Gardening with Too Much Rain!

this has being probably the coldest and
wettest winter I could ever remember here in South Georgia the rain gauge
here has definitely been getting a workout over the last month or so it’s
made some things challenging around the garden but hopefully it’s gonna warm up
soon and things are dry out a little bit and we can start getting some more stuff
in the ground today I just want to take you around a tour of the homestead and
show you what we’ve got going on in our different gardens what we got planned
for spring and some new things we’re trying so this is the garden that we’ve
been gardening in the longest on this piece of property we’ve been gardening
here for about four years now and over those four years we’ve been able to get
a good accumulation of organic matter reduce our weed seed bank so we don’t
have a lot of weed seeds in the ground it’s a really good manageable plot but
like I said this took about four years to get it that way so right here we’ve
got some Ovation greens mix so this is like a salad green mix this got some red
mustard it’s got arugula kale tatsoi and another green called mizuna in it
one of our favorite greens mixes here we planted these with the Haas garden
seeder on about a thirty inch bed and we just squeezed in as many rows as we
could and and considering all the rainfall we’ve had these came up quite
nicely for us and we’re excited these and a couple more weeks he should be
ready for their first harvest and we can usually get about three harvests off a
bed of these greens so one of the positives of all the rain is that the
onions are really loving it oh we’ve got our six double rows of
onions right here we’ve got our three rows of the red onions right here and
then we’ve got our three rows of the Texas legend yellow onions right here
the red ones seem to be growing a little faster than the the Texas legend does
but well they’re all doing really well we’ve been keeping plenty of fertilizer
to them and they’ve been getting plenty of water from the rain so beside our
when you playing the two double rows of carrots recently we’ve got some
multicolored carrots in there some Purple’s from red orange yellow and
those will grow and should be ready to harvest probably late spring early
summer beside those carrots in this empty plot right here we’ve got a lot of
stuff growing in the greenhouse that we’re going to plant we’ve got some
brussel sprouts some more kale some broccoli some lettuce lots of early
spring crops that we’re going to plant right here as soon as they’re ready in
the greenhouse so in some of our previous videos we told you about our
chicken tractor and how we’re using this electric poultry netting we planted
clover here and we’re letting the chickens forge that clover and fertilize
this ground within the next week or two we’ll probably pull the chickens off of
here go ahead and get all that manure and that clover tilled in so we’re ready
to plant corn around the 1st of April here’s our five double rows of carrots
we showed you in a previous video how we weed these guys unfortunately do all the
moisture we’ve got a little weeds growing up in between these double rows
nothing really we can do about that we planted them about as intensively as we
could have just a product of all the rain we’ve had but the carrots are doing
good we reach down here and pull one let’s see see they’re coming along quiet and I say
still a little bit of filling out to do there well we’re gonna have a good crop
of carrots in a few weeks maybe a month or so and then over here to the side of
our carriage this is where we’ll be planting our potatoes this year we’re
gonna try to squeeze in about four rows of potatoes right here we’re just
waiting to get our seed potatoes in the mail from Irish eyes and then hopefully
this will be dried out by then we can get this cultivated and get those
potatoes planting so expect a video on that coming soon and then beside those
radishes we’ve got some elephant garlic here that’s just starting to come up we
had some leftover cloves from last year garlic seeds pretty pricey so we figured
we’d go ahead and recycle those cloves plant those we’ll have plenty to eat
this year and then hopefully recycle some more for next year’s planting and
here’s our plot that we planted most of our fall crops in we showed you how we
did that in a previous video so this is a fairly new plot it’s only been going
for you know five or six months now so it’s still a lot of work to be done in
this plot to really get it like we want it we need to add some organic matter
probably put a heavy application of compost on it help it drain better still
have some weed issues here because it is a new plot for my experiences it takes
about three years to really kind of kill that weed seed bed and get that garden
in good shape so you don’t have to fight the weeds as much when are Toscano kale
still growing great we’ve harvested this probably five or six times already we
just pull off these bottom leaves here when we harvest it leave a few on the
top and these stalks just keep growing taller and taller so the gift it just
keeps on giving and we’ll leave these here probably right until we decide to
plant tomatoes and peppers in this plot so very very bountiful crop here this
Toscano kale so this was our first year growing brussel sprouts
and so we we didn’t really know what to expect they actually turned out quite
well these guys are filled out well we crop the tops off of them so that the
plant would devote more to the individual Brussels sprouts here
instead of the the leaves these Brussels sprouts do take quite a bit of patience
they’re one of the longer crops we’ve ever grown but but they’re really really
tasty we have really enjoyed them and we’re gonna try it grow some more in
spring and this here is a completely new plot that we’ve got plans for spring
directly beside that previous plot I showed you
we’ve only tilled this once so the ground has just been broken and what
we’ll probably do is we’ll just tell this once a week up until spring comes
that’ll help you know reduce that weed seed bed but give those weak weeds time
to germinate and then kill them off by cultivating it again and hopefully get
that song nice and workable before we get ready to plant it our plans here are
to plant squash in the spring and then once the squash are done we’ll plant
sweet potatoes in here and those will grow throughout the fall so we’ll be
planting some winter squash like some delicata some acorn squash maybe even
some summer squash here and then in the fall we’ll be growing sweet potatoes
here so pretty maintenance-free crops that will be growing in here on the
first year this plot until we get it nice and workable like we like it so
hope you enjoyed that walk around the homestead seeing all of our Gardens what
we’ve got going on now and what we’ve got coming up we do have to give us a
new load of compost here we’re about out so that should be coming soon so we can
get some of those soles amended I’m ready for spring planting if you have
any questions about anything we’re growing anything we’re planning on
growing anything that you’re thinking about growing that you have questions
about just feel free to comment below and uh and we’ll be glad to answer any

21 thoughts on “Gardening with Too Much Rain!

  1. Thanks For Sharing! I Seen where yall grew truckers favorite and bloody butcher field corn,just cuious which variety yall like best?God bless~

  2. I love your videos. What potatoes are you going to plant and any tips for the best crop. I'm just a little north in central Ga from you.

  3. Hi just subscribed. You were recommended by arms family homestead. I absolutely am so excited to find your channel. I live in Villa Ricca Georgia which is due west of Atlanta I was curious in what part of Georgia you’re in?

  4. Love the video's, keep them coming please. I'm in middle Georgia and getting ready get some taters going. Would love to see another Potato video for this years planting.

  5. I noticed no fencing around your garden. How do you keep wildlife out of it. If I did that, I would have NO garden because of deer, groundhogs, raccoons, etc

  6. I planted brussell sprouts last year and they did not do well. When do you plant and why did you cut tops out of them?

  7. Have you ever tried one of the Flame Engineering flamers? I have a commercial unit for poultry houses that attaches behind my tractor, however, they make a backpack garden version.

  8. Dang! I’m jealous of all that space you have for so many different plants! So I’m a first time gardener this year. Planting that early works? I mean the plants don’t die from the cold nights? Every seed packet I read says plant after danger of frost. I planted some Brussels too. They’re about 2 or 3 inches tall. I planted multicolored carrots at the same time and they haven’t even come up yet. Looking kind of doubtful. I’m in south East Tennessee. You have a new subscriber.

  9. 👍🏼 Hi my name is Irene , I’m retired and moved to Tennessee. This is my first year doing a permaculture garden and I’ll be following you to see how I can grow Brussels sprouts like your ! I am a new subscriber to your Channel !

  10. Man I'm coming to live w yall ….been farm gardening since I was a kid but good lord you guys got it going on over there in ga….I'm bout 2 hrs from ya over the hill in south east tn👍

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