Grow a Mushroom Mini Farm Kit in Your Kitchen any Time of Year

This is John Kohler with
Today I have a very exciting episode for you. I’m here in San Francisco, California outside
the Ferry building. It’s the Ferry building where all the Ferries come in. I mean this
building was built in 1896 to be exact. What they’ve done over the years is basically
take this and it still operates as a Ferry building, but the bottom floor they converted
to basically a market place where they have people selling food like foods from farms,
and different farm stands and what not. And believe it or not there are some foods
growing as we speak inside the Ferry building and what I’m going to do today is show you
guys how even inside the market place shops they’re growing some food and how you can
also grow that same food at home. So let’s head inside of the Ferry building and check
it out and learn more. What I’m here today to share with you guys
is right here. This is the Far West Fungi store. And what they’re doing at this store
is that they’re selling the Mushrooms. And as you could see here, this is their selection
of Mushrooms, there’s all many different kinds of Mushrooms, Chanterelle, Black Trumpet,
Tree Oysters, Shitake. I mean all these different kinds and each
one taste totally amazing. They all have different flavors and different properties. Some maybe
better eaten raw, but most Mushrooms in my opinion should probably be cooked before you
eat them to get the optimal benefit. But the reason why we’re here today is not
because of all the different Mushrooms that I’m not going to explain to you about. But
what I want to share with you today is that you can grow your own Mushrooms at home even
if you don’t have the space for a garden in your front yard or even backyard. So while there are many Mushrooms that maybe
are poisonous and/or psychotropic that are all crazy. I mean, this looks like Alice in
Wonderland right here, straight up. There are also many Mushrooms that are edible. And
two of the ones that are easy to grow inside and actually the easiest one in my opinion
to grow inside right here, this one is called the Tree Oyster Mushroom. And you could see
it’s just growing in a little kit they have here. This can also be grown in something
like, saw dust or straw. They got the nice dome here to protect it. In the Far West Fungi company, they sell these
little kits. So this kit is literally like about 20 bucks. And this kit is everything
you need to grow Mushrooms in your house, in your kitchen, wherever you want. So all you need to do is buy this kit and
just basically you’re going to mist it with water, keep it nice and moist, but not too
moist, this is going to grow the Mushrooms for you and you could have multiple harvests
off of this kit. And I would always encourage you to grow your own food whether you’re growing
fruits and vegetables or even Mushrooms at home. They’re going to be fresher and better
than just buying ones from the store, especially ones from the store, they’ve been picked,
put under cold storage and then you buy them. And you know what; the flavor is just not
quite the same. So besides the Tree Oyster Mushroom kit that
they’re offering, the kit that I like better is over on this side. And this is the Shitake
Mushrooms. Shitake Mushrooms can cause to 10 to $15 a pound or more depending on where
you live for good quality shrooms. But with this kit that’s about 20 bucks you
could easily grow that much in your own house and you’re going to have them fresh and you’ll
get to select when you want to harvest them, whether you want to harvest them when they’re
small or nice and large. So this kit is about $20. So that’s right
here. Once again, everything you need, including the instructions on how to grow it. So you
might be thinking, “Hey, John. How do I get that kit?” Well, you could go to the website to order the Mushroom kit. Basically how these kits work is that there’s
a Mushroom spawn or those are the Mushroom seeds, also sometimes called Mushroom plugs
that actually are already built into this kit with all the medium you need. Sometimes if you have already like a log to
basically impregnate your spawn into you could just buy the plugs or the spawn only. So if
you’re new into growing Mushrooms, I’d highly encourage you to get the kit because it’s
basically no frills and easy approach to grow Mushrooms so that you can be successful. It
can be much more difficult by having to pre-treat the wood and the different grow mediums that
you’ll be using if it’s not setup kit like this. So we just saw the regular kits, but they
also have kits for kids. Now, once again I’d encourage you to get a kit for the kids if
you have kids or just to play around to see how Mushrooms are growing. And this shows the example of the kit. This
is the Oyster Mushroom kit, the small kit. This kit is about $7. And you’d only grow
these Mushrooms on a newspaper. So that’s how easy it could be to grow Mushrooms. I
mean, literally on newspaper. Mushrooms will grow many places, but you need it to have
the proper conditions and the right spawn or seeds to start off with. Now, I would encourage you only to eat Mushrooms
that you know to be edible. Many are psychotropic, psychedelic, and poisonous. So, if you are
going to grow your Mushrooms I’d highly encourage you to buy a kit or buy a spawn that you know
the variety that you’re growing before you do. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed this episode learning
more about how you can grow your own Mushrooms. Once again, my name is John Kohler with
encouraging you to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables and even Mushrooms at home.

