Garden Tour with Ansis Birznieks / Perennials in shade

okay so hi answers holman hi everybody I came today to light year to advising to the antis place and to the answers garden that you created and and that he lives in yes so let’s come together and see okay it’s the main entrance of the house and also the garden and I would like to say probably some words about the history of my garden I live here for 10 years now and garden was built already 10 years ago but what we are seeing right now 90% of the this is totally recreated and this part for example is this for about this for example about five years old now and this was like one of the first experiments of more or less natural planting [Music] [Music] here we have some challenges too because as you see here is a lot of pine trees and I would say that this is hard off shade or even shade and my my main target is that that garden should be flowering all the time so it’s quite an achievement and quite a challenge everybody who knows about something about landscaping and gardening to understand me yeah so it should look good through all the seasons wintertime is a really big problem for us and I think in Lithuania the same and also early spring but I would I would say that last couple of years we have achieved good results and season started here in this flower bed in in early March with the with snowdrops then it’s following crocuses eariy sees and then is coming out tulips I’m not replanting anything here I’m also don’t like to read it and to do anything in my garden okay I’m moving the grass sometimes but for bulbs it’s it’s really important for me to make them stable and for a long time most of them are those five years old so it’s it’s a great culture to cultivate and it’s also easy in maintenance you mean that you don’t dig out yes bulbs no no not yeah because because it’s labour it’s time I don’t I don’t have both of them so so for me it’s important it should be like a sustainable and so to flow all the season and looking good for you yes for example of snowdrops crocuses volumes are really stable during no longer and it’s no problem with them juleps like I see them in this shade or half shade like a two years culture and I’m pulling the mountain in second year after flooring and that’s all [Music] [Music] [Music] let’s go Father yeah what about the decorative grasses decorative grasses is also a challenge for the for the situations like here like like shade only some type of types of them are quite okay here in shade and as you can see for example this one is approximately also three or four years old and it’s not not really big one so it’s again because of shade and because of I guess because of a concurrent they have between each other with with perennials so it’s it’s really important to mix them properly and we are still still learning on it but for for example here you can see also three types of hydrangea it’s only because of autumn and for the winter to let something stay also I’m leaving through the winter everything which is which is taking shape and keeping shape for example a still the also when flowing is finished those flower heads is brown but I like them like like yes I am leaving them like little dog has said who said that brown color is not a color so I totally agree it’s it’s right it’s a good call I like a lot nepeta actually I’m always because of the shape of the dislike a feeling of freedom a bit and they are also taking a great space and a long time of attractivity also I love a lot still be here because of the shade tolerance they are here feeling really well and also often see Mir is one of my favorite ones for the shade [Music] what I dislike in this flower but still it’s those empty gut and my my opinion always about the garden is that the garden is flowers and plants and and display of it is not about to show up with the mulch or soil so I guess much you could see in in bags and so also is possible to see probably in some fields and so on I don’t like to see soil at all in my in my garden I only want to see flowers yes but it’s hard to achieve because plants are changing the shape they are a bit moving on like monarda each year she is a bit in different place so so yeah but it’s it’s a matter of time and experience for short to to to get get it and now we have found out about this assortment which is suitable for this half shade and now it works really well I’m really satisfied already for some years and everything works great here but it takes time right to create a garden yeah it sometimes it takes time and you know as a professional professional I should say that we should design garden in in one step like for example we are doing designs in about half a year time and we should do it or once and everything should be great and also in conference I would share some some tips how are we doing this and how it’s possible to achieve to get the great garden in 1:1 like a one step or or some stable but in one design process but in my garden I love to think about this a bit longer for example also I put the lines and I put the the design with which sticks and strings and sometimes even I’m going around two months in to feel feel myself feel in this form in this design probably I’m changing all the time something but at the end of the day I’m coming to design which is when in which I feel like really really in so it’s it should be like totally with me so also this part of garden this is the newest one and this was created exactly one year ago and now I’m waiting a bit for inspiration and for something to to finish it because here will be like a secret garden like a sunken