Garden Tour: First Look at the Garden After Vacation & What I Do After Being Gone

hi everyone we just got back from a
nine-day trip to Maui Wow what a vacation it was amazing it was
great to have a break came back feeling refreshed but I did miss my garden and
I’m headed out this morning for the very first time since we got back late last
night thanks to all of you who joined us in our livestream while we were there
and hopefully you’re able to catch the road to Hana to her as well so hopefully
things went well in the garden while we’re way I’ve not even been out here to
look at all it was super hot while we were gone so you can see I shaded
everything before we left of course I had my drip irrigation running on
automated timer so let’s head down to the garden for the first look bring you
guys along with me assess how things are going hopefully have something harvest
and then take care of any problems well Mac was here is a faithful garden dog as
always while we were gone drew is actually here taking care of things and
keeping an eye on Mac but drew doesn’t do a lot outside in the garden so one
thing I love when we get back from being gone is to see all the growth and oh my
goodness it actually looks really really good the plants look so much bigger now
I see right off the bat here some the basil looks like some bugs have gotten
to that I did spray everything and fertilize everything really well before
we left but looks like we’ll come in here and hit everything again with neem
oil throw on some worm tea and the good dirt plant food just to make sure
everything is growing well again well in taking off the shade cloth on these
tomato plants right here all in all they look really well this is
the yellow Brandywine that I harvested from for the tomato grow off and it
looks like it is being attacked by some spider mites which is no big surprise
with the hot dry weather but I do have a little orange tomato down there and this
one here no surprise that it is starting to die off it wasn’t looking too good
before we left but look at these cucumbers this was the space master a
market more cucumber we planted maybe about a month or six weeks ago remember
that archway trellis made out of ladder mesh it was in the video six crops to
plant in August look at these cucumbers they are just
going crazy starting to climb up the trellis really looking beautiful
I think we might even have some teeny tiny cucumbers on here somewhere
let’s see we’ve got some male flowers don’t see any female flowers yet but
those should be coming out very soon so this is gonna look beautiful starting to
climb up over the ladder mesh such a simple little trellis wow I am really
pleased with how these are growing and over on the other side of the the bottom
of the trellis we planted some more cucumbers looking really really good wow
this is exciting now in this garden bed right here it
looks like we’ve got some beans that the spider mites just came in and really
attacked while we were gone so definitely pulling these out but beans
grow so fast I’ll be planting some more to take its place and we’ll have enough
warm weather here in SoCal we’ll probably probably be able to definitely
get another harvest or two before the weather gets too cold now someone
actually asked me on the livestream we did in Maui what I was looking forward
to seeing in the garden when we got back you know what I said the squash because
I know how fast squash grows and I fully expect to have several to harvest let’s
go take a look well I have squash growing in a couple different locations
in the garden now here I’ve got a little scalloped squash plant Wow it has grown
by leaps and bounds but also look at the powdery mildew so definitely be coming
in here and trimming up those leaves but oh my gosh look at that squash in there
wow this looks amazing if you’ve never grown scalloped squash before I highly
recommend it actually carry these seeds in my squash seed collection it’s an
absolutely beautiful variety look at these scalloped edges
it’s delicious sliced and either roasted in the oven or cooked up on the grill
what a beauty now right behind the scalloped squash
I’m growing some zucchini squash vertically actually put it on a planet
underneath a tomato cage and then have just been trimming off the bottom
branches and feeding it up through the tomato cage as it’s been growing you can
see this one also have some powdery mildew so definitely need to come in
here and do some powdery mildew damage control so let me check and see if
there’s any squash under here did harvest right before we left so yes
it does look like I’ve got some growing but not quite ready now the sunflowers
along the fence are a different story they’re in full bloom when we left and
looks like they’ve gotten kind of dried out in the hot weather for some reason
this what this side of the yard over here the watering it always seems just a
little bit dry so I think I need to either increase the frequency or just
put some more drip emitters along here the black-eyed Susans though look really
pretty once I trim off the sunflowers they will
probably rebloom something else I’m also really looking forward to checking out
is some volunteer tomato plants that I transplanted at the base of another one
of the little ladder mesh trellises so actually got the idea from rooted garden
over on Instagram she’s now changed her name to garden haricots it’s definitely