100 thoughts on “Grow a Mushroom Mini Farm Kit in Your Kitchen any Time of Year

  1. These kits are sterile, and them preimpregnated with the correct type of mushrooms as specified, so it should be safe, unless of course, you have mushrooms growing in your house..

  2. I use a lot of mushrooms for my cooking, and I've considered creating mushroom farms for some time. It actually occurred to me after playing a pc game called "Terraria" where you need to harvest mushrooms for use in alchemy, and so you'd designate an area to grow them efficiently and I thought: I should do that in real life.

    It's nice to see you present this branch of homegrowing produce. It's an obscure farming crop, and it's good to see it get some coverage.

  3. It's really easy and lots of fun to grow mushrooms in the kitchen! Kits are great, but making your own "kits" is really easy too (I have a vid on my channel for anyone curious and there's lots of other great ones on YT too). Growing oyster mushrooms is even easier than growing most plants!

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone John.

  4. You can grow mushrooms in your garden underneath your taller vegetables. Morels and Portabella mushrooms grow in a medium like soil and are supposed to do well in garden soils. The mushroom is just the flowering edible portion of the fungus. The rest is underground creating a healthier stronger soil and stronger roots creating a mycorrhizae kind of relationship between soil, fungus, and the roots of your plants. (The left over remains of the kits make great compost.)

  5. @giddymoon You can add hardwood chips and coffee grounds to extend the kits. Some grow up to 4 lbs of mushrooms depending on what kind of mushroom and medium is used. The The spent remains can be added to your compost.

  6. I cant believe I sat and watched the whole video..a great testament to your presentation skills. (trust me, I have a very short attention span) lol

  7. psychedelic mushrooms are not dangerous if you read up on them and know what your doing. everyone should experience a psychedelic experience at least once in their life!

  8. @cosmiceon Why? I've had several induced by lack of sleep, and it's not pretty. The entire world seems to be made of insects, and I once spent fifteen minutes talking to a wall, thinking it was a friend of mine, but really i was typing on a keyboard, to another friend of mine, without realizing it. Then I almost got hit by the tram because I couldn't see moving objects for some time. Luckily the tram conductor managed to stop just in time. I was about half a foot away from death.

  9. These kits are ridiculously priced.

    BTW, the correct term for introducing spores or live mycelium to a substrate is inoculation, not impregnation. For the price of one of those 'kits' you could easily purchase spores and a few straw bales or other medium.

  10. @growingyourgreens anyone truly interested in this should check out paul stamets and his books

    mushrooms can due to contamination be very dangerous if you dont take it serious

    many mold and other problems, i dont say that to deter people from doing it, but to just take it serious if they do

  11. @growingyourgreens Thanks so much for the link to…..4 easy steps to getting started with raw. It was a great vid and I'm going to follow the advice.

  12. … wait, you said something about cooking them. So, are there some you do NOT eat raw? Are mushrooms better cooked in some way? Can you explain? (And btw, I LOVE my Sampson Juicer so much I want to marry it.)

  13. Mushrooms contain naturally occuring toxins. Some mushrooms have more than others. Most mushrooms in should be cooked which denature the toxins based on my research. Some mushrooms have small quanitities of toxins that may be ok in small amounts raw. Please consult a mushroom expert (which I am not) for further information or clarification. I rarely consume mushrooms, as its a fungus, not a vegetable or fruit.

  14. John can you talk about throwing some kelp or seaweed into the water i water my vegetables with? Ive been thinking about it, is it safe?

