Garden privacy screens – new ideas and clever ways to make your garden private!

Would you like your garden to feel more private?
Well, you can. Here I’ve got a selection of fantastic new ideas and inspirations so that
you can create at least one or two lovely private corners in your own garden, however
small it is or however overlooked, and whether you’re in the town or the country.It’s Alexandra
here from the Middlesized Garden YouTube channel bringing you tips, ideas and inspiration from
real gardens for your garden. The top new direction is laser-cut screens. You might
think that a screen with holes in it won’t be good for privacy but in fact it distracts
the eye, so it makes you much less aware of what’s going on on the other side. This screen is by Stark & Greensmith and is lighter than a solid screen, it creates beautiful patterns of shadows. And it’s also
a part of making your garden look special (fence is by Stark & Greensmith too) and individual. There’ll be links to all the
companies featured here in the description below. Another way to create a private corner
in a small garden is to have a roof element with your screening. A pergola or gazebo with
a screen on at least one side is quite private. The roof or parasol will make it private if
you have upper windows overlooking your garden. And even if the roof and screen don’t conceal
everything, it still distracts the eye.You can use plants as screening. Here Jacksons
Fencing have created a private dining spot in a garden with a double pergola with wires
strung between the uprights and the growing boxes. You could grow climbers or espaliered
fruit trees up it. And also from Jacksons is this arrangement of two sides of a trellis
and a pergola. You can create a quiet corner anywhere. You need to know what regulations
apply to fences in your area. In the UK fences can only be 2 metres high, and you may need
planning permission to add trellis. Garden structures near boundaries can be 2.5 metres
high and 4 metres if they’re away from the boundary. Here is a clever design by Langlea
Garden Design where the roof slopes away from the neighbours, giving them more sun, but
obscuring the houses behind and giving complete privacy to people on the sofas. There’s a
path behind this structure so it doesn’t go right up to the boundary. And this is also
from Langlea with a Thai theme and it’s lower so it also complies with regulations but it’s
a wonderfully private spot in a very tiny urban garden. If you have a sloped garden
(or even if you don’t) then digging down your seating gives you more privacy and you’ll
only need quite low screen. This eating area was designed by Pip Probert of Outer Spaces
at the Ascot Garden Show. It drops the seating area below one of the levels of terrace. The
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