Gardening with Joshua S1E02: Behind the Scenes

Hiya, Hiya, hiya, oh hiya. Hiiiyyaa, welcome back to gardening with joshua Welcome back to Gardening with Joshua. Southern Ontario’s favorite gardening show. Here in this environment We feel a communion with all living things; plant, animal, and otherwise I just wanted to take a little chance to show you how to how I spend my time when I’m not filming Southern ontario’s hit gardening show (music) I live a transient life. between places and faces familiar some, and some unknown And occasionally people are renovating their garages and I might live there for a short time as well Some people have said to me “Well, you’re just living in someone’s house, you can’t do that that’s trespassing.” and While they’re right. I’m right too There’s space in this world for all kinds of different opinions and beautiful perspectives I find a communion with nature When sometimes I’m missing that connection with humanity. mmm, Just lovely, just radiant! Here in this backyard We have several species of trees And if we look to our other side we have several more To improve the biodiversity of this area: quite a noble gesture Tarps used here to cover regular everyday items can also be used to cover other items as we know And I don’t know if I’m alone in thinking that there could just as well be a Maybe I’m morbid, but the cycle of life and death is part of what keeps nature on track Dig trenches into the soil of the earth, as I dig deep into my own problems. after we break the ground, we dig lower Until we can feel the moisture of the earth Much akin to cutting your skin and feeling the blood that pulses underneath; the life force of being We confront our demons. some events are beyond our control Whether these events happened at the side of a road, at a PetroCanada by Penetanguishine or Deep within the soil of the earth. Either way, they will affect what’s to come. Not all problems can be solved Not all questions can be answered but nature will take its course. I’m Joshua. Thank you for joining me (music)

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