Good Cauliflower, Bad Cauliflower – Growing great cauliflower heads in your garden

hello friends in today’s episode we
look at how good a quality cauliflower looks like versus a bad cauliflower and we
give you tips on how to improve the quality of the cauliflower that you
get from your garden so as you can see here we transplanted the seedlings in
January and cauliflower is a cool season crops so you can grow it either in winter
here in Southern California or you can even grow it in early spring or fall or when
the temperatures are low and for spacing you can see that if you space
your plants too closely it does affect the size of the cauliflower that you get so
what you see here is pretty much the ideal spacing that you can get for
cauliflower if you want to plant them farther apart that’s a good idea too
and one raised bedI plant about 9 to 16 cauliflower plants and that seems
to work well so let’s go ahead and harvest this
cauliflower that looks good this will give you an idea of how your good kind
of cauliflower should look like now if you want more tips on growing cauliflower
check out the video on your screen and that has more tips on growing
cauliflower and as you can see here this cauliflower head looks pretty good and
this is a really good sized cauliflower head and it’s important to remember that
if you get a lot of leaves and not your cauliflower head chances are that you
cauliflower is buttoning or not growing properly that’s why I want to show
you how a really good cauliflower head looks like after harvest and lets weigh this
cauliflower head and see how much it weighs and as you can see it’s four
point two pounds now at $3 a pound for organic cauliflower you’re looking at a
$12 cauliflower head so you can see how much value you get by growing your own
produce and now let’s look at how a bad cauliflower head looks like now before I
continue let me tell you one thing these cauliflower heads are perfectly edible
that is almost similar to the regular cauliflower head but they don’t look the
same and this is what I’ll be showing you this is a head of cauliflower plant
that has shot 2 seed now this is on the common problems associated with cauliflower
so as you can see here this cauliflower plant had a problem where
it shot to seed and I’d like to know from you if you experience problems like shooting 2 seed
or when the cauliflower plant buttons into a small cauliflower so why do you end up
the cauliflower like this so there are two main reasons first is the
temperatures in the temperatures in your area are warm the cauliflower plant goes
to bolt or shoots to seed and this is what happens the second reason why you would
get a cauliflower head like this is if there is a very high nitrogen content in
your soil so if you had a lot of manure lot of
nitrogen fertilizer sources you can expect to get this kind of cauliflower
head so after we saw the example of the perfect cauliflower and a bad
cauliflower let’s look at a normal cauliflower now the reason I thought
I’d share this information is because most of the gardeners should expect at
least this kind of head when they’re growing their cauliflower so as long as
you follow a good planting regime make sure your soil has adequate nutrients
your cauliflower should end up looking like this as you can see here we’re
harvesting this cauliflower plant and the best season to grow cauliflower is in
the cooler months once again spring, fall ideal to grow cauliflower and
as you can see here this is a normal looking head a very a decently sized
cauliflower head and this is what you would even see at your grocery store so
you should try to aim for this kind of cauliflower so that was an episode on
the cauliflower harvest where we saw how a good cauliflower looks like how
bad cauliflower looks like and how a normal cauliflower looks like I’d love
to know from you your experiences in growing cauliflower so do drop in a
comment do give us a thumbs up if you liked this
video and I’ll see you again soon happy gardening

87 thoughts on “Good Cauliflower, Bad Cauliflower – Growing great cauliflower heads in your garden

  1. This is the perfect vid for us here in Toronto. The prices for cauliflower and celery are about $5 a piece in the grocery stores! The prices have gone up since the winter here!

  2. I planted cauliflower last spring/summer and it never grew past the size of a nectarine. Now I know why, it was too warm. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I'm currently growing several Broccoli of the Romanesco variety that won't form heads.
    It has been 80 days since I replanted the seedlings and I should have started seeing a head forming by now.
    You mentioned something about high Nitrogen levels in the soil that might be the problem. can it be fixed if I leech the pots and add high K & P liquid fertilizer I got?

  4. Beautiful! Those look good and I love what you showed when a bad one does when it's given high nitrogen or too much sun. Thanks you!

  5. Thank you! I tried growing cauliflower the end of last summer and was never able to harvest it. The growth of the plants seemed stunted so I ended up just eating the greens. I will start my new seeds in a few weeks. Your video gives me hope.😊

  6. That was one huge head of cauliflower. Most impressive! I'm growing some in my garden now. I grow 2 in one 15-gal fabric pot. The heads are small. My first harvest of 2, one of them was bad and the other was ok. I wanted to wait longer so they could grow bigger but I learned that was a mistake. So far, my other ones are also small. I'm not able to fertilizer them the whole season because it has been raining cats and dogs here in Nor. CA. So I'm happy to have some small heads. Do you have any suggestions to fertilize or not to fertilize since it has been raining so much?

