Gardening for Beginners | Artichokes Leeks Potatoes & Sunflowers

Hi guys! Today, I am planting artichokes. Artichokes are great because they are perennials. That means they are going to come back each and every year. Although, last year I planted artichoke and it bloomed, it was wonderful! I had so many artichokes…and it did not come back the next year. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time. Artichokes, I love’em. I love’em on my pizza, in my pasta…and you know, when you go to the store to buy them you know -they’re quite pricy. So whenever you can get a perineal plant that will come back every year, it’s a bonus to plant it in your garden. Alright, so I have pretty much an empty bed. I’m going to go ahead and plant it here. Now, unlike with some of your plants, with artichokes you need to be very careful. It’s very easy to break. So I’m simply going to put my fingers around it while using the palm of my hand to stabilize the container and squeeze. Alright. And then gentle turn it over. And down in our hole. Now, do you see how I have this in the hole? I want to make sure that it’s level with the soil. Just look at that! Oh so nice! We’ll come back later and do a check through the year…and let you see the purple hairs, the purple prickly hairs on the top of the artichokes when they’re growing. This is a very, very easy vegetable to grow. Welcome to my potato patch! This year we have Peruvian, purple Peruvians here, yukon golds over here. Usually, I only grow 1 or 2 varities, or 2 different plants…this time we have 12 different plants all together. We decided to go all out a little bit I guess. I’m starting with organic potatoes. And that’s because most potatoes that are not organic are generally treated with over 150 different chemicals. Yes, that’s a lot. If you’re starting with organic potato, you’re starting with something that has no chemicals, no pesticides, none of the yucky, toxic, bad things for your immune system. So again, it’s really important to make sure that you’re starting from something that’s organic. And when you’re growing you potatoes, make sure you just simply water them. There are some organic things that you can use firtilizers and so forth, but no, no, no pesky chemicals. Over here we have our sunflower plants that we have growing. We need to separate these in a little bit, but they’re looking beautiful so far. Last year, I tried growing sunflower from a plant, and they died. This year, I planted seeds and look at what I have so far. These look wonderful! I mean they’re hug already! They’ve only been in the ground for about three weeks. But take a look! I have 2 here. That’s because when I planted then, I planted 2 seeds at a time. So I put 2 seeds here, 2 seeds here, 2 seeds here and behind me 2 seeds! And as you can see, here are both seeds germinated, but here only 1 did. And that’s why I always put 2 seeds together when I’m gardening. This guarantees that I always get something. I always like to make sure that I have a return. Take a look at these guys. Come on, come closer. These just look wonderful! Look at that! Nice and thick! Nice & thick! Although, they were all planted at the same time, you can see how thin some of them are. And with the plants that we purchased from the store, they didn’t do that well. last year…so we’re hopeful that they’ll grow strong in this environment where we’re wt now. Now, I’m going to plant leeks. If you haven’t had leeks before, to me they taste like a mixture of garlic and onions. So they’re perfect for dishes like stir fry. Every year, I’ve tried planting these; and I have never had any success. So this year, I’m planting plants -instead of seeds. We’ll see how they do. In this climate, I’ve been told that they do very-well. I’ve even picked them up in the supermarket and they’re huge. This stock that you see is going to become 1 inch thick. So we’ll see how they do. And I’ve decided to plant a row right here. I only have 4 leeks. Nope, that’s 3. Since I only have three, I have enough room to plant here -near my artichokes. So I’ve got 1 ,2 and 3. Just like with green onions, the rooting system isn’t huge. So it doesn’t take a huge whole to plant these. Ok, look at that root system. Boy, I wish I would have gotten these in the ground sooner. But because I didn’t plant them sooner, they were only $0.50 $.50 for the entire container. Ok, ummm hummm. Whenever you plant something like onions or garlic, I always like to plant it between plants that are prone to pest. Garlic, onions, and leeks are wonderful for keeping pest away. Unfortunately, I don’t have much in this bed. I don’t have a perfect location for them, but if you’re starting early enough and you know what you’re planting make sure you plant your onions and your garlic in areas that are prone to pests. Excellent pest control! And of course all natural. Ok, let’s see if we can break this one apart without causing too much damage to either leek. Well…it wasn’t as smooth as I’d prefer. It wasn’t as smooth as I was hoping, but if you look at the root system, we didn’t do bad. Here we go! Let’s plant this in. Again, it doesn’t need to go too terribly far underneath the dirt. And last, but not least. When shopping of plants, if you notice that they are wilted, instead of standing firm, don’t worry…if you plant them in time and you water them, they can come back to life. One thing I enjoy doing is going to the store, and I purchase plants that look nearly dead. I do that for 2 reasons. If they look nearly dead then ate are likely to be on clearance; and secondly, if you water and nurture them fine…they’ll come back. they’ll spring up just fine. So then you get the plant and the savings. I found a steal at the store. A purple bell pepper. The pepper that you find in the store are typically not as healthy as the ones that have off colors like purple or black or blue. These are high in antioxidants. Let’s get this in the ground I’m going to twist this off, squeezing the bottoms, and pull it out slowly. Wha-la! Hopefully, this plant will take hold and produce a lot of nice peppers this year. We have others here in the bed that we started from seed, but this will have an advantage because it’s already large enough to take care of its self. And it’s purple. Let’s did this whole. I think that should be about deep enough. I like to break the root system up a little bit. Place it directly inside…make sure not to bury the small leaves either. Compact the dirt. Now, you may be wondering about how the plant is kind of cricket and tangled within it’s self. When I look for plants, I don’t worry about like entanglements…twist and curves, because it’s been hidden from the sun -so it’s trying to reach for the sun. Since it’s been hidden from the sun, it’s just trying to reach for the sun. Once you plant it in your garden bed it’ll be fine, because it’ll get full sunlight…and it’ll start to grow straight. So you don’t have to worry about these thing. And you’ll purchase them at a steal! So that’s always a bonus! 50% off, 75% off you always want to search for those -save your pocket and enjoy lovely plants in your garden. And because this one looks so awful, I also got it for $.50! And there you have it, purple bell peppers. Thank you for watching and make sure you give this video a thumbs up and share it with your friends and family. And of course, I want to hear from you so leave me a comment below. Buy guys! Buy Now!

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  1. This video is awesome! I love artichokes on my pizza and pasta as well. Great Job with the music and the video was funny!

  2. Great video Nicole! artichokes is one of the vegetables I haven't seen growing here , going to look into how well they grow here. $0.50 for vegetables that's amazing! Wish I could find those kinds of Bargains here. Your planting beds look great, I would love to have more beds but don't have the space, wish I had 2 Acres of land, maybe one day…

  3. Hi its looks good if enough room.. In uk im small flat
    Hence questions how to do this small size

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