go and check her out this tomato plant volunteered in another area of my garden
that really wasn’t good to grow tomatoes so I transplanted it at the base of this
trellis with the hopes of saving some space and getting a nice little crop of
tomatoes so so far it looks really good climbing up through the trellis has some
yellow damage but not all in all not too bad so I’ll be cleaning up that damage
and hopefully getting some more Tomatoes we’ve got another one right over here so
let me take off the shade cloth and see how it looks so definitely some bug
damage on this one here and some heat damage we trimming that up oh but look a
couple little cherry tomatoes that’s exciting so you should trim this one up
and it should be fine now we’ve been getting a ton of cucumbers from this
spot right here so let’s take the shake cloth off and see how the cucumbers
survived the heat well definitely some heat damage and
powdery mildew damage on these plants which is definitely to be expected after
being gone for nine days it looks like we’ve got some overgrown overheated
cucumbers so once we get this trimmed up and fertilized and everything harvested
I think we’ll definitely be getting some more cucumbers from them got the little
babies already coming on lots of flowers so all in all this one’s looking great
too now right in front of me are Marzuki knee and I’m fully expecting for some
big baseball bat size to be over there so let’s take a look
so yes powdery mildew is definitely making its presence known here in the
garden so hopefully after a good milk spray trimming things will be coming
along really well with that more scalloped squash which is always fun to
see and this is the massive zucchini plant here remember when we spray this
with milk spray a while back well you can see it’s definitely grown back after
that good pruning we gave it on that video so let me dig in here and see what
we find oh wow there we go that’s exactly what I
was hoping for is a big mammoth zucchini now some people don’t really like these
but I actually really enjoy them grilled or for zucchini lasagna and that is a
whopper let me pull that out wow this has got to be at least a foot long me
see there’s any more so let me just take a peek under the shade cloth or this
tomato plant here and see how it did Wow look at that I think this is either a
beefsteak or golden jubilee but this is exciting these are the first
tomatoes from this plant this year we’ve still got several more months of warm
weather so I should be able to get a good amount the shade cloth you can see
really really helps I do have it on the side of the cage where the Sun hits it
the most so it really did the trick with these well all in all I’m really happy
with how the vegetables here on the hill fared while we were gone and you can’t
be coming home to a garden grocery store harvest so I got one more little garden
bed to check here at the bottom then we’ll head over and check the
smartphone’s everything here on the hill was really looking lush and green and
beautiful with a little bit of trimming it’ll be back in shape in no time
but this garden bed here at the bottom I planted a watermelon and it was growing
really nicely when we left and it looks like it still looks great Wow but do I
ever need to get some support under here better get out the knee-high pantyhose
and make a little sling for my watermelon before it breaks off so the
scarlet runner beans I planted here in this trellis are doing absolutely
fabulous looks like I’ll have a new little crop of beans coming on soon
cucumbers pretty much par for the course powdery mildew needs some pruning and
trimming but look at this tomato plant it’s got some tomatoes on it and it’s
actually going crazy over here on to the cucumber trellis this is I think it’s
the Mar globe so yeah definitely some trimming up but not bad coming home to
some ripe tomatoes root tasty so now let’s take a look at our smart pots and
see how things are doing strawberry kale create Tower has actually been shaded
since we planted it because it’s been so hot definitely and caught some bug
damage here the aphids and the not the aphids but the little caterpillar is the
green caterpillars cabbage loopers really like the kale so we definitely
need to do some trimming and pruning here but the strawberries are looking
very very healthy looks like my Tiny Tim Tomatoes are
getting some flowers here we’ll trim up the spider mite damage and the heat
tolerant garden bed same thing it’s got the cabbage looper damage on it those
darn cabbage loopers trimming and spraying definitely in order oh wow
golden jubilee still producing even after being gone for ten days this baby
is looking mighty good so let’s get this shake off off and see how the salsa
garden looks well the salsa garden is looking great the peppers are going
crazy they absolutely love this heat look at these purple beauty peppers I
could not be happier I am so glad that these plants survived I mean they are
getting regular water and we shaded so it’s really no big here
surprise but the Golden Jubilee tomato plan is looking great definitely got
some yellowing on it we’ll be trimming that up but I’ve got a tomato but only
harvested a couple of Tomatoes off this plant I have been shaking it to self
pollinate it so hopefully that will help the weather is supposed to cool off this
