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KiaOra it’s Ruth here in my backyard
in Christchurch and I’ve done lots of videos of gardening and I realized I
haven’t really done any of harvesting and it’s normally because I’m grabbing
things straight to go to the dinner plate and we’ve got a few people around
for barbecue tonight so I thought I’d just have a walk around a few guys as
I’m picking my food for dinner now I’m standing here because I’ve actually
already grabbed the kale and then I thought hey let’s grab other thing so
we’ve got kale that’s going in a potato and Petit that’s going to go on the
barbecue everything’s being cooked on the barbecue tonight because it’s how we
roll in summer I’m also going to be grabbing some spinach some lettuce some
broccolini and some sugar snap peas and also some broad beans to do on the
stovetop so let’s get picking now it’s interesting in like front
garden over there I don’t seem to need to cover my and litter stressful it’s
going to Jenny more customers donate the improvement let’s make Adam even though
that surrounds my other things they still seem to gain and also speaker if I
always need to uncover these and they’re getting a bit leaky and I think they
should because they’re data from this cover so I do need to make something
about this what I love about broccolini is that
it’s cut and come away and I always use a knife with lovely knee because I don’t
want to tear it and I mean I do little cats that are on an angle so that when
the wrister plant dries up the water runs off it and doesn’t sink it into the
plant so it doesn’t get any rotten now that summer at Stephen being a
smoothy season and I really like using broccolini leaves smoothies here you can
see there’s way more leaves and a neat and it’s a really great way to add some
great videos in his meetings these are the best tools beans we’re
gonna have today let’s bring back memories of childhood thank you for
watching my harvest and looking forward to a super amazing dinner whatever it is
now preparing will it be making this video my chickens Asian they’ve got the
carrot tops and yeah I’m ready to go so thank you for watching remember to
subscribe if you’d like to see more now that I’ve picked locks I’m gonna made to
plant lots again as well so see you later kakite

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