FUTURE SUITS! Hell Event or BEST Event? (“Garden Whispers”)

Hello, this is Iri! So I originally wasn’t going to record this
because I was working on another video, but the Chinese server dropped 3 very beautiful
suits today, so I was like why not give everyone a first look on these! And we will talk about the prices later in
the video, but until then, I want you to take a guess, and see if the answer surprises you. So a short run-down on the format, basically
there’ll be 3 maps, each connected to a character, Toto, the one who seeks love, the
mayor of the Moonlit City, and Starlet. Their suits are tiered, *but* we can choose
which one of them to work on, in whichever order we want. So we’re going to do these stages and get
some flower petals, our event currency. There are more nuances to it because technically
you need another type of currency to even do the stages after the first time you have completed
them, and you also get extra rewards for completing a certain character’s entire storyline. But, like I said, I want this to be a quick
overview of the event, mainly focusing on the suits. I will post a pro tips version later when
this event is about to come to the English server. Now the suits and the funny story of why I
made this video. So when the Chinese server first dropped the
event teaser, everyone thought it was going to be at hell event level pricing. Now fun trivia if you didn’t know, the Chinese
server has a bit of a different convention of categorizing events, so instead of “hell
events”, players use the nicknames “big attacks”, and “big pavilions”. And these “big” nicknames are only reserved
for events that are classified under Story Suits in the gallery. Other events, no matter how grand, are not
really “big attacks” or “hell events” for the Chinese server, not even the gigantic
Disney collaboration events, which were at like, 10k+, way way way too high. But the quality of these 3 suits are so high
that at least my friends were concerned that it would go up to say, to the level of 4 Myths,
the level of the first half of 4 Gods, or Blood Moon, i.e. a “big attack”
level of cost. But now I finally bring you the good news,
each of these suits we are looking right now, by themselves are around 1,600 diamonds. 1600 diamonds *each*. Let that sink in for a moment, because we
haven’t seen suits this quality priced under 2,000 diamonds in a while. And if you want all 3 suits together, due
to the way the free currency works, it’s about 5,375, so 5375 diamonds for all 3. And if you want the detailed costs, I have
listed them on the side panel. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce these future
suits to you today for…entertainment purposes I guess, and so that you can keep an eye out
for them if you would like to add them to your dream suit planning list. Thank you so much for watching! I would really, really appreciate it if you
can like and subscribe, that way YouTube will notify you when another video like this comes
out. For example again, when I will have a much
more in-depth walk-through on it and the versatility of the suits as the event comes closer to
the English server. I will also go back to working on my other
video now and hopefully that one will be to your liking too. Thank you so much again and I’ll see you
next time!

21 thoughts on “FUTURE SUITS! Hell Event or BEST Event? (“Garden Whispers”)

  1. 【Subtitle now available!】
    The video is only supposed to be 4 minutes or so long, not 11 minutes xD Thank you for your patience while I fix the issue! <3 [Update: Should be fixed now :)]

  2. I'm so surprised by this event costs!! Absolutely torn between Toto's and Starlet's suits. Looking at the whole aesthetic behind Toto's, perhaps it would go well with some itens from Ariel's suit from the disney collab?

  3. I thought it would be 7 or 8K. I'm definitely saving for it, although Barbie wiped me out down to literally 0 diamonds and I'm V0 with almost no achievements left, so saving will take a while.

  4. I only just had time to sit down and watch this AND HOLY FUCK 5.4k for ALL THREE SUITS!? That's amazing!!! Thank you so much for giving such amazing news! I just told my association and we're all so excited! Thank you! You're an absolute treasure!!!!!

  5. Wow, russian subtitles. This is great.

    Спасибо за перевод, Меланхолики.

  6. Hi guys I just started a new community neighborhood in the Home section of Love Nikki. Looking for ACTIVE PLAYERS ONLY! Must do life bits daily and doing the weekly Tea Party is a requirement as well.

    I would like to recruit all 3 players first. Feel free to reply. Thank you. Again, TEA PARTY WEEKLY IS A MUST! All 4 players including myself. We must participate in Daily Life Bits AND the weekly Tea Party. I am looking for serious players only. Let’s get those diamonds 😉. We have so many exciting events including the ones going on currently. Extra diamonds are needed lol.

    I live on the EAST Coast if this makes time zones easier. If I can find east coast players or players in my time zone this will be easier. Thank you guys so much for joining. Best of luck in game to everyone. 🥰

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