week so that should also help now you guys might remember the last video we
posted before we left a couple of weeks ago we tore out the scarlet runner beans
which is a really tough decision for me because I love those plants but the good
news is we planted more and they are already coming up look here guys
scarlet runner beans planted from the scarlet runner beans that dried out and
that I harvested when we pulled the plan out already coming up this is just two
weeks worth of growth and we should be able to get this trellis filled again
before the weather gets cold so this is going to be an absolutely second
beautiful crop a scarlet runner beans so exciting and I do just want to take you
inside this trellis because you remember how camera guy accidentally pulled up
some of my plants here we planted more no worries all’s good I think we planted
the maybe they worth the Kentucky wonder pole beans from the bean seed collection
they’re coming up so no worries camera guy no harm done
and look at the other side here the scarlet runner beans from the bean seed
collection coming up all along the trellis I also popped in some zinnias
that I had started from seed indoors and they’re gonna be really pretty in here
with a scarlet runner beans wow I can’t wait to see this filled up again now I
am a little anxious about the peppers because they were not shaded I just did
not have enough shade cloth to cover this entire area so let’s go in for a
closer look one of the fun things about going on vacation besides of course
going on vacation is seeing the growth of the garden when you get back
can you guys relate to that it’s just so much fun to see everything bigger and
lusher see flowers blooming this pepper bed I’m telling you guys I can’t believe
it held up so well – triple digit temperatures is that
drip irrigation the plants are really healthy because of how I fertilize it oh
my goodness I think these are yellow banana peppers of course I always forget
what I planted we’re pretty sure there’s a yellow banana is ready for harvest
these I believe are the these could be actually be yellow bananas but whatever
they are they’re looking great these California wonders they look good they
do have some a Sun scald on them you can see that from the heat but you know if
you cut that part off it’s still perfectly good for eating these look
like maybe some California wonders coming on again did harvest those all
before I left these I believe are golden Marconi’s Wow
those look great more California wonders more California wonders this is so
exciting we’re gonna have a major pepper feast the red profusion and white
profusion zinnias are going crazy they love the heat and do not fade the colors
are brilliant so here along the other side are some other different varieties
of hot peppers and this is the cayenne pepper which is absolute going nuts
it is loaded down these are all peppers from my pepper seed collection so my
goodness what a beautiful plant I think I’m gonna make it a lot of salsa but I
love this plant just because it’s so ornamental now you guys probably saw the
okra on the garden tour here it is growing absolutely huge look at this
okra obviously has not been harvested for a couple of weeks this is huge it’s
very pretty but it’s gonna be way too woody to eat so a lot of you have give
me a lot of great great recommendations on how to eat okra so thank you so much
for that but these will be harvested and then probably thrown in the compost pile
now I have to say I’m really afraid to look at this plant this is the 2019
tomato grow off competition plant which I already harvested from I had a really
big tomato just getting ripe as we left and I’m pretty afraid that the rats
might have gotten it so let’s take the shade cloth off and see what the results
are you guys ready for this here we go oh my goodness can you see that down
there oh my goodness it looks like no rats have gotten this this is a
beautiful beautiful specimen of a red beefsteak tomato we have got to pull
this baby out this is huge too bad the contest is over or I just might be a
contender I was sure that the rats would get this while we were gone what a
beauty not quite ripe but I’m not taking my
chances anymore with this what a beauty can see I accidentally picked another
one too but man if I had a scale out here I think this one probably would be
at least a pound maybe more that is gonna be delicious slice sliced up on a
tomato sandwich I’m pretty thrilled with how that tomato plant turned out and
plenty more tomatoes to harvest as well well before we check out the strawberry
crate towers and the garden bed right behind me I did want to show you guys a
second crop of peppers and Tiny Toon tomatoes that I popped in here under a
tree in the veggie pod now I haven’t really talked too much on videos about
this little corner of my garden because as you can see it’s quite a mess I have
a lot of need to clean up over here but about a month or so ago I did pop in
some peppers and a new crop of Tiny Tim tomatoes Wow look at the growth well
we’ve been gone so exciting now I did fill up the base here of the veggie pod
before we left so they have not been watered at all except through the little
self watering reservoir underneath there the Tiny Tim tomatoes look absolutely
fabulous now if you’ve never grown Tiny Tim’s before they are a dwarf tomato
that only grows a foot or two tall they can be planted fairly closely together
