Grow Cannabis – Mixing Soil – by Jorge Cervantes

Let’s make some soil. So what I have done
is I went down to the store and I bought some good soil. Fox Farm, some Roots Organic, and some good old Black Gold and some of this great stuff here this Ancient Forest from General
Hydroponics. It’s really full of this old composted stuff and then also a few of these. These
are called well Hydroton is what this brand name is, but they are expanded clay pellets
and they hold water on the inside as well as air. So these things are really good to
mix with your soil and they don’t break down. Well, they do but very little. Anyway, I’m
going to put a few shovel fulls of these in the mix today. So, let’s get mixing. Let’s
take a quick look at some of these soils first. Let’s take a look at this roots soil. Here’s
a handful right here. It breaks up real easily. It’s got plenty of perlite. My God, it might
have thirty eight maybe forty percent perlite in there. That’s that white stuff and then
it looks like its got peat and other compost or something. I can’t tell what all is in
there. Maybe, oh yeah , coco is in there as well. This is going to be a real light draining
or I mean a light mix that drains quickly. All that perlite really makes a difference.
Okay, we’ll just toss a bit of this in here. I think I’ll uh. Let’s see, what do I have
here. About a quarter of a bag. So, I think I’ll throw that light mix right on the bottom.
Now, we’ve got a little bit of this Black Gold here. This an old classic formula. We
used to grow with this in Oregon years ago. It was the hottest thing happening, but you
know, I know it’s full of a peat moss and sometimes that stuff bunches up or balls up
a little bit. Let me dig this out. This is what we got here for a close up. Now, you
can see this is completely different soil. Actually, let me compare the two. This one
is Black Gold and this one is Roots Organic. So you can see Roots Organic is way darker
and it’s got a lot more a perlite in it and Black Gold here is real light stuff. It’s
full of moss, peat moss. It’s what it looks like to me. Well, that’s what I know it’s
full of and it’s got a few other things, but man there is a lot of peat moss in here. So
you know that this is going to hold a ton of water. So, that’s got to be lightened up,
but when I mix the two together like this. What I get is something that is a little bit
lighter. I’ve got a lot of perlite in there and everything and then I’ve also got a lot
of peat. So it holds water a little bit better. See that’s a different mix. I’m going to
mix a couple more things with this. Okay, so that’s what it’s going to like when I mix
it. I’m going to throw in…this is right at about a half a cubic yard or I mean
a half a cubic foot that I’m throwing in. So I just happened to have a little bit more
of that. Nothing to scientific about this, but I’ll tell you this part is important.
See I got one soil right on top of the other. What I’m going to do is take my little sawed
off shovel and mix this up a little bit. Let me just turn this around. You got to watch
it. You might want to either spray a touch of water on this and if dust bothers you wear a mask.
We’ll mix these two soils up first and then we’ll add another one. That way we get a cleaner mix all the way through.
Mixing soil, I mean you got one shot at it. Once you plant it, you can’t dig it up and
mix it again. Okay, so let’s look at what we can put in next. This is this Ancient
Forest soil. It’s Alaska humus and it’s one hundred percent organic like the rest of the
mix except for the perlite. That was heated. We going to throw in about a quarter bag here.
That will bring this mix up to, oh I don’t know, about five percent of what were going
to mix in here. Let’s take a close look at this stuff here. Oops, I got to grab some.
Okay, now if we look at this. This looks like that kind of dirt you dig up next to the old
tree that’s been in the shade for a long time. Where everything has been able to compost.
This is the kind of soil you dig up and it’s just full of things. Little microbes, little
critters of all kinds. Anyway, we mix this with this soil and it kind of holds everything
together and really adds a bunch of trace elements and everything. Okay, so we mix that
up. We don’t have to mix that a ton, but I’ll mix up what I got. Notice, I’m mixing each
element separately and then at the end everything is going to be way better mixed. Okay, let’s
put in another bag of soil here. This is what I’ve got left. It’s from Fox Farm and it’s
called Ocean Forest potting soil and it’s ready to use. Let’s take a peek at it and
see what it looks like. Well that looks pretty dark full of perlite. Perlites a little beat
up. Oh, let’s see, there’s a few branches in here. So they put some kind of a compost
mix in it and it’s also got some light stuff. It’s a little bit of bark chips. So they put
bark chips in it. It means it’s got to be PH corrected its acidic. Yeah, here’s a couple
more bark chips. So it’s pretty good stuff. It’s a little rough. That’s why I’m mixing
it with these other soils.So we get rid of some of this stuff or at least dampen it down a little
and the price is right. So you can’t complain when the price is right. So let’s throw a
little bit of this dirt in here, soil as it is and start mixing it up again. Now look.
Look at this. Let’s just do a little experiment. Let me throw this soil in right there. Look
how the soil color is different. It’s darker. This is darker than this. There’s a lot of
peat, that Black Gold has tons of peat in it. You can really tell. We’re going to have
to lighten that up a little bit more. This Fox Farm will darken the soil and you know it’s got
to be full of good organic compost just seeing those little branches in there. Oh boy, this
is getting to be pretty full. It’s going to be a job to mix this now. The main thing is
to get a real good mix until the soil looks pretty homogenous. You know. So it’s all the same color and same consistency and stuff and then do that and then time to add the next element.
So let’s go to our next element here. Next is Hydroton. They hold air on the inside as
well as water and do a great job of aerating the soil and these are also used in hydroponic
setups or hydroponic gardens. I’m just going to put a few handfuls of these in here and
mix them. I don’t know, I might put as much as five percent, but I don’t know if I would
go with that much. It’s just kind of thing I’m looking at by the eye. Oh boy, that dust
can get to you. I think I better just sprinkle a bit of water on it. To get rid of that dust.
Sprinkle it over here. There, now there all wet. All the dust is gone. I can move them
around no trouble. Now, let’s do a little mixing. You don’t want to put to much water
in. just enough to settle the dust and too if you put to much water in you’ll learn real
fast that the mix gets very heavy. So, I think we can use a couple more handfuls. Let me
throw in a little bit more. A little water. Okay, the dust is gone. Okay, we’re looking
pretty good here. We got our soil pretty well mixed up and if we need anything. Anymore
of these little pellets we can put them in later. So, I’d say we go to the next step
and that’s filling this bucket up and next some plants. So, let’s go. Now, I’m putting
this soil in the bucket like this so that I can just transfer it to the pot real easily,
because working out of here or pouring soil out of here just doesn’t work to well. So,
the other thing i can do is just set my pots in here, but if i set my pots in here they’re
going to get all dirty on the outside and that means it’s going to create more work.
So actually transferring it to a bucket and then from the bucket to the little pots is
a lot easier and that’s what we like. Easy stuff.

