Gardening Tips : How to Take Care of Roses

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In this series we’re going to learn about how to take care of rose bushes. Rose bushes
are like other perennials they really don’t need a lot, but they need a lot of sun and
a lot of water when they are blooming and growing in the summer time. So, you never
want to let them go completely dry and you don’t want to let them be in too much shade.
So, outside of that they are really easy to grow whether they are in the container or
the ground. So, roses sometimes have different problems. They get little black spots on them
if they’re too wet or they get a little bit of mold if they’ve been too wet. Generally
that is because they haven’t been trimmed back or they’re put in the area that doesn’t
have enough sun. So, if you have them in a sunny spot they should do better than in part
shade. There are different varieties that are more susceptible to the black spots than
others. So, when you are selecting your roses do your research. Try to find varieties that
do really well in your area that are not; that do not get black spots as easily or don’t
get rust as easily or don’t seem to get damaged during the year in your area. You’ll find
that it’ll cause a lot less worry. Because the different roses that grow better in your
area will grow great in your area with little problems. If you have a rose that has black
spots or is not doing well try to move it first. If it’s still not doing well then maybe
realize it’s a rose that does not do well in your area and try another variety.

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