you can see here I just have them planted maybe about six inches apart so
I might end up spreading them out just a bit but they’re in my small space seed
collection you can also purchase them if you purchase a 5 gallon Kelly Kim smart
pot with seeds they’re perfect if you want a quick crop
they produce in about 60 days so if you’ve got a couple months before cold
weather hits pick up some of these seeds and grow yourself a last little crop of
tomatoes or if you live in a southern climate in Southern California or Texas
or in Florida these are a great little tomato plant to grow during the winter
so you can see flowers are starting to come on we’re gonna have some Tomatoes
soon folks so we are gonna take a look at one last garden bed where the
strawberries are and look at those beautiful sunflowers I am so happy to
see that they’re still blooming while we’re gone right in front there is the
dwarf Sun flower from my sunflower seed collection I love these because they’re
nice big heads but they’re sort of shorter than like the tall sunflowers
you see right right back behind there so they’re good for a small space and
really really pretty so let’s take a look at what else is going on here this
is my first eggplant of the season Black Beauty eggplant planted this really
really late so excited that it’s still growing like crazy while I’m gone so
let’s take off the cover of the strawberry towers here and see what’s
going on under that okay shade cloth is off as you might know strawberries
generally really like temperatures under 85 degrees so I always shade them when
they’re over 85 when it’s over 85 so that they keep on going and hopefully
keep producing and I can see here there are lots of flowers so I did fertilize
these right before he left with the good dirt plant food and the vermis Terra
worm tea I pruned off all the dead leaves the shake lot did the trick look
I’ve got new strawberries so exciting actually a lot of new strawberries
coming on so I should be harvesting another crop very soon Wow
this is just so exciting looks like a little spaghetti squash coming on – oh
my goodness more huge okra actually one more little
spot I do want to show you remember we did start our fall garden up here in
some containers so let’s go take a look at that so we did get some fall cool
weather seed started on a video maybe three or four weeks ago remember that
hopefully you guys were able to start that with me and honestly I didn’t
expect to see that this much growth in the hot weather I have had these shaded
under an umbrella for probably a good solid three or four weeks and look at
the growth on these radishes it’s crazy we just dreck seated right in the purple
Cali Kim 5-gallon smart pots or you know it’s not a five gallon
it’s got like thirteen square feet of growing space this is some lettuce in
the five gallon Kelly Kim smart pot literally guys it’s been a hundred
degrees out this is the Paris cause a heat taunt variety growing like crazy
and the little marvel peas looking just fabulous I’m super excited about how
well this little container garden has held up to the heat all hooked up to
drip irrigation lots of tiny Tim Tomatoes coming on which is exciting and
I’ve got some herbs and some kale in there that are going crazy some beans
and a Tiny Tim and some kale there on the railing going absolutely nuts some
strawberries and the wall saddles all in all the state of the garden is looking
good and we also can’t forget the cool weather seedlings that I started indoors
because it was just too hot to plant them outside drew watered them while we
were away have them here under grow lights looking really good guys I
started in the second round of tomatoes which is looking great or maybe a third
round of tomatoes so if you have not yet started your fall garden get it started
now you can grab a fall garden seed collection cool other veggies perfect
time to start and let me take a look over here wow these are looking great
too these are also from the fall garden seed collection some kohlrabi we started
those maybe three weeks ago should we started them on eight seventeen and then
these are all scarlet runner bean seeds when I harvested and pulled out those
scarlet runner beans I pulled off all those pods
these are seeds I pulled out of those pods that are drying and we’re gonna be
boiling those and even those like pinto beans well it’s great to take a vacation
but it’s always good to get back home and you really can’t beat a harvest from
the garden grocery store to fill my garden with fresh veggies once again
well I really feel like the key to being gone and having the garden looks so good
was having everything automated the drip irrigation all went off as planned thank
goodness and I pruned everything before I left fertilize and took care of any
pest issues before I left and I’m coming home to a healthy garden is relatively
free from pests and disease well it’s getting pretty hot out I’m gonna come
back out this evening cover everything back with shade cloth come back out this
evening and take care of all those uttering they’ll be issues harvest the
other veggies that need to be harvested but get inside during the day of the day
so comment below let me know if you took the summer vacation at this summer how
your garden fared and tell me what you’re harvesting from your summer
thanks so much for watching

