Gardening Competition 2019: Best Community Garden

My name’s Ryan I’m one of the extra care managers for Coastal Housing. We’ve been told that Ty Twyn Teg has won Best Community Garden so I’m here to present the plaque to John and Barbara who have worked hard making the garden look nice. John – congratulations! Thank You. Bab – congratulations, well done. Thank You Margaret has always been a keen gardener. You know in the old house she had a flower beds all up the one side of the garden and when we came here there was no gardening club here and then Emma said she was gonna start one. They wanted us to put our names up so Margaret and myself put our names up. Most of the flowers that have been planted out there have been done by Margaret even that small one in the front. It’s a very accessible planter
for people in wheelchairs it is. Custom-made for wheelchairs to go in. And myself I got involved and then I bought netting for the sweetpeas to grow up and all. My favourite part? Well it’s getting Margaret out to do
something. That’s my favourite part.

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