Garden Design Ideas | Idea Home Decoration with Beautiful Waterfall and Small Fish Pond | DIY cement


64 thoughts on “Garden Design Ideas | Idea Home Decoration with Beautiful Waterfall and Small Fish Pond | DIY cement

  1. Nice job👍 Could have been a lil larger. But still love it. The cement work is awesome. What fish is that?

  2. Water is not that much visible through water fall ,can u do something that will add some foam in water like real waterfall

  3. भाई आप का water फाल सो good
    ऐसी कोई कोर्नल वाला और बना ke बताइयेगा……

  4. Wonderful video very nice idea my dear friend bg hug 🤗 🙏 frnd forever 🌹 new 🙏 pls visit my home 🙏

  5. मोटर खराब हो जाए तो निकालने की जगह तो है ही नही ।ऐसेमे ये बेकार हो जाएगा ।

  6. Tinha que ter um local pra retirada da bomba em caso de pane a parede deveria ser rebocada pra ñ dar infiltrações mas a idéia é ótima

  7. Muy lindo, pero me gustaría que explicará lo que hace, más que nada en la parte donde conecta la bombita del agua, no alcanzo a ver bien y que mejor que explicar y decir que marca comprar.

  8. Está muy lindo, pero con respeto tendrías q modificar el lugar dónde va la bomba de agua xq si se te llega a quemar tenés q romper todo.. y el tema de la impermeabilización de la pared xq se te va a meter la humedad a la casa.igual está hermosa..te reitero es con respeto q Dios te bendiga

  9. I bet he layed the bricks on his wall, even that's supervisor to the water feature, load of shit.a blind man with no arms would do better than him.

  10. Okay Mr.Smart guy, let me ask u 1 question… how will u replace the pump if it goes bad ??? I hope u dont tell me that u will have to break open the whole thing down and install a new pump and build the whole damn thing all over again …lol

  11. I don't like it. How to clean the pump if necessary? And once again, this is not adapted for fishs, it's too small, not enough water!!!

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