Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier- My filter for pesticides and fertilizer prone areas

Hi everybody I am over here in eastern Washington doing some upland bird hunting and one of the biggest problems I have when I’m hunting over here is that this is all real thick agricultural and it’s been a great cultural and for a long time so there’s lots of fertilizers and all kinds of stuff so I was looking for a filter that I could bring over here and rely on and I’m trying this weekend is the Grayl filter and it’s something i’ve used now on just real lightweight hikes because it’s a filter and my water bottle all-in-one if I know I’m having a ton of water resources on the way this is work perfect it’s really cool filter will show you how how it all runs so this is the whole thing it’s filtered haul water in a water bottle at the same time take the lid off and you pull this inner part out and that’s as the filter in it and filter is for of course like viruses and protozoa some viruses really hard to get a virus you can boil or some kind of chemical treatment something like that but you have the charcoal and put it on the list of all the inner parts but this is like the ceramic and the filter and the carbon activated carbon and everything right in this little filter and it’s real fast so we take that out you just take your container that it’s in fill this up with water this is this is the nasty water from our agraculture self-solving there you can kind of see that the bugs and everything in there from the shoreline but this filter he pushed this in the top and place it on the ground and you push it push it down so you just push down and forces clean water through all that really nice carbon filters and all that and they say according to the company that it takes out the chemicals and hard metals and all those things and I’m worried about over here in eastern Washington and this agricultural zone and here we go I think it’s actually you can do that in and fill your water bottles whatever I got a bladder right here there you go that’s perfectly clean water with the Delta all that hopefully the best besides and all that so I’m gonna bring all my water filters over here was hunting trips and put them all through the test it me just taste is just like my water treatment at home the water just tastes so so good when it goes all that filters I’ve got this or squeeze and it’s it’s a good filter I’ve got MSR sweetwater I’ve got that your tablets on that steripen this the water tastes really good yeah i just put just the way the crappiest irrigation water around in there it tastes just wonderful so i’m going to be using this a lot it’s the Grail got a few different models but i think this is a this is the one to get for me so cheers to that down below put down all that you know that microns and all that other particulars about it you know there’s there’s a lot that goes into filters and it just takes your own you know studying them all this is something that I think is gonna really help me over here in this part of the country there’s also another another baby is also another filter that ms are they the the Guardian i’m going to get that one too and i’m going to come over here with a bunch of water tests and and really give it a go yourself look forward to that all right back to hunting do later

26 thoughts on “Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier- My filter for pesticides and fertilizer prone areas

  1. Hi Bruce. I like that filter. Was going to ask how the water tasted but you answered that in the video:) How about hunting. Can you hunt in some places without permission? Over here in the UK you have to have express permission from the land owner. Getting land to hunt on in the UK is almost impossible.

  2. Awesome product. Does it filter products like glyphosate (Roundup)? And products like that? Here in New Brunswick Canada, the forestry companies spray that like crazy. I'm more concerned with that, that I am standard bacteria.

  3. Thanks for sharing Bruce. Might need to pick one of these up if we are planning to head out east more often. I wonder if this helps with gas and oil contaminants from boats on lakes as well.

  4. Might need to pick one of these up. Here in Ohio worrying about farm run off is a real problem. Some places because of mining and the ag land nearby I won't even touch the water.

  5. Nice. Living in central Illinois, agricultural chemicals are a huge concern for me when collecting water. For this reason, I usually bring all my water with me. That can be a lot of weight. I purchased a Survival Filter Pro this past year because of its carbon filter that is supposed to remove the chemicals et al. This looks like another nice option especially if water is abundant.

  6. Very cool Bruce. I could have used this filter last week on a camping trip. Rangers warned me not to filter water from the river due to pesticides so I carried in 2 days of water and it was super heavy. I wish I had this instead.

  7. Nice filter, the sawyer filter is good but it doesn't work on chemicals so you need alternatives for agriculture areas like you said
    And with a name like the grayal I am shocked you didn't have any Monty python in the video lol
    All the best

  8. Looks like a great filter! I am getting ready to purchase a filter. I will definitely have to check this one out too.

  9. Good system. I've always avoided filters because I hate pumping. I just go for chemical treatment and add some electrolyte flavour stuff if it tastes bad. I'll keep my eyes out for this, or maybe I'll ask Santa for it 😀

  10. Are you a chemist. How are you going to tell how good a job your filters are doing. just realize your have to change the carbon filter often. I had the same thought when I live in the mid west and all the water had flowed through farm fields. also carbon filters are only good against organics no heavy metals.

  11. Actually (still) use this?
    Of all you can get these days, would u actually pay for and use this?
    Over say, Survivor Filter

  12. Would you need the Steripen UV with this as well or not necessary? I was thinking of getting the "trail" filter as opposed to the "travel" filter. Which filter did you use with yours?

  13. Thank you very much for a great video! I also appreciate all the information you included in the description. Even tho' I've been an outdoor person all of my life, I'm just now realizing how much has changed.  After all, why research what I already knew, right? (Or "Thought" I knew, "NOT")  Wow!  Learning about 'water' has been the most difficult because of all the misinformation and false claims.  It is also hard comparing apples to apples.  Some charts measure filtration by particle size. Others by what type of contaminant is filtered. aaarrrggg…frustrating.   I learned a lot from your side comments, too…and they weren't even your main point. Thanks, again.  Can't wait to see the videos you did after this! : )

  14. Be careful with cross contamination.
    You grabbed the exterior of the filter with your hands, and then you used the same hands to press it down contaminating the rims.

    You must be really careful when you remove the filter to fill the container with water.

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