Great Gardens: Glin Castle

This is the north front of the house The estuary of the river Shannon The wind and the sort of bleakness The birds, and this changing light This is really the contrast
to the soft microclimate hidden behind the garden walls As we grew up here we spent
all our time out in the garden I remember going ’round
and just feeling this thrill I think children are very affected
by what lies underneath what Mary Keen calls “the inner eye” It’s some sort of connection with place There was definitely a tradition
of the Madam FitzGeralds as they were known, starting
with my great grandmother When she came here she would have brought
cuttings and seeds from her father who was very interested
in botany and plants and then my grandmother came
and she carried on in the ’30s and she planted the Persian ironwood and built the Arts and Crafts
scooped wall And then it was my mother’s turn She brought the place
back to life in the ’70s and that’s when we all grew up The kitchen garden as you see it today it’s laid out exactly as it was
years and years ago but it had fallen to disrepair Your mum decided
that we’d restore the garden so we got in a tractor,
and we plowed it all up and [inaudible] and cucumbers,
all the different vegetables – Lovely! I remember the cucumbers.
– I put it all back I was never interested
in anything that was neat and tidy and beds of roses, not that kind of garden I was just interested
in the sort of huge [inaudible] and what it makes you feel Even above plants,
which I’m really interested in I’m interested in atmosphere
and making people have emotions This garden, the pleasure grounds Granny Veronica really reigns supreme It wasn’t till you came along we knew
slightly what you were doing with me I think you’re too modest because you
planted tons and really improved it Yes but we planted the wrong things You had to dig them all up
and throw them away The grandchildren
love coming here, don’t they? Hmm, they love it Like you used to have your clubs I think they’ve already taken over
their special spots and their dens It’s so precious a garden,
I really just want to keep it going The youngest, who’s nearly four,
she’s got — I think she might be the one My mum always says she’s very hands on and that’s a good sign

17 thoughts on “Great Gardens: Glin Castle

  1. It is simply wonderful; as a student of landscape architecture, I find these video vignettes very inspiring. Looking forward to more of the series.

  2. She seems delightful and intelligent for a posh lady. What a beautiful family legacy. I'd love to be married here one day!! Gorgeous.

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