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    Did you go on vacation this summer? How did your garden do while you were gone? Thanks for watching!

  2. It's really hard for me to take a vacation. But, I do like to go to the farmers market. In a way, that is like a vacation; since, I get to see all kinds of things that I normally would not see. If I don't buy anything, it doesn't cost me anything other than time. I did buy a jar of local honey and it was amazing; much better than any store bought honey. I talked with the young man who was selling the honey and he said he manages about 100 hives in about 4 different locations in the valley.

  3. Your garden is beautiful. One tip. Tulle is the way to go for wrapping your vegetables or fruit against any animals getting to them. Animals or birds won't touch the tulle for fear of getting caught in it. And it's inexpensive. No more rat worries. Have a great day!

  4. Your garden space has held up well considering the time your both were away. Could you set in some higher volume emitters in your dry areas Kim? Even the crows are welcoming you guys back from your Island get away. Great to see such a strong end of summer garden Kim and CG. -Bob…

  5. I have a question, Last year I tried growing tomato’s in pots and little black circular pots with holes in the bottom that I got for free at the garden shop. The ones in the pots sprounded and we had like 10 so we still had a lot of tomatoes but the ones in the black things DIDINT any suggestions for next time?(they didint even sprout and we had 6 seeds in there but I did water from the top because I didint know to do it from the bottom oops) but besides this I didint do anything different then what I did to the ones in the pots. PLZ help me if u have some advice.

    Edit: Also should I water from the bottom?

  6. Does that area with the fence and the sunflowers get a lot of afternoon sun? My plants hate the late afternoon California sun

  7. Hi Cali Kim . I had my friend over I told her I trapped 15 Rats she told me that her mom has a farm and has a fake Owl and it rids your garden from critters. I also use Cedar Mulch it will kill rats sooner or later.

  8. wow Kim what a harvest looks like you did really good I planted my fall garden there Is cabbage broccoli cauliflower Brussels sprouts growing right now I hope to plant the rest of my tranceplants soon spite the triple digit temps we have been having I think as long as I give them plenty of water I think they well be fine before I forget I allso planted red romaine I have had to shade It the rest of my vegetable plants are shaded by other plants

  9. Love your videos! I’m a first year gardener and I’ve learned so much from you! Thanks for all your hard work making videos for us!

  10. Question:. How long until you check out the garden when you get home from vacation?

    I usually get home and I am checking the garden within the hour……

  11. I’m sorry that I still do not understand your speech. You are well done, smart and beautiful. Спасибо!

  12. Hello. I am a new gardener in SoCal aswell and would like to know if it’s too late to plant cucumbers, tomatoes and zinnias for pollination at this time? Thank you.

  13. I am growing a few tomato plants in my yard here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But I made a mistake of growing bitter melon near them, and now I find my bitter melon a very greedy plant as it gets bushier and spreading out and it climbs over and cover and suffocate all my other crops including my tomato plants. Of course, I am harvesting about a kilo bitter melon fruits every few days. I juice them together with other veggies or I slice them and fry them in flour like tenpura.

  14. It’s the start of a new week tomorrow and here in Phx Az we are going to be in the 90’s and Low low 100’s finally! Fall is coming!

  15. Glad you had an awesome vacation. Your garden looks better than mine. Hahaha. Dorian just ripped through Halifax last night. Luckily I managed to bring all of plants inside my livingroom minus a few.

    My two largest sunflowers are bent over, don't know if they're salvageable but I'm going to try. My Royal Burgandy beans that shared the bag and trellis, I'm not sure not do I know if my cucumber will survive.

    My broccoli in the two felt beds are completely bent over. I'm probably going to cut them off and try to replant before winter gets here. Not sure if I have enough time but I'll try. My corn with the Scarlet runner beans might be toast. Lol

    I'm about to go out and see what I can accomplish before were bring all the other plants back outside tonight.

    CaliKim, I am trying to get hold of someone from the coast 2 coast garden site on FB. I have not been able to get onto the site for about a week. Apparently I appear greyed out on the site according to some friends. From my end I can't even find the group in a search. It's like I was blocked or somehow I accidently blocked it (I've no idea if that's even possible from my end). Could you please help me out with this!?! I've reported it to FB but have gotten no response either. Someone suggested I quit the group and then rejoin but I can't even do that since I can't find the group to quit it. Is there anything you or Gary can do to help me?

  16. Looks SOO great!! Happy you had a good vacation! Can you recommend a fertilizer- I can’t find good dirt anywhere- please help! My seedlings are about the same age as yours but not as healthy.

  17. Hey Calikim n Jerry. So pleased you enjoyed your holiday. Also pleased that you had a crop to come home to with fixable issues. Those strawberries will be wonderful when ripe. It's time for my repeat of planting spring season seeds here at the appropriate time this time round. Lol. Thank you so much for your help. Blessings.

  18. You mentioned milk for powdery mildew — can you tell me how much to one gallon of water and when to spray (sun or not), please?

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