Geartist Solar Color-Changing 💥 Bubble Tube Lights – Stake/Path Garden Lights 👈

hi guys welcome back to the channel
today we’re going to be looking at some solar bubble lights from Geartist these are waterproof up to ip65 and they
light for about eight to ten hours of the day so let’s open up the box and
show you what’s inside I really like these I have some it just put outside
because we’re going to go back out later and show you what they look like but
they’re very neat all right and this box you do get your user may know which is
just one page tells you how to put it together what the package includes and
how to operate now here we have the light itself there is a stake that goes
into the bottom I’ll pull that in a second but this is what it looks like
I remember when I had an old vehicle that I used to drive I know I’m gonna
have it but um I wanted to look at a gear shifter that looked very similar to
this so it’s interesting to now have a solar light that is very unique and I
clearly I actually see what it looks like when the lights up I’m kind of
happy to kind of excited to see that so let’s fully put together here’s the
stake that goes in and then there you go now on the bottom you do have the on and
off switch it’s pretty clear when it’s on or off because they’ll tell you it’s
it on or off on the side and then you have this whole panel on the top right
here but the other one together then you don’t box out the way these do take about four to six hours of
sunlight to charge so if you happen to get your package near the end of the day
you still might have some time to charge them up for a little bit but I do
overall really like the design of these they’re quite unique they’re not like
our other tiki torch lights we’ve been showing these lately
bit different so this is a pretty tall light in itself it’s twenty seven point
six inches and then the light up here is one inch thick and about 10 inches long
and it’s like nine point six inches long but it’s very tall so if you’re looking
to you know brighten up your garden with some colors and you want to stick it in
there you’re definitely going to be able to show some color there so I’m going to
go outside find us a place to put these and then get back to you later alright
so we have all four of our new solar bubble stake lights in the ground I’m
really excited because I think these will definitely brighten our walkway and
add a unique touch here’s a closer look up at one of them as you can see it is
very tall it is very easy to move you could just pick it up like that and take
the stake out I’m really excited to see what these look like at night so we’re
going to come out around – maybe a little bit after that and show you what
they all look like alright it is dusk outside the lights just came on and
they’re changing colors I really like how they slowly change
it’s not something that’s like a strobe light or some part flashing party lights
they just nicely slowly change colors here’s a closer look at the light itself
I love the bubble effect it’s very interesting and it definitely sets it
apart from other solar lights I have used definitely if you’d like a pop of
color in your garden especially at night these would make a great addition or a
long a sidewalk like this it’s a great way to introduce color and light and
uniqueness now I don’t think the camera is really giving these lights justice
they are a beautiful and bright in person turn it looks a little demo on
camera but I assure you they are bright and beautiful this is like a nice room red coming up
right as my favorite color and it definitely blows through a lot of the
colors on the rainbow so you’re not missing anything I can hear the frog in
the background enjoying it now I have really enjoy using solar steak lights
they’re very easy to move around and very easy to place so if I don’t like
these here I can place them in my garden well if I want to add something else I
don’t have to dig a hole all I have to do is put it in the ground I see a
little toad staring at the light so definitely nature is on our side with
this one all right that’s a look at the Geartist
bubble solar lights make sure you check the description section below for more
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channel for more reviews thanks for watching

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