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I’m talking to the… I’m dedicating it to Hans, my first cactus Family and friends To my mother and to my family To Texas! I went there for college, and it was just a huge
growing experience for me I learned a lot about myself. To my dad! He was the man who made the most difference in my life and he was so different from me. I’m dedicating my flower to my
son Ben and his new bride, Anna He is the one that spurred me to go back
to school I started classes just with a yellow pad
and pencil and I walked into the classroom everyone
else was a good thirty to forty years
younger they had laptops I felt so out of my element something that I’ve grown to be grateful
for Um I definitely didn’t appreciate my parents as much until I went to college and i couldn’t just go like lean on my mom when I needed a hug or something I’ve grown to be grateful for My dads really funny phrases He says this like everything is perfect all the time so just especially these past few years I’ve been realizing that its totally true probably um, just being a single mom
every day is a challenge but it’s so worth it I wouldn’t change
anything I have helped a lot of gay kids discover
that they love themselves and that life is actually worth living. I remember my dad would always tell me, the people that you love are just as
important as you are so remember to love them as well as you can because
it’s the only thing that really matters. Oh boy, Umm… Everyone thinks that, You could have a baby. But, sorry I couldn’t, but as a result, I have a son who is probably more precious than anything I could have naturally given
birth to so, I think what I’m most grateful for and something that never dawned on me um, if you don’t give up On anything that you truly want you’re set. Amy, you want to help me plant this, okay! Let’s go!

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  1. SoulPancake you stole my heart <3 I dedicate this week to you1
    Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you for your amazing project that brings a lot of kindness and love <3 (you probably got tired of my comments this weekend….but I can not stop posting them ,after watching new videos:) Simple miracle <3 thank you 🙂

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