dreams represented an opportunity to gain access
to the unconscious. By analyzing dreams, Freud thought people
could increase self-awareness and gain valuable insight to help them deal with the problems
they faced in their lives. Freud made distinctions between the manifest
content and the latent content of dreams. Manifest content is the actual content, or
storyline, of a dream. Latent content, on the other hand, refers
to the hidden meaning of a dream. I’ll leave you find out the connection. Nice to get your brain working and thinking
instead of me explain it. Interpret it yourself. It’s quite fun to put the puzzle pieces
together. Plus, if I do explain it, I’ll end up sounding
like my professor and I might get wayyyyyyy of topic because I know how i am. Okay. Where am i in terms of time. Fuck. I better speed this along. Here comes in my opinion. Warning, this is where I will lay out my takes
on the movie. I may upset or surprise some of you guys here. Let’s start. Well, to be straight up honest here. I did not enjoy the movie as I thought I would
have expected. I’ve been hearing the praise for this for
almost over half and year. I was like shit, this might be the masterpiece
of our time if everyone is acclaiming it to be the goodest shit this generation of anime
has to offer. Now that I have watched it, I am kind of disappointed. Probably because i walked in the movie with
really really high expectation. I can name at least 5 movies that were better
in terms of story and enjoyment that i watched in the past years. If you look past the messages, emotion and
all the other stuff being conveyed, the story is pretty generic and really isn’t all that
fascinating and golden. Half of the time i was just thinking in my
head and thinking too critically throughout the film. There was just small details that really bothered
me. If you know me, I love paying attention to
close details. Another thing that ruined the experience for
me was the drama and emotional parts. I felt those are really forced and its main
goal was to get a cheap tear from audience and put a dagger into our hearts. Of course it succeeded and almost everyone
around me or know were tearing up or babbling out their eyes. For me, I totally saw it coming and I didn’t
show any sympathy during this scene. Probably I’m a cynical asshole and a complete
fucking dick. Or in better terms, an autist. Overall the story started off pretty solid. I enjoyed the slow build up, but when it reached
the climax the movie pacing just revved up. I would have enjoyed it more if there was
more exposition. For instance, maybe more character development
for own main protagonist. The montage shit worked in a way, but I believed
it was not enough. Our character between each other were just
weak in my eyes. Like what the fuck right? All of a sudden, they both fall in love with
each other. I forgot if there anything that prompted love
with our characters. This was a major concern for me and I probably
would have showed some sympathy during those emotional scenes. Well judging that they have been switching
bodies for let’s just make a simple assumption. For a good month. During that time, they probably learn about
each other. You know the saying. It takes one to know one. Which makes sense. And here is something that i just want to
say. What Taki did was rewrite history, so doesn’t
that mean there is a paradox? Mitsuha and the majority of the residents
living in Itomori aren’t suppose to be alive. SO technically speaking, Taki is now living
in fake universe, a paradox. As we all know never fuck with time. Haha. Just a crazy idea that i just want to throw
out. Also, some people are saying the film is life
changing and really open their eyes. The only lesson i gained out of this is to
cherish your life whether you be a boy or girl. Be thankful for what you have. Guess it can really change a person’s perspective
in life, but this should already be kind of basic. This is the key to living a healthy wonderful
life. Do not drown yourself with depression and
anxiety. Be more optimistic and confident. Well, like i mentioned, I was not part of
the feel train for this movie. I had more feels with clannad, garden of words,
5 cm per second and ano hana. Those had more meaning stuff going on than
your name. The ones I listed has made a strong impact
in my life. Especially Clannad. I might a video on that in the future. And with the whole stuff going on in Japan
in the recent years, the film was such a huge success in Japan because it addresses to old
Japanese tales that could date back to the 12th century, the spiritual ideas, dreams,
and is a reminisce of the huge earthquake that took place in Japan in 2011. Keep note, that this natural disaster took
Japan by shocked and changed its society. As a matter of fact, this heavily influenced
Shinkai to make a movie. He used the film to reflect a sentiment that
many, including himself, shared – that a disaster could strike at any moment. With all the thing I said, even if they were
good points, I feel the movie is still far from being called a masterpiece. Shinkai also said himself that he felt the
movie was incomplete. In a sense, I agree with him and believe it
could have been a lot better. It had potential, but it was just a bit lacking. Still it was thematic and insightful in some
nice aspects. The only reason why I think people overpraise
this is for it’s take on the real world, religion/customs, stances, and plays with
our emotions. As a known fact, using feels is really effective
when it comes to narrative and Shinkai did a splendid job at it, but if you look at it
with a story, plot standpoint, the story at best mediocre. To score this out of 10 and not being bias. I would have give this a 7/10. Maybe if I was more a spiritual person and
believed in the mumble jumble of destiny and fate or appreciate the Shinto tradition more. In addition,if I had a better understanding
of human’s emotions, love and relationship to be exact, I would give it a 8 or a 9. Really though. Our character relationship was a bit cheesy. but like I said. I’m a acoustic person. An autist. Of course, with the current ratings all around
the internet, its standing at a solid 9. I understand and read most of them. I agree with some of their points and reasoning,
but some are just being a bit too narrow and also letting their emotions get the best of
them. W.e these are my opinion. Please take my rating as a grain of salt. If it makes you feel better, this film was
not for me. Im just fucking retarded and probably need
to kill myself. Curse me out if you want to. I unironically enjoy the hate I get. That’s pretty much it. All I know is that, Shinkai and his team are
now placed up on top of the pedestal. All eyes are on them now to deliver something
of this caliber in the future. Somewhat of a downside, but in a way, good
since it motivates them create something with better quality. So that concludes my review. Sorry for making this too long. I was just too into this and just couldn’t
stop. Even though I had plentiful things to say
and analyzed it to the best of my abilities, it’s unfortunate that I did not find the movie
that great. It was still an enjoyable film, but the story
was just weak shit to me. And you know me. I watch anime for the plot. No not those plot. I mean the main plot. If there was more focus on the plot, development,
unpredictable moments and escalation, I would have like it better. Reminder that this is my personal opinions. Please do not get offended by them. If you are offended by this, please know that
I am a fucking retard. As always my lads, thank you for watching. If you liked or disliked it, do whateva u
gotta do. If you want more shit reviews like this, sub. Kohzz out.

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  2. hey bro sup long time no see to be honest i have been waiting for you uploads and now im happy to see one after a long time i mean 3 months i think so

  3. The ending was horrible I was almost ready to give up but they did it finally <3

  4. to be really honest, I do agree with you a lot of part, the only part I feel disagree about was the emotion, that is one thing a person can truly explain, depend on how is your life, your perspective, it will make the differences between good and bad. Most of the viewers come to this movie because they know what they want to find and they found it, you came because of the hype train, so its normal, maybe watch it after you find your other half will turn your perspective 180. I got so much hate from my friend because I have a same basic idea as you do, you don't understand how hard for me to find someone who actually have the same idea as I do. Overall, you have done a great job, keep up with the good vids.

  5. "I'm just fucking retarded and probably need to kill myself. Curse me out if you want. I unironically enjoy the hate I get."

    fucking kek. Keep up the brilliant work, my man.

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