100 thoughts on “Great creative cement ideas with Bicycle tires – Innovation for your garden design – Diy flower pots

  1. U do some amazing cement sculptures! I would use some very thin paints, more a suggestion of color than the opaque. U work so hard at perfection forming & sculpting ur pieces, I wouldnt be so quick to cover them up & the details with a heavy pigment paint. Really awesome work, tho'.

  2. Cement is terrible on your skin, you should wear gloves, you can wear really thin ones so you can still feel what you are doing but it will protect the skin on your hands from caustic burns.

  3. Seems like a lot of effort just to achieve a very mundane & not so attractive planter/birdbath! I doubt very much if it could stand any kind of inclement weather as well.

  4. Good work, have you sold any?

    How many hours work was it ?

    Marketing towards parents and elderly as a safe garden/healing option.

  5. Wear gloves you going to get concrete poisoning goes in through your fingernails it's horrifying I know cuz I have it

  6. What The F… I just watched? At the end I was confused a little and kept on checking the minutes to see if there is an ending to this 😂😂😂😂

  7. Alkaline in cement strips skin oils away, scrub and oil/moisturise, at the end of day….or dermatitis will brake your best 2 tools…your hands.

  8. Very creative….maybe try something which uses far less cement as it is very environmentally damaging. There must be ways of being this creative perhaps utilising some non recyclable throwaway materials.

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