Gardening Tips : Caring for Hibiscus Plants

I’m Bill Elzley with Showplace Lawns. I want
to tell you how to care for a hibiscus. As you see we’ve got one here that’s really healthy,
really big, and we’ve got one here that we’re just starting out with. Basic care on a hibiscus
is they do want to be watered. They are a tropical plant, so they’re going to want to
want – they’re going to want to have more water. The best way to accomplish that is
a watering can or a garden hose. But make sure when you do that that you get it in the
area and water the soil. Do not water all over the plant, water in the soil in both
cases. The other thing that you will need to do is to keep the soil work, keep it nice
and loose. Hibiscus will want some sun, they like a little shade as well. And in these
particular, they’re container grown. That will help you to move them from one spot to
another. Sun to shade, or if you want to change the way your configuration is you can move
them around easily. The same care tips will apply to if they are planted in a bed, you
will still need to water them and work the soil. The third thing that you want to do
is use a mixture of horticultural molasses, seaweed and a good soil activator. Spray these
plants once, twice a month to help make them more heat tolerant, cold tolerant and drought
tolerant. The potassium in the seaweed will help to make these plants a lot stronger.

19 thoughts on “Gardening Tips : Caring for Hibiscus Plants

  1. My hibiscus is not the normal tropical variety.It is cold tolerant, is called a giant hibiscus.Blooms are the size of a dinner plate.I have mine in huge pots.My question is this.When the flower has wilted at the end of the day, should I pull them off?Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I just bought a huge Hibiscus, in memory of my dad, and I'm delighted you had tips I've not seen. Have a good week!

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