Greenhouse heat from Compost

Hey, once again, this is JT Bear coming to ya, just want to talk about a few of the things we’re doing that are off the grid to try and keep our greenhouse a little bit warmer during our Canadian winter days and nights. The first thing I’ve got here, is a ridiculously slapped together cheap as you can, solar furnace. You can see lots of clips of these, their all over Youtube. This thing works suprisingly well, it’s gotten the temperature well into the forty degrees celcius range. I was quite surprised by how warm it was
during the day, in our little greenhouse, however it really does nothing at night, when the sun isn’t shining. So that’s kind of still an issue so, to deal with that … I’ve got an old storage tote here that happens to have a hole in the side already. A large piece of black irrigation tube, and a very large handy compost pile. Some old compost, some pepper plants, some tomato plants, probably some grape leaves. Well, I’ve got that pretty full, I think I’m going to top it up with, fairly fresh compost, and tuck it away into the greenhouse to see what it does. So, now that it’s full compost, we’ve got two parts of the hose exposed, one down fairly low, hopefully the cold air will be taken in at this point, and one up, above the compost pile, where hopefully warmer air will be expelled. A good compost pile can get up to one hundred and sixty five degrees fahrenheit in the center of it. That being said I don’t know if this
would qualify or even large enough, but I’m still hoping for a slightly warmer greenhouse, throughout the evenings. Thank y’all for watching, have a great day!

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