Garden Egg Fufu | Eggplant Fufu | Low Carb, Keto-Friendly Fufu | Flo Chinyere

Hey guys! Just like with the cabbage fufu, we can use
aubergine or eggplant to make low carb, keto friendly swallow meal for those who do
not want to miss out on a swallow meal while on a low carb diet. Again, it’s not only those that are on a strict
low carb diet that should eat this. If you love eating the classic fufu recipe. For instance, I must eat a fufu meal every single day for
lunch. I can decide to eat these low carb fufu meals
3 days out of seven days of the week and I know that
in doing so, I will be helping my body. I can eat these while I am still eating rice,
yam and other foods that contain high amounts
of carbohydrates. So it’s not just for those doing keto. This is similar to the cabbage fufu. The link to the cabbage fufu recipe should
pop up on the screen right now. The eggplant is in the garden egg family. It smells like garden egg but while we can
eat raw garden eggs, it is not advisable to eat raw eggplant, you
need to cook it first. In Nigeria you can buy eggplant in some open
markets and in big super markets. The eggplant you see in Nigeria may look like
this. I saw this one in a market in Nigeria, I showed it in one of my Follow me to Market
videos. You can also use garden eggs. I prefer the white garden eggs because they
make better looking garden egg fufu. To make the eggplant fufu, some people call
it eggplant amala because of the colour, you will need eggplant or aubergine and a
binder. I will be using psyllium husk for those who
are on a strict low carb diet. If you are not on a strict low carb diet that
is you just want to slightly reduce carbs here and
there, you can actually bind the eggplant with Quaker
oats, even a little bit of flour. But if you are on a keto diet you must use
psyllium husk. Xanthan gum does not work well with eggplant
fufu. It makes it too soft. We start by cutting the eggplant into small
pieces so that we will get a good blend. Blend it with as little water as possible. If you are using garden eggs, do the same. You need a muslin bag to sieve it. If you don’t have, use a washed brand new
pillowcase. Because of the texture of eggplant the water
seeps out easily so you do not need to place heavy objects on it. To save the nutrients, I pour the water into
the pot and boil till it has reduced considerably Then add the egg plant puree. Stir and when it heats up, cook for another
5 minutes. Stirring all the time so that it will be evenly
heated up. Add 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk. Keep stirring for another 2 minutes. And you will see it come together. Wrap in a plastic film and leave it to cool
down a bit before eating so that the texture will improve. If you are on a strict low carb diet, you MUST
serve it with a low-carb Nigerian soup . The full list will be in the description box below this video. But for any other person, you can serve it
with any Nigerian soup for swallows.

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