    I read that we're supposed to cover the flower head from the sun to keep the head white. I didn't know about that until I harvested the first 2. Now I tied the leaves to protect the rest of them. Do you shade yours?

  7. The only time I've had shot to seed is if it gets too hot or too warm. I must grow it only in fall to winter or winter to spring.

  8. Could you do a video giving advice about what to include in a herb garden bed and which ones to keep in their own separate container? I just moved out of home and want to utilize small raised garden beds in my apartment complex for a herb garden. ^_^

  9. Thanks for this informative video. I am going to forward this video to my friend, she had bad cauliflower.Your cauliflower looks beautiful n very huge. Its my favourite vegi n love making varieties of curry with it. But growing should be left to the experts I think 🙂

  10. I just planted some cauliflower and broccoli in my garden and I was curious what is your watering schedule for your drip system? I am currently hand watering until I can get a hose system installed this month and I'm concerned about over/under watering

  11. Another nice video.  Your voice sounds like you may be fighting a cold down there is southern CA?  I have had my share of good and bad cauliflower.  Last year I grew the purple variety which turned out really good.  My white cauliflower came out as half good and half bad.  Like you said on your video, temp is a factor for how it turns out.  Some tips I learned while growing cauliflower since my childhood is that when you get a fairly nice size flower, you want to take all the surrounding leaves and enclose the flower using a rubber band.  This keeps the flower white and also prevents it from bolting into seed.  My bad cauliflower bolted because I forgot to enclose the leaves and also the sudden spike in temp with less rain last year. Lately the Central Valley CA weather was unpredictable so I was at its mercy. LOL

  12. You have a beautiful garden! We love cauliflower and go through about 2 heads a week. Would love to grow some when we have a bigger garden!

  13. What does "very high nitrogen" content in the soil mean? I use a general all-purpose garden fertilizer, 10-10-10 or something like that. Should I use a 5-10-10- or a 0-10-10?

  14. I loveeee your videos !!! I do have an issue with my cauliflower….it's my first time growing cauliflower here in VA and i noticed my plant has alottttt of holes in it. I'm not dure what's eating it up….any advice

  15. Thank you for explaining so well. Question for you- How do you keep cauliflower loopers at bay? I tend to hand pick them off..

  16. What was the approximate spacing between the cauliflower plants? 10 inches? 12 inches? I am growing Romanesco cauliflower from seeds here in zone 9a. I want to put them in large mineral tub containers and am wondering if I can put more than one plant per container.

  17. most helpful! our cauliflower bolted in the heat of our summer and i'm thinking to much compost for them too. i'm glad i can fix this for spring!! thank you so much

  18. Those cauli heads are huge!! great job! I planted some snowball cauliflowers this fall and I checked yesterday and heads are forming. about maybe 2-3 inches size. I am excited as my spring-summer cauliflower was not successful.

  19. Great job on your garden! those plants look amazing. I am growing twelve plants spaced about three inches apart in my aquaponics system and have some beautiful heads forming, I can't wait to harvest one.

  20. I love all your videos.  You grow lots of items I had not in the past.  I never grew a cauliflower until now.  Love your instructions.

  21. Now I know why my cauliflower grew long thin stems instead of short button like heads, the temperatures have been in the 30 degrees of late and I think I will try to grow them again in the fall as I don't think my soil has too much nitrogen. Thank you for your video it was very helpful.

  22. Thanks for this video. Cauliflower is so expensive, I rarely buy it, especially organic. I am totally organic now, and my food bill is through the roof, but c'est la vie. I will not go back to eating poisoned food.

  23. Thank you for the video! 👍👍👍
    I have 3 good plants and 2 bad and i didn't understand why they looked different until now! Ty

  24. You mention how many cauliflowers you plant in a box but do not say what size box you have. Please let us know what size planter box you planted these in as we still do not know how far apart these are.

  25. It's hard to grow coliflower cauliflower in Kansas zone 5. Generally the temps in the spring cause it to bolt. I'm not sure how it would do in the fall? Might have to try it this year.

  26. Hi, I planted cauliflower and the heads are tiny. Question for you, what shall I do with the cauliflower plant after harvesting do I uproot it or leave it and will it produce another fruit?

  27. I just harvested my first 5 normal sized cauliflower heads today. I’m very I’m very impressed. They each weigh roughly a pound each. The greens are quite good also.

  28. Good info – thank you. Just for clarity…although hot months are not recommended, I have grown wonderful cauli in the heat of a South African summer! Yep, Dec and January. This was totally accidental, as I had never grown the brassica before, but sometimes good soil and a lot of luck gets you over the line…!

  29. Your plants look amazing. I planted some couliflowers and the have some purple color in the base are they good to eat?

  30. This will be. My first attempt growing cauliflower. I grow only in containers so what would be a good sized grow bag to use?

  31. This will be. My first attempt growing cauliflower. I grow only in containers so what would be a good sized grow bag to use?

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