Gardening the Zone: Amaryllis

You can bring a little bit of the tropics into your home this winter by planting an amaryllis bulb right now. And here at Reiman Gardens I’m here with dr. Ann Marie vander zanden from ISU. Now Ann Marie, are they really as easy to grow as they? Yes they are. Ok (laughter). You can buy them already pre planted in a kit all you do is add water put them in a nice warm location in your house and in six to eight weeks you’ll have a bloom. That is really easy. Very easy. The other thing is you can choose your own and you can buy them in bulk at a local nursery or garden center when you choose the amaryllis bulbs you want one that’s big and heavy for the size of it when you put it in the container any kind of containers fine it just needs to be about an inch to an inch and a half bigger than the size of the bulb and have drainage holes in it. When you plant the bulb you want to plant it so only about half of the bulb is below the soil line the rest of it needs to be up above otherwise they get too wet and they just don’t do very well. And then at that point put it in a relatively warm location the leaves will emerge first and then move it into a warmer location with sunny window and then the flowers will emerge. Great. Now any varieties we should keep an eye out for? All different kinds of the most of them are in the pinks in the white and red area green goddess is white with a green throat another favorite of mine is apple blossom. Now how long will they bloom? The usually stay in bloom for about two to three weeks as soon as they come into bloom you want to move them into a cooler location in your house otherwise the blooms will finish a little bit faster. Mmkay. And can you reuse the bulbs? You can after they’re done blooming cut off the flower stock, continue to water and fertilized them. Put them outside over the summer you bring him back in the fall give them about eight weeks of 50-degree temperatures and then they’ll start to produce the flower again. Alright well thanks for the tips. And if you would like more information on the amaryllis be sure to log onto gardening in the zone com i’m liz gilman. and this concludes this season of gardening in the zone thanks for watching

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