100 thoughts on “Grow Cannabis – Mixing Soil – by Jorge Cervantes

  1. Hi Jorge, great video! would this mix be good for starting seeds? Or would you recommend a starting soil such as Fox farm "Light Warrior"? Thanks.

  2. Question: what if you live in a country with none of this black gold or clay balls…..what do I do with just what I can get from mother earth

  3. So I’m pretty new to this, you seem to have a good eye of mixing, so how do you find how much you mix of each stuff together?

  4. Are you sure this isnt just a commercial Jorge?! Not what I expected from the author of The Horticulture Grow Bible. He literally doesn't even know the ingredients in F.F. Ocean blend and went the most expensive way do not do this and just trust PH levels headbangers. A Freaking Advertisement! Damnit Jorge!

  5. Jorge, thanks for sharing! Question…What are the best companies to contract large amounts of soil for this next years season in humboldt county??

  6. Jorge Cervantes and The Rev need to have a gettogether with Jeff Lowenfels, who has a lot to say about how fungi and soil life make soils naturally loose and porous through bioslime. No need to use so much perlite if you have well aged compost or soil.

  7. The trash can seems to be difficult to get a good mix I have used kiddie pools in the past so the soil is spread out evenly not so deep so easier to mix or a wheel barrel so that it's mobile and easy to dump for outdoors. Outdoors I've also just mended right in the hole but it's just alot of digging. But that's half the fun. Happy growing just started watching these videos and I do really enjoy them.

  8. i'm on the east coast and the brands your using are west coast brands and not available if your familiar with brands to use in my mix woould be helpful and very much appreciated

  9. OMG after reading the comments I had to post mine. Roots is infested with Fungus Gnats. I had a REALLY hot bag of Roots where none of my seeds germinated. And I alway's germinate in soil. Never had a prob with Fox Farms at all. But I decided to switch to Roots, and I called to complain and they were VERY nice and the Roots rep came down to where I was which was far away and not only replaced the soil but gave me some awesome Roots Organic micro greens as well as a whole box full of their nutes and a fresh bag of soil. Sadly too say the Roots organic soil was infested with gnats. I tried ever which way to stop them but they killed my plants. Then I tried the old very hot soil bag for some Peppers and I had gnats everywhere. Then I gave Roots one last chance and bought another bag. Same thing. Gnat's everywhere. Went back Fox Farms and have never looked back. ZERO insect issues. And please keep in mind my gropw shop stores all of their spoil indoors and burns through it very fast. Even the bag from the rep was infested. And when I called Roots the girl said that fungus love our soil.

    NEVER AGAIN will I use Roots. Sorry. Back to Ocean Forest and ZERO ISSUES.

  10. He's just mixing random shit he's got playing around. Not really a scientific vid on how to make a good soil. With that being said, it is a killer mix.

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  12. Hey jorge!!! Its kyle from mass
    Im making a mixture of
    Cocoa coir
    Cow manure
    And organic potting soil
    Do you think the girls will be happy?

  13. I'm from India. I'm very keen to work in cannabis industry. I wanna get employed as a farmer. No salary demand. If possible please employ me.✌

  14. I have a bag of fox farm ocean forest and some organic soil. Can I mix the two together, and will it harm my plant?

  15. im not a pro at growing but i have 8 grows on fox farms and the shit never let me down.i do wanna try other soils tho,one day maybe lol

  16. BULLSHIT! If you really knew what you were doing, you would show us what to actually mix from out backwoods! Some of us can't afford the over prices shit you show!

  17. You would be so proud of me George I am doing it the old Oregon way and loving it been going for as long as I learned my first lesson from you over twenty years ago many blessings and happiness to you brother!

  18. Price is right? Where you getting it cheap at? Fox Farm online is 45 dollars a 1.5 cubic feet. That's not cheap. I mix 50% happy frog 25 coco 25% perlite. Works like a charm. Mix up your fox farm ocean forest with fox farm light warrior.

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  20. Sawed off shovel 😂 . Plants look great Georgey.
    Fox farm coco loco/big n Chucky perlite/gh ancient Forrest!!.
    