Gardener’s Gold Compost

Hello, this is Craig just here to talk about
using Gardener’s Gold mulch to protect seed as I’m overseeding a dead patch in my lawn.
I’ve cleared this out any weeds and anything that was growing in it had been killed by
my laying a piece of equipment on it. I’m gonna use Turf Life III grass seed and cover
that up with mulch. I’ve laid out the grass seed in the space and I’m going to cover that
up with the mulch. The way of doing that, I’ve just used the Turf Life III grass seed
matt, and I’ve simply covered that and this is a very simple way of laying the grass seed
out as opposed to simply laying it on the ground. I’m going to cover the Gardener’s
Gold Mulch over the entire matt. Once it’s watered in, that will make a nice, penetrable
cover for the grass seed. I’ve just watered it in, you can see how matted up this makes
a nice thicker layer, it will expand every time it rains and as the water passes through
it will keep the moisture down in there. It is grass seed, you do want to keep it moist
during the first couple weeks it should germinate in 10 to 14 days then once up you do want
to keep it watered
and this will fill in really nicely and match the rest of the lawn

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