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bjbjLULU Hi, this is Dr. Dzung Price from
Beyond Good Health TV. Actually, at the moment what I’m doing is I’m taking my shoes off
because I’m in the base of Mt. Coot-tha and it is a fabulous place. Where I am is among
the rocks. You can see the bubbling creek here, and I come here in the morning to really
get grounded again. Today I wanted to just talk a little bit more about grounding and
the benefits of grounding, and why I believe with such a passion that this is going to
be the healing modality of the future. Because guess why? Grounding and earthing is actually
free. It costs you nothing. All you have to do is get it and bring it to your awareness.
What I’ve found in my practice for grounding is that people underestimate the importance
of it. They don’t realise that the 21st century at the moment that we live in is just full
of interferences to our body’s energetic field and also the electricity that naturally runs
through our body gets interfered with from sleeping in wireless technology, Wi-Fi. When
we’re sitting at computers and we’re in an office environment, we’re disconnected from
nature, and we don’t get access to the outside fresh air and to the grounding, healing aspects
of the earth. I had a patient, for example, just the other day who came and saw me for
review because she had pelvic pain for two years. Do you know that she was about to sign
up for an operation on her ovaries. The specialist had told her that she had this pelvic pain
for two years, on Panadeine for it every day. Really, they were going to look at removing
her ovaries because they thought that might be the reason why she had this mysterious
pelvic pain that no scan, MRI, CT, ultrasound, they could not find out a cause. So she was
going to have this prophylactic surgery. Well, after I told her to go and spend one hour
every morning walking her dog in bare feet, and I told her to remove wireless technology
from her house, so she had to shut that down so that she was not sleeping in ultrasound,
in microwave radiation. Then I told her also to get rid of all the cordless phones in her
bedroom. She had a cordless phone right next to her bedside head, which actually the whole
unit emits radiation. So she got rid of all that. She wasn’t charging her laptop in her
bedroom, and she was then able to sleep, like she had sleeping problems. So after that,
she was sleeping perfectly. I think this is one of the underestimated causes of people’s
rising insomnia rates these days. In two weeks of doing those things, plus taking some electromagnetic
detox salts that I prescribed for her that she puts in her water every day, in two weeks
she had no pain. She was pain free. She did not have to take Panadeine for it every day,
and she avoided a major operation. So it is just remarkable. I want to really emphasise
some of the benefits of grounding and earthing, to avail yourself of all the natural free
electrons that actually accumulate on this ground. It’s the following: You will get the
electrons coming up through your kidney meridians, the K-1 point, which is down here. That actually
helps to revitalise. So the K-1 down here, that’s a very important kidney point, and
it runs up your leg and it feeds into your adrenals at the back here. Your adrenal glands,
which sit on top of the kidney, determine your energy. It helps create energy in your
body. It is also the source of your jing essence, which determines how long you’re going to
live and your constitutional life force. So one of the things that when you’re standing
grounded with the electrons coming up is you’re actually replenishing your battery, your battery
of jing essence, which is going to determine how strong and vibrantly you live. We don’t
want to deplete that. The other benefit, so that you actually help to recharge yourself
for a fact, and secondly, these electrons, the life-giving electrons, they reduce inflammation
in the body. People with pain in the body, inflammation, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.
So I know that when I sleep at my brother’s place – I sleep at my brother’s place overnight
when I’m in Brisbane – and he has wireless in his house. He’s an ophthalmologist and
he doesn’t listen to me. He won’t turn it off. So therefore I’m sleeping there with
wireless technology, and when I wake up, I have pains in my body, I’m stiff, and I’m
tired and sluggish. So that’s why I end up coming out to places that Mount Coot-tha here,
to recharge my body. So important! But the other benefits that you can get from grounding
and earthing is that it actually thins your blood. So those of you who have high blood
pressure, cardiovascular problems, heart issues, stroke, just grounding itself will help you
thin your blood and make your blood less thick and viscous, which is really, really going
to improve your cardiovascular risks. So there are a few of the benefits, and there are many
more, and I’ll talk to you about them as we go along because I don’t want to overwhelm
you. It’s just a little bit of information that you can do every day. Okay. So this is
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