GARDEN TOUR VLOG | Part 1 | Grow vegetables with us in Berlin!

[Music] good morning I asked you guys on Instagram if you’re interested in seeing our garden that we’re sharing with a friend she’s actually sharing it with us and you guys said yes so I will take you there today and show you what we are already growing and what we’re gonna so today [Music] so here we have potatoes right the whole thing potatoes and then here we have beautiful weeds we already removed these and these over there then we have fennel cool heavy lettuce are these carrots [Music] onions quite good carrots again spinach and then guess what spinach again and then we are radishes which we already started harvesting we have cute radishes do you know what my goodbyes and made turnips so that’s we’re supposed to have salad again but yeah I don’t think we do very German I don’t think we have that in Quebec at this I’ve never seen it and then that’s weed in a mix of different veggies I think we have like beans snap peas it looks good even though it’s mostly we need there we Darwins we’re not growing weed just yet so we have rainbow chard and then beet roots really good if you want to sit in the neighbors you can see what our little garden is going to look like eventually when we start coming more regularly and then we have some sort of cabbage and then I think like green onion is this green onion or nique yeah yeah a few more things but I think now we need to get started because we have a lot of work to do so we’ve been at it for about two hours and we managed to do this one with the beetroot mine gold or chard and then this one over here with the turnips and the radish this one I think we did last time and then math I did the full one over there it’s a lot of work it teaches you to respect farmers so we have a really good system we’re mark mark time laughs hey how should I call you okay pitches water and we carry it and water the plants and it’s a lot so it’s good to do it with people [Music] so we’re one week later we wanted to come back earlier but it’s been really really hot in Berlin 35 36 degrees so it wasn’t optimal for gardening so we took the tram today now we’re walking to our lot and it’s really nice where we are and Germany they have a concept which is called forgotten I’m not sure what the name stands for people have these little houses with gardens and flowers and it’s really nice it’s something that if we ever decide to stay in Germany we would like to have but for now we have that what with Casco we’re about to plant okay pumpkins it’s a test you’re supposed to plant them inside before but we didn’t so hopefully it works with Doug [Music] so they’re probably gonna think eventually and I have no idea what I’m doing and cow who is not here to guide us again once we’re done and we’re gonna do the same with those zucchini it’s from the Red List so it’s like an older zucchini variety so that should be good yeah everything is growing nice and steady I have two carrots the onions the beet roots look a lot better than the last time we came we have the chart and peas they’re growing nicely they’re starting to have flowers we still need to weed over here we brought Coquet today and she’s been crying the whole time but we’re trying to get her used to being on her own a bit because she’s very dependent we did a lot more weeding today we just harvested a few things which I’m going to show you at home because we’re hot and exhausted so how it looks for now so hopefully the next time we come we’re gonna have a few more things mother has terrible at her cheeks [Music] it’s really hot ticket is so tired that she stopped walking [Music] we’re finally home we’re about to eat I’m actually gonna show you what you’re gonna make as well but before I wanted to show you what we harvested so we have three leaves of chart it’s still quite small so I didn’t thank so much we also have a few radishes we have a few here which might not be great we’ll see once we cut into them we also harvested a little bit of spinach mostly the bigger leaves because if you wait too long they start to get bitter and also you want to harvest it before it starts to bloom otherwise you won’t get new leaves apparently and a lot of salad I only took two leaves per plant maybe so we still have loads and loads of salads over there so now it’s time for lunch of course we made salad and since we were eating it with juices which are a type of Asian dumplings I decided to make an orange bezel vinaigrette I started with miso pressed garlic and the juice of an orange [Music] then I gave it a good whisk but it’s best to start with a little bit of liquid and then add on once you have a nice paste then I added some chili flakes black pepper and one of my favorites toasted sesame oil for a nice touch then I gave it another whisk just to combine everything nicely gave it a try and it was really good as is I ended up with too much vinaigrette for just the salad so I put some aside to deeper closes later on and then I cut into the radishes but as you can see unfortunately they didn’t turn out good either one [Music] we don’t like mixing our salad directly in the bowl because all the toppings end up at the bottom so I divided it into two plates and then I added some cherry tomatoes pickled radishes green onion and then some toasted sesame seeds to go with the Asian flavors added the rest of the vinaigrette and finally Marta added juices which he fried in the pan with a little bit of chilli peanut oil [Music]

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