Garden Update. Violas, Nasturtium, Herbs, Compost. May 2019

So we got a couple dill plants. Violas. Nasturtium. Rosemary. More nasturtium. Got a bunch of these. I don’t know what they were. It just said “mixed flowers” on the seed packet. Then we got a basil over here. Over here we got two green onions going. Red onion and a white onion. Over here we got our compost pile. I think this one’s just about done. Still adding to the other one. We got our little compost bin thing and a
couple more onions growing there. Some carrots. Throwing in a couple more onions. Oh, low battery. I threw the carrot in there. And I also threw some grass seed on this path. Maybe it will fill out a little bit. Alright, later.

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