Gardening in the Zone: Dahlias

Ok so my next guess has a license plate with Dahlia on it so I’m thinking he knows a thing or two about them. I’m here in Reiman Gardens with James Romer
from ISU and James tell us more about the Dahlia. Well yes, Liz, I am a Dahlia nut, anybody that
knows me will tell you that my favorite flower is the Dahlia. And
several reasons for that the the Dahlia ranges in size from about an
inch across to 17 inches across and comes in all colors except for true
blue or green and they’re actually eighteen different
flower forms to choose from. With regard to the Dahlia.
Now do you have any tips on planting and maintaining them? Certainly uh the Dahlia should be
planted around the middle of May. Dig a hole about six inches deep and
place a tubeorous route in that whole cover it back up and it’s at this point
that you wanna have some type of support device that you’ve you’ve included around that Dahlia so that
as the Dahlia grows you can tie that Dahlia to the stake. Using things like a yarn
bailing twine, thick cotton cord of course the Dahlia likes
moisture. Likes uh dry feet so something
well-drained but uh likes moisture as well. Now since you’re
the Dahlia expert do you have a favorite that you like to plant? Well i think
thats the impossible question a you start off with a few in the backyard
and then you go to shows or or visit other people’s
backyards their gardens. And see others that you like, do some
trading maybe visit the garden center, uh find catalogs, go online and pretty soon that small garden in the
backyard with Dahlia’s becomes quite large. But you don’t have to mow quite as often.
That’s a good point. Alright thanks, James. And if you would like
more information on the Dahlia be sure to log onto Gardening in the Zone dot com. I’m Liz Gilman.

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