Gardening Tips : How to Cure Fungus on Roses

I’m Bill Elzey with Showplace lawns. Let’s
talk about how to overcome fungus diseases in roses. Granted there’s many types of varieties
of roses but the fungus problem is the same for all of them. The primary cause of fungus
in roses is over watering. Any time if there is way too much water and a little bit of
cool weather, or just too much water and the roots do not dry a fungus is activated. Primary
fungus in roses is black spot fungus. Easily to detect by the black spots and the yellowing
of the leaves on the plant. First thing to do to overcome these problems is to control
your watering. Water less. Water a lot less. More times then not a best watering schedule
for roses is once every other day, depending on your climate you might get by once every
two days. Now remember also that high humidity can trigger a fungus as well. So you need
to monitor humidity and change your watering habits. Once the problem occurs a good way
to get rid of that is to go the refrigerator get you some milk, mix fifteen ounces of milk
with a hundred and twenty ounces of water. And then spray the plant. Do this once for
about three weeks, once a week for three weeks. Three or four times of a milk spray should
control that fungus really well. Then watch your watering habits and monitor your humidity.
Those are the ways to overcome fungus in roses.

35 thoughts on “Gardening Tips : How to Cure Fungus on Roses

  1. I have the black spot on onw of my rose bushes. I am reluctant to using chemichals on my roses. Im trying to care for them in an "organic" manner. Ill give the milk spraying a try. thanks for the tip.

  2. I have fungus on my roses because of the wet, humid weather. Yesterday I got some fungicide and hosed them down yesterday and today, but I'll try the milk. I'd rather go as organic as possible. Thanks.

  3. 😉 He might talk slow…lol..but I like his idea! Thanks for the tips. I would love to see my roses gets healthy again. Thanks! 😉

  4. The best method for keeping your roses disease free is to prune heaver to keep your plant open, so during its blooming months it has space to breath.

  5. i think he needs a milk spray, was he about to have a heatstroke during this filming of this video? but yea, that does work! great tips

  6. @chandnee could be spider mites, but I dont grow roses so it may be something else, I just wanted a method to control fungus

  7. I think he just saved my roses.
    But, the video made me a bit uncomfortable because he seems extremely dehydrated and uncomfortable. Therefore I was uncomfortable. You KNOW he wanted to guzzle that milk. lol

  8. We have had a drought, and I did not water rose till yellowing with spots got worse. So there must be other ways this problem kicks in. Spring was pretty dry too. So was past winter.

  9. Thank you for this video, it was very helpful.I am one of those over waterers!!I know better now.Will also try the milk solution, have never heard of doing that, but what could it hurt?I have noticed beetles on my roses,also use insect spray designed for roses.Hope all turns out well.

  10. I'm so glad to hear this. I have hummers and all sorts of birds, a few bees and butterflies. I've been holding off because I did not want to use chemicals.

  11. Thank you that great information. I have my Mom's Rose bush and it has fungus but I will do your fix. I have a question, There is mulch around the Rose bush, could the mulch be why my bush is getting fungus? The mulch is holding too much moisture? Thanks

  12. Thanks for sharing Bill. I have used your tips since last year. 🙂 I usually cut off the fungus leaves, place in a paper bag and throw in the trash to eliminate the spread of fungus. Also remember to clean your pruning tool so you do not spread fungus to other bushes.

  13. The fungus on my roses is a thick layer of greenish gray fuzzy build-up on the branches. I live in Florida and we had a wet winter.

  14. Thank you! I have a few questions:
    – I'm guessing we should keep the 15 ounces milk + 120 ounces water – spray in the refrigerator? What do you suggest?
    – When is the best time to pray the roses? Morning – before the sun fully comes out? Same day or different day from watering roses?

    Thank you!

  15. Thank you so much for this helpful info. I've been watering my roses daily in this hot weather so i'll hold back now also I've just sprayed them with the milk and water mixture. Hopefully i'll do better at taking care of them now. 🙂

  16. I used this milk recipe last year on my Don Juan rose bush and it worked great. Now that spring has come again bringing many rainy days, I'll be doing a milk spray again soon. Thank you 🙂

  17. I don't need a gallon of spray, especially milk, how to keep it? It's going to go bad. Anywhoo, the ratio is pretty simple to make smaller amounts.
    15 : 120 = 1 : 8
    So, an ounce of milk to 8 ounces of water.

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