Garden of Eva – 48hours Short Film by Indiefilm

over here and this is my first broadcast are there any survivors out there it’s been 136 days since the bomb start falling and so far no sign of human life if there’s anyone out there I’m in the old town factory I have power and some food well I suppose that’s about it for now so until then this is lonely go to signing out she has a very nice voice so I will let you meet me to the gala the boys I’ve heard in a waste I must find her my muse I believe the Freud line is looking for a real man yeah you can go now I am a real man yeah throw line a real man has come to your door fri line coming open the door don’t be afraid thank you my name is Sydney Sydney Manson yeah it’s lovely to meet you hi my name is Elliot nice to meet you well I guess you guys better come on in yes thank you Elliot what are you doing out there I’m writing a poem for Eva why you’re so soft you should hug Napa I think I had enough for the both of us yeah this is true that’s very kind of you to say yeah very nice thank you oh hi Elliot how’s it going that’s good lovely thank you I feel like haven’t seen a flower in a hundred years ah I have fabricated the most wonderful thing for you let me tell you you are going to love this this is the best thing in the whole planet then you’re going to love this this is everything you could possibly want it so much more look look what I’ve made for you a very large cheer it’s a ginormous chair even come and jump in my big here come the day and OGG applicable this is nice sure you and me sitting in my ginormous chair we could watch our children at our feet yeah be very nice actually Sydney I just remembered I have something on the stove she loves me I couldn’t uh I made you a paper crane what is this one this is this looks like a duck yeah I’m beat you the world yeah look at see the whole world is right here just will you like it nice don’t worry about it you get off it neither I’ve written upon the Eva of dawn helps the evil plan I beseech you to either there’s a plan then you may think me know my heart is for you and we were untrue I would die right here where I stand the moonlight at night the stars I’m here look at me hello you were you’re looking for sexy yard my god I’ve got to get out of here this is a good idea your place or mine I think she’s moved past Neanderthals at this point sydney oh look at you at the big words you know everything is so intelligent well I’ll tell you what I think we both know what even needs she needs a real man to help me populate this planet and I’m just a man to do it am I not good Meg I would only sleep with you if you were the last man on earth this can be arranged it’s been 30 days since I met Elliot in Sydney before their arrival I’d resigned myself to thinking I was the only human in my pocket of the world now they’re here I don’t know what to think they’ve bought me both hope and despair and equal measure Elliot is so sweet lately I’ve been considering a future with them something I haven’t allowed myself to do in a long time Sydney on the other hand always manages to ruin our romantic moments there seems to be so much tension between the three of us I need to let Sydney know who I want to be with tonight Eva you must make a decision on with one of us you’re going to choose yeah I am the man for you I made you a ginormous chair she just tell him honestly Sydney huh my God look at that Elliott is sacrificed himself for the greater good of man and subsequently I am now the last man on earth you are well when you look at it that way hi this is boredom from indie film broadcasting from Garden of Eva our journal this year was rom-com we had a great time for me at our audition and commentary Hamilton where you want to offend david wise for providing education and bloggers feel authentic hope you enjoy your film this is

45 thoughts on “Garden of Eva – 48hours Short Film by Indiefilm

  1. This film should have been the winner by a long shot. Excellent short film, well done to all involved.

  2. There is no color grading process. We did not have enough time to do that. Everything you have seen is RAW footage been edited together. Camera: Canon 5D II, Sony EX3.

  3. the background music and sound design can be improved further….i find it distracting sometimes and does not carry enough weight to certain scenes…

  4. Our music guy did a great job within the 2 hours time frame we had for music. More stuff can be done if we have more time. this is a 48hours film. I personally think the music is perfect for the short amount of time given to him.

  5. my god. you guys did well ….. ppl r so stupid critisising your work… umm for 48 hours well done.

  6. actually i agree with zmazli…music could be improved and so could the ending.

    btw, is that rick faraci the hollywood actor? he was in Timecop!

  7. To subramag:

    Yes, it is Rick Faraci from Timecop…
    I accept the ending was rushed a little… also due to 7mins length limit, the editing can be done better if we have more time.
    The deadline was at 7pm and we just done editing at 6.40pm..Time goes fast when you do a full production.

    I am still very happy about the music job, if you guys can do a better job within 2 hours, we would like to have u in our team next time;) Again, this is 48hours film, and it is NEVER going to be perfect;) Thx.

  8. @bordenz

    are the music used, original score for this particular project or is it from any particular music library..if its original composition, then my hats off to your music guy for doing it under 2 hours..

  9. @tovahtovahtovah

    Hello tovah3….."ppl r so stupid critisising your work" your statement itself reflect you possibly is a victim of your own condition mind or otherwise stupid….. i am making an honest comment saying it can be improved further and yes, i understood that they have a very tight deadline…. i know how it feels like working in that situation and trying to give the best.. i am not simply say things out of stupidity, i mean i am not you..

  10. I think this was fantastic! Come on folks, even films that took years to get to screen still have improvements that could be made. This was two days, and if the biggest issues it has are some sound, music and pace??? It's brilliant. The acting is great, the story is clear so we're not guessing what's going on and the shots are well lit and the overall experience totally works and works well. Great job folks.

  11. @zmazli I am not sure, we did not ask him, but I will ask though. And yes I agree with you that the music can be improved If we have more time for this project, we will definitely get original score done. This project is non-commercial and everyone helped us for free, so I respect every input we have got from our team. But thanks for your comments.

  12. Thanks for all the constructive comments on our video. We respect every one's comments but we will remove truly stupid and non-constructive comments.

  13. Hi all. The music is all original music composed by me. Given more time I would have done some things differently of course, but I had 2hours and did what I could. Thanks for the feedback.

  14. @1FATMN I think you have done a fantastic job. I think a lot of people do not realize the whole thing needs to be done within 48hours.

  15. Another thing, looking at the demographics, and noting that this is a romantic comedy short, you need to get this film shown to more women. Just saying.

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