Grass free lawn garden

the world’s first grass free lawn is
the result of four years PhD research / Reading University and it’s a
collaboration between myself and Kensington and Chelsea Council to
produce a bio diverse beautiful grass free environment here in Avondale Park when I first started this the the original aim was to create
something beautiful the original idea came from my parents front garden in 1976
when we had the drought the borders had died the grass had died in the lawn and
all the wild flowers were flowering and it was absolutely beautiful and they’re
stuck in my mind and I thought what I’d like to be able to repeat that and when
you actually approach things for academically you you have to really sort
of analyze well why did these plants do this what type of plants were doing it
and all those kind of things so you end up actually narrowing things down a bit
and then you can bring a horticulturists eye and say right let’s have the red
flowered one or the purple leaved one the golden leave one and bring that
and make something beautiful first thing to notice is this has been designed to
be interactive in the sense that it should be sensory the first thing just
to point out this is Corsican mint if you rub it it has an incredibly strong
minty smell so if you step on it it releases the fragrance as well doing a
bit of plant breading back at reading when I was doing some crosses and
specifically came up with a plant here that has four leaves this is a four-leaf
clover so it’s a whole mix of ornamental cultivars such as this one of British
natives as well as including some of the sort of foreign things as well – by being
beautiful it aids the pollinators the bees the butterflies the insect
diversity is at least a third greater than a standard British lawn and the
number of species involved in it is much greater as well usually about twenty-five
percent more so far so by being beautiful it actually is being
beautiful in the greatest and widest of senses.

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