Gladiolus 7 Growing Tips to get Tons of Flowers

All my Gardening friend’s Welcome to Veggies Home Kitchen Garden In Winter Season where I grow all Winter Vegetables and Winter fruits like Strawberry. Also grow Winter Flowering Bulbs every year. Today’s video about Gladiolus 7 growing tips. Seven growing tips start’s from Bulb Size to growing method. My gardening friends follows Seven growing tips. Beautiful Gladiolus flower blooms at their home. When you sow Gladiolus bulb or any other bulb or any other bulb First Tip is Bulb Size Take healthy, fresh and Big Size bulb. As you seen my Gladiolus bulbs are healthy and big size A leave bud comes out on fresh bulbs. If bub is Small Size. They will grow. Might be flowers will not bloom. So better to take a healthy and big size bulb. Second tip is Pot Size. For a Single Gladiolus Bulb 6 inch pot size is ok. For two bulbs 8 inch pot size is better. And 4 or more Gladiolus Bulbs 12 inch pot is best. Because Gladiolus Bulb height is 2 to 3 ft. I take a 12 inch pot to grow Gladiolus bulbs. Third tip is Bulb Depth. Gladiolus bulb depth is 2 1/2 inch deep because Gladiolus height is 2 to 3 ft and flower Spike on top. Just like my figure at that point half inch deep and above point cover with soil Fourth tips is Bulb Distance. When grow two or more bulbs in pot take a bulb distance 2 inch to 3 inch. Fifth tip is Sunlight. Place the pot is full sunlight. Sixth tip is Fertilizer. From sowing date to 20 days passed use liquid fertilizer. Having ratio of Nitrogen is greater. Gladiolus flower spike takes 2 to half month. Last month near to flowering stage give Liquid fertilizer of PK. As you seen I have PK of liquid fertilizer. Seventh and most important tip is Moist Soil. To keep the Soil moist. Add Sand and Vermi compost in soil. Here you seen packet of vermicompost. Hope my gardening friends like this video. Kindly like and subscribe my channel to keep in touch next coming videos. Bye Asim Nawaz from Veggies Home Kitchen Garden.

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