Garden Gifts for the Holidays

Hi, I’m Christy Wilhelmi from Gardenerd and
whether you are celebrating any of the twenty-something holidays this December, of you just need a
present for a friend, gifts from the garden are gifts from the heart. And if you’re stumped for ideas, we have a
lot of ideas at So I’m going to share some of those with you. First up, Citrus Salts. Okay, it’s really easy. You take a cup of a course flake salt and
any citrus that you have growing in your garden. Orange, lemon, lime are preferred, but you
could venture if you want to. And basically you mix them together in a bowl
with your hands, spread them out on a cookie sheet, let them dry you know air dry over
night. And then bottle them up the next day. You can make some really cool labels that
go on top, which you can see here. And package them up for your friends who are
chefs or cooks. It’s a great gift. Next, herb-infused oils and vinegars. It takes a couple weeks preparation and there’s
some danger involved, but it’s really not that hard. So what you want to do is take some woody
herbs like rosemary or thyme and wash them and dry them really really well. This is the danger part I was talking about
because if you leave any moisture on those herbs and add oil to them, you can grow, speaking
from experience, botulism, which nobody wants. So make sure those herbs are bone dry before
you pour oil over them. You put them in a jar, pour oil over them
enough to cover, put them in a sunny windowsill and shake them every day for a couple of weeks. Test the oil to see if the infusion is where
you want it to be. Then remove the herbs that you used to make
the infusion, pour oil into decorative bottles and put a snip of that herb in there as a
decorative element. And give it to your friends. It’s another great gift for chefs or home
cooks. Alright, next up, and we don’t usually do
crafty here at Gardenerd but this is something that’s really easy to do. These mesh bags are readily available at most
craft stores in different sizes. But the idea is lavender sachets. If you are growing lavender on your property
anywhere you can cut it up and put pieces in of it into a sachet like this, drawstring
it closed. Voila! Instant gift. You can also make your own sachets if you
don’t have mesh bags available. Basically you just want to take two pieces
of fabric, and this stuff called fusable web, which melts, it melts when you iron it and
so it essentially bonds two pieces of fabric together. What you do is you put fusable web on three
sides, other piece of fabric, iron it, and then it’s a pocket and you open it up, fill
it with lavender, and then you can either put another pieces of fusable web across the
top or drawstring it closed or stitch it closed, however you like. And then you’ve got these beautiful sachets
that you can tie to a bottle of wine or something that you’re bringing to a party. Great gift. Alright, now of course, as gardeners, we usually
have seeds and the cool thing you can do is give seeds to people that maybe you served
them something in spring or summer from your garden, and now you have the change to give
them seeds from those items of produce as well. So you can download templates like this. This one is from, cut them
out, glue them together, and fill them with about a teaspoon of seeds from your garden. And hand them out to friends as gifts. It’s easy. Other ideas, and again is a little crafty
idea, pomander balls. I know it’s a little weird, but it’s kind
of vintage. Now this used to be an orange, kind of this
size, and with a thimble, basically you take a thimble and a bottle of cloves and you punch
the cloves into the orange all the way around. I swear I did this about twenty years ago
and it still smells like cloves. And who knows what happened to the orange
on the inside, but it’s a delightful thing you can have out during Christmas to decorate
or just give to friends for a drawer sachet. Okay, another idea is bouquet garni. And this is basically any herb bundle that’s
wrapped up with twine that you put in a soup pot. So it’s a great gift for chefs. Bouquet garni includes herbs like savory,
rosemary, lovage, parsley, tarragon, dill, chives, chervil, basil, and salad burnet. Other gifts from the garden include things
like blackberry jam or pumpkin spice muffins. If you have any winter squash lying around
you can make a batch of muffins and give it to friends. It’s really tasty and they love them. One of the best gifts that I find lights people
up when I walk in the door is honey from our bees. So if you are keeping bees, this is worth
its weight in gold as far as gifts go. And you bottle it up, put a label on the front. This one says Gardenerd Homestead Honey, 2017
vintage and it’s a fantastic gift that everybody loves when we give it to them. And of course, if you want to give the gift
so that the gardener can decide for themselves, gift certificates to your favorite seed catalog,
or the gift of garden expertise from a garden expert. I’m just saying. Gift certificates are available on,
just sayin’. Or you can give the gift of knowledge like
gardening books, like Gardening for Geeks and 400+ Tips for Organic Gardening Success. There are so many gifts you can give from
the garden to gardeners, and I hope this helps you get started on fulfilling your wish list. If you like this video, share it with you
friends, and don’t forget to like and subscribe because we’re trying to get to the next level
of subscribers. So thank you very much for watching. I hope this helps you fulfill your holiday
wish list. Happy gardening and happy holidays.

2 thoughts on “Garden Gifts for the Holidays

  1. great idea! Love your outdoor couch! And look how fast your hair has grown! U are so lucky and I am so jealous of that…lol hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday too. Another good gift, a small garlic braid lol Im getting pretty good at it thanks to a praticular gardener that is also a nerd. lol I love the seed idea, and when I get a new printer, going to look this site up, I may need to ask you again when that day comes. Healthy new yr to you guys too. Thanks for the great ideas. Esp the seeds. Ive been recycling envelopes that come with bills. This is 10x better looking for a gift.

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