garden a bit deepening in the in a in this these surroundings as you can see already some London entrants are here there will be probably a bit more of shrubs but a lot of grasses and perennials too and in my opinion also garden should be like with intrigue and it should all the time open something new and this is one of those garden rooms which I am creating in my own garden and we are creating in our clients gardens that it’s always about the feeling and about the possibility to walk through your garden also in my garden I have now two places or three places to sit down here will be the fourth or fifth and I I think it should be I don’t know countless places to sit and rest and and look at your garden because sometimes we see in others that people are only working in them and they don’t don’t enjoy them and have fun with garden but that’s because there’s the reason why I don’t like doing anything in my garden and like to enjoy it and to simply sit in it and walk around and to think about it or probably or learn something from it but mainly it’s it gives me a lot of pleasure each day it’s when you starting day we do it flowers well I think it could be anything better like this so yes and this is also very easy like a like an arch which I did to make by my own in just one day I take in in woods some some sticks put them together I think it’s quite an easy design quite a busy solution but it should look really well there I put three type of climbing plants here so I would like them to cover one half and probably go to a bit other half and as you can see here also a garden should be in my opinion also like a like like a game between the different types of things or contrasts and as you can see here here is like like a nice nice lawn and here is like a total wildness like a natural path yes I just move it with with normal lawnmower once a week or one once in two weeks time and it gives also a possibility to walk around my garden is not not probably really big but it’s quite okay but this gives you again chance to see it from different points and different perspectives now you can see are still based in this flower bed is great and all the displays I see it and I I think it’s it’s in quite a good proportion with the house what I like here the most it’s the contrast between the moved grass and the wild grass so it’s also gives like a deep deep feeling of this garden like a natural feeling of this garden also it good – good wake to get to the swings yes yeah and about the things I have three children and when I started my garden I did a lot of things for children and I could share all my personal experience only the swings works really long a long time and are used almost every day everything else is not used at all for example this really nice free house it was like also one of the serious projects I did with my colleagues and it’s it’s also my design but I would I would change this but it were great and everybody likes it but neck it’s gone don’t you take it [Music] and here we can probably see the best bed probably the design and shape and again you can see that there is like a strict line of this waterbed close to house and and opposite across the lawn I I made it made it curved because even because to accent this difference of forms not to put this straight from there and I get that there’s the main thing and here you can see this also this shape of this small Dutch Dutch green garden and it’s filling in nicely and taking form and shapes now here is also like a focal point here there should be some some artwork but it haven’t come to me yet I like to celebrate life as as much as possible and here is one of the places I’m doing that so it’s quite big Terrace it’s about 50 square meters it’s I have put nice spots on the on the edge it gives nice nice form and gives like a border to feel comfortable in interest so yes here is possible to take great party for 20 to 20 people without any problem so your design is the invest way that you put to sit in the service and see beautiful view like yes exactly it’s to all the directions there should be a nice use and as you can see here there is also some some connection between the lines [Music] and this is also from inspiration from England I did this this form for berries here I have two bushes of white currant then it’s black currant and there is red currant the reason of this trail is that I wanted to a bit separate from the terrace because probably if I won’t read it it won’t look so good but but I didn’t want to put a hedge here or like like a ball here and this this espalier gives the possibility that it’s like a light wall or light hedge yes you can see it through but you don’t don’t see it is like in like in sort of some of the beds are still out of out of plants because for start I told that it’s quite a small kitchen garden but now I realize that it’s quite a big kitchen garden when the plants are really really strong growing it’s not so easy to eat everything of it so yeah one of the beds now I know it’s used for for my small daughter she’s she is only three years old now this this end is interesting for her still but when it won’t be so the the plants will be back here yes exactly very something growing there oh yes there is raspberries it’s autumn as berries to two course it’s one is red and one is yellow so it’s it’s nice to sit in the in descendant it’s special variation you’re the first changes yes because we are going away from that zone yes exactly this is this Dutch dream garden as I have named it and also here you see some experiments and here I put some nice gravel paths we also try to put different