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Hello! In this video, I’ll share how to cook
Garden Egg Sauce. Here are the ingredients you will need.
Ensure you buy baby garden eggs because the seeds become harder as they mature.
First, we blend the garden eggs into a smooth puree.
There are 3 ways to do this, starting with my least favourite.
Rinse and boil the garden eggs till they are very soft.
Then peel off the waterproof skin and pound in a mortar. I do not like this method because the skingoes to waste and those seeds ruin the meal
for me. I don’t like seeing seeds in my stew: tomato
seeds, garden egg seeds … NO! You can also cut up the garden eggs, boil
them till very soft then pour into a sieve and rub like this.
Please note that the aim here is not to make them pass through the sieve.
The aim is to mash it up. Any sieve that is rough to touch can do this job well.
With this method, even though there is no waste, it contains seeds.
You can still see the waterproof skin but it’s not that noticeable when the sauce is
done. When done, pour it back into the water and
it’s ready to be boiled again. The third method is my favourite.
Rinse the garden eggs very well and cut them into tiny pieces. Put them in the blender and pour just enough water to help the blades of your blender move.
Then blend till smooth. I prefer this method because the blender grinds
the seeds or at least most of them. Also, with this method, you don’t have to
remove the skin. Next, pour the blended garden eggs into a
clean pot. Set it on the stove and start cooking on high
heat. With the first method, this will not be necessary.
This sauce will be used to eat boiled yam so at this time, the yam is boiling away on
another burner. Pound the habanero pepper and iru (that’s
ogiri okpei) and cut the onions. Separate the smoked fish into small pieces.
Check the garden eggs often and stir from time to time.
When all or most of the water has dried, set it aside.
Place a clean dry pot on the stove and pour some palm oil. Once the oil is hot, add the onions. Do not bleach the oil, just heat it up.
Fry the onions for about 2 minutes and add the boiled garden eggs. Then cook-fry on low to medium heat till that tiny amount of water it contains dries completely. This should take about 10 minutes and please stir it often so it does not burn.
It’s Ok when the palm oil separates from the garden eggs.
Add the pepper and ogiri okpei blend. Add salt … and the smoked fish. Leave to simmer and it is done! Serve with boiled yam or boiled plantains.

48 thoughts on “Garden Egg Sauce | Flo Chinyere

  1. I lived in Nigeria in Enugu state as a child until i was 12 years old. Some of the meals you teach, i have never heard of. This is great to learn new Nigerian meals.

  2. Wow! you are magical in the kitchen . I just starting watching your videos, and i love them. thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  3. This sauce is eaten in Ghana. I never knew Nigerians also favoured it. I've learnt a new way of preparing it. Thanks!!

  4. you reminded me of my mum back home…she used to prepare this when I was much younger and I never seemed to know my guage when eating lol

  5. Am Nigerian From Enugu And Am Igbo. I've never seen this sauce, I don't like that egg plant that much cos it's a little bit bitter. does that really taste good?

  6. this Nyadowa stew/Ampesie (boiled cubed yam, cocoyam, plantain etc.) recipe is borrowed from Ghanaian cuisine if the truth be told, because a lot of nigerians are in Ghana and of course from the recipes Ghanaians put on Youtube as well. For a long time I have had a lot of Nigerian friends but never seen them cooking this type until recently. its all good but at least aknowledge the source. I know you rather eat pounded yam with soup rather.

  7. that mama knows how to cook and I am one of her pupils ! Awesome ! p.s. : I am leaving in a few months and it is to Nigeria … I just wanted you to know Flo , it is work I am goin to do there to help … I just paid a few months ago for the volunteerjob and I'm in ( again 🙂 ) , hope that this time goes better than the previous one because now I'm following a class to avoid those problems , or to have it turn out different as some wonderfull things have happened there but next to this I have cried my eyes out and wished it turned out differently , will you please put on your website some extra things such as jobs to volunteer ? Yes it costs money but there is a good reason to pay for that job , we are trying to save as many people and families to all kinds of things , mainly you will notice there is a big need of money which was from my side done with the heart . To all those who enjoy the African , Nigerian recipes , please do know where it comes from , know where Flo comes From and honor and respect is already visible , how about the people that live there ? they also like to eat all nigerian recipes , lets share them ! volunteer ! Go to Africa and enjoy the kitchen and the people there ! XOXO !

  8. Wow!!! What a coincidence. I walked down memory lane today as I marked my late mum’s 40th memorial and chose to prepare one of her favourite meals for breakfast. Garden egg sauce served with boiled green plantain and cocoyam. Just for YouTube to flag up your recipe for Garden Egg Sauce.😀😀😀 How do I send you a picture of my attempt?

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