  15. Yes, you can do that. I would use a liquid kelp to add into the water. You can mix kelp meal into your gardening soil.

  16. What a great man, greatful for what God has given him and sharing his knowledge with the world to help everyone. Mahalo John ,you got da Aloha spirit

  17. You can also look for spore vendors and then inject the spores onto a friendly mushroom substrate depending on the species. But then you need a pressure cooker, jars… it goes on and on and on… fascinating video. I wish I could go to San Fran and visit this store. Maybe some day!!!

  18. There are some mushrooms that are considered edible, but can not be eaten raw. Morels are the first that come to mind. You can and will most likely get very sick from eating raw morels. Wild mushrooms should always be cooked because they could have been contaminated by bacteria in the forest. Mushrooms are also made up of chitin and the chitin locks in the nutrients, so they must be cooked in order to break down the chitin and unlock the nutrients so that they are bioavailable.

  19. I've been looking all over the internet for a reputable site from which to buy mushroom kits. I'm glad that I have someone like John, who I can trust, to recommend a product for me that I cannot make myself. Until you can grow, make and manufacture everything from scratch, any product that makes growing your own food easier will be a "sales pitch" since nothing is free until you make or grow it yourself. Plus you don't have to buy it if you don't want to. Some of us appreciate having options.

  20. You dont need "growing kit" to grow mushrooms. I am growing oyster mushroom myself and you dont need to spend 20 bucks to grow them. Well, without kit you need more patience 😉

  21. to sum up the video:
    STEP 1: buy a mushroom growing kit
    STEP 2: water and wait
    STEP 3: enjoy

    thanks a lot, johnny! i learned a shitload! XD

  22. Love it! I recently learned this info, myself. I am working on a documentary called, "Can Mushrooms Save the Planet? Among Us, Fungus" Growing mushrooms is so easy, and I believe that it can solve issues in areas of the world where starvation is an issue. The more I research, the more I learn. Fungi is an amazing subject! Cheers!

  23. I already grow mushroom in my bath 😀 its a wild one it looks like one of them at 2:08 is that something I could eat 😀 just wondering I did try to kill it with soup but it keeps comming back after the soup washes away with me taking a shower

  24. Many raw mushrooms have a gritty texture but become tender when cooked. Some people report bad reactions to raw mushrooms, but that hasn't stopped me from sampling raw pieces of nearly every edible species I find during my mushroom hunts. The thing is they almost always just taste a lot better when cooked. Also, in my opinion, few people cook mushrooms long enough. It takes a long time to get them to brown like a piece of meat, but it's worth it.

  25. Your voice/energy level needs to come DOWN. Great info in your vids but its indigestible because you're so off putting!

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  28. save your own coffee grounds in the freezer. when you get enough microwave them to sterilize. Put grounds in plastic food container with a few small holes poked in the bottom..Borrow 1 shiitake from your neighbor, pull the stem out and set it on a uncoated paper plate gills down for 3 or 4 days. See spore deposit. Cut spore deposit paper in tiny little squares mix with moist coffee grounds. keep lid slightly loose, dark, 65-70deg. Watch. Mist daily. Shiitake grows. Eat all but 1 then repeat

  29. Hey John, is this place open and able to be visited year round or only during a certain time of the year? What is the place called again?

  30. Slipping in your little commercial on Youtube where people go for "how to" videos does little other than to guarantee I'll but a mushroom growing kit from anyone other than this company.

    Well done.

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  33. lol, I thought you were talking about fairies – "Where the fairies come in…", I thought – there's his sense of humour. lol

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  36. Hi. I have a small mush farm here in the far east. My prob is that roaches are eating my mushrooms. Do you have suggestions to get rid of them?

  37. it tick's me off when he groups psychotropic mushrooms with poisonous ones thus continuing the myth that all illegal drugs are bad not that I have tried them but I know enough chemistry and biology to see though that crap

  38. These kits are Epic!! I grew pink oyster mushrooms last year! 🙂 It was super easy and I got A TON of mushrooms!!!

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