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Hello Friends !!! Welcome back to Jyotsana’s Home. Now weather is getting better Summer has almost arrived So, everyone has started gardening My husband likes gardening very much So, he is doing preparation for gardening today. Today is sunny and weather is very good. He did nursery with some seeds and now he will plant them in backyard. Today we will show you regarding gardening I hope, you will definitely like this video And we will share some info also which will be helpful for you. Sejal is also very happy with Gardening Are you happy Sejal? I love gardening This is Halton Waste Management site waste management is getting done for all 3 cities of Halton region: Oakville, Burlington and Milton. Its address is: 5400 Reginal Rd 25, Milton You can see here many vehicles All came to collect compost. Every year, in May month, Halton region schedule Compost giveaway for residents. This year in 2019, It is scheduled from 6th May to 12th May. During these days you can come here to collect compost. If you want, you can donate also for food bank (either by money or by food). This is totally voluntary, so if you want you can donate, otherwise this is not compulsory. My husband is collecting this compost. He is using costco garbage plastic bags for this Which is very strong He has collected compost in 7-8 bags here and collected in 2 recycle bins also. This event is until 12th May, so you can use it to makeover your backyard and frontyard. This is another compost lot. You can see the data of Compost Giveaway, which will tell you 25 years of success story. We have kept the compost in our backyard only. We grow vegetables in this small area of our backyard. First we dig and lift the old soil with shovel. This will make soil loose and plant roots can grow nicely. We have trimmed the grass also. We have push lawn mower because our backyard area is very small Now Navin is putting compost You can mix this with the soil or keep this on top of soil also Sejal and Girish is also helping. So cute!!! This is tomato plants. These are beans and pumpkin plans, which we kept in nursery. Now Navin is planting them in backyard. We put compost in a small area in frontyard also and Navin is putting flower’s seeds here. I have set water hose to shower Now we spray water on seeds and plants. Sejal also wants to spray water. So we have given hose to her. She is also enjoying, Now Sejal is learning how to water plants. Girish is also enjoying. If anyone has enjoyed most Then that is Girish He has also made his dress dirty and increased my work. After gardening, when we came upstairs then both were hungry and Girish had dirty cloths, so we made him to take shower and change his cloths. Then we make sandwich with hash brown for them. How nicely both are eating sandwich!!! Both likes bread very much, Now our gardening is done and now we are feeling hungry. This is evening now, so thought to make some snack We thought to make Onion bhajia and poha fry and peas, To make bhajiya, we have take onion and 2 green chilli. We have cut onion length wise Now we will put Besan in it. little bit rice flour Rice flour will make it crispy. salt, as per taste turmeric ajwain Little bit food color, to make the color nice. Now mix it well. Water is not required here, but if you need, put very little amount of water. we have mixed bhajiya nicely. And we have taken some green peas and onion and 1 green chilly. We will fry these 2 together. and fry bhajiya separately. To fry poha, we will put ghee in fry pan. let it warm We call this chura, but mostly, it is called poha. Ghee is warm now Now, we will put poha now. Now fry it. Fry it until it becomes brown. Fry it on high flame. Don’t soak this in water. we will fry it dry only fry it continuously It is fried now. It will look like this. We have taken little bit sunflower oil (you can take any oil) in fry pan and let it warm. To mix with poha, we fry onion and peas. First fry onion and green chilly. When onion is half fried, then put green peas in it. And we will fry this on medium flame. Now, onion is almost half fried We will put green peas in this. We have used frozen green peas. If you get fresh, use fresh one That taste very nice We will put little salt, as per taste little bit turmeric powder and little bit black pepper. We will put little bit salt in fried poha. little bit black pepper and some ghee. Now we will mix it well. This onion and green peas are fried now. Now will mix fried poha into it. We have already mix ghee, salt and black pepper. Now we will turn off the stove. Now this is poha fry – It is ready to eat. We call it “bhuja”. And it taste very nice with green peas and onion. Now we will make onion bhajia for making bhajia. we kept oil to warm Oil is hot now. Put bhajiya in it. Fry it until golden brown. Fry it on medium heat. Once oil is hot, make the flame to medium. And now our bhajiya is fried. our snack is ready now. Now we are going to eat. So yummy!!! Now we are going to deck. Climate is very good. So we will sit out and eat. ok Girish? Let us go. Girish said: Yeah. This is our evening snack going on. And this is Bihari Style food. This is one of my favourite food. I like it very much. And this can be made quickly too. And it taste very good. We are done for this video. If you like our video, then please subscribe, like and share. and press the bell icon to get latest update from our channel. See you again in a new video with new topic. Bye Bye!!!

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