proportions of these materials to see how it works here and I really like this pass here because it really gives a natural feeling in this part of the garden and it’s more soft more more like unnatural and this as you can see also planting is just peeling in because it’s it’s only the second year and again it’s about the assortment of course I put it put it inside some plants which are probably not so suitable for for shady places but I like them very much so so you can see more or less the same plant here I add the also Ignazio sanguis sorbet and so on airing geum’s I like really much I hope they will like my garden too but they’re for sure for more sunniest places but I hope they will be here as well some of natural lilius already finishing the flowering but was really great and in the evening they give such a nice scent it was gorgeous and a point of the hedge also was like to separate ourselves from the neighbor’s garden and also I would like it to let it till it reach around 2 meter 20 not war but I don’t like to see over it and also it will keep a bit wind away I hope in this part of the garden so yes and here we are heading to heading to my main main sitting place and I’m sitting here twice a day as minimum so yes yes exactly and there is wonderful you I can see through this part of garden and probably sometimes even nobody see the sea that I’m here sitting and usually here is my dog and my cat and they are they are fighting which one will be here so it’s great place to sit [Music] what are those white sticks about it was like a solution two years ago we had like a big party in garden and there were only those view hedges in it and everything else was like bare soil black soil and I thought how to make this this part of the garden interesting for people and I put those white sticks in it and they still here because I like their mother they gives also brightness in it because as you can feel it already it’s shady and then and even in evenings this this is more more bright here there is the last part of photo garden because it’s nobody sees it I had left like a natural natural grass here and two years ago here was like like a normal loan I told to myself who is seeing this loan you are cutting you are irrigating your you’re fertilizing and then when I reconstructed that that part of the garden I put all the third pillar oil in those those beds and all the sand put here because here is pine trees there is only sand and I saw I saw here like a mixture of flower plants of meadow plants so it was mixture for light soil and sandy soil only two weeks ago there was gorgeous displays or few types of flowers it was only this and and this type of flowers where their flowering but also now you can see that change is good is going on and something new is developing and also this one is only one and a half years old so this is like a first first summer when it looks looks great quite a different view in like a city garden and in my opinion it’s again great that you can find out a different feeling here you’re moving to twice a year twice a year once or twice it normally it should be twice like for example now but again if it flowering well I’d like to cut it off so probably I will light it to the to the autumn and then cut it once and that’s all and I’m also as you can see I don’t have any like a strong feeling that garden should be kept really well or our opposite unkept I think it’s always about right proportion that I have parts where is a really big input from labor and costs for example long withdrew automatic irrigation and so on but there is corner where is no input at all so I guess it’s again about the right mix of things and even philosophies it’s it should be good together we’ll meet you in the garden style conference in Vilnius zone what you will be saying there you will be talking about three Gardens yes one of them will be my garden and through two different Gardens extra I’m talking about the design process and also about process of building the gardens and maintaining them and I think the main thing as you as you hear here I won’t hide any mistakes and any problems or challenges we went through or I’m going through all the day in an hour work but main points I’m I would like to say that garden should be with intrigue that those different spaces or garden rooms in my opinion should be should be find and and so the second thing is poor for me it’s really important that garden this flowering all the time and changing all the time ok as you can see there is probably not so many flowers but still it’s flowering and and yes a lot of contrasts accents and so on and main thing is that you should put your heart in it and I guess in in every profession but the most important in gardening you like a really creative profession if there is no passion and no no no sort of input of every of yourself and you don’t put your love in it it doesn’t work so probably it will be good garden or normal garden but it won’t be special Doug and so yeah so I like that things are done in 110 percent so that’s been a target ok so I think the our meeting in Vilnius in the conference will be really interesting and we’re really excited to hear you sharing your experience and your ideas oh yes I’m also looking forward for it thanks in anti store this wonderful are to this afternoon in your garden if you like this video so you just put the like button and subscribe to get more videos about gardening and visit the conference and this is the conference double double W garden style does LT see you yes see you soon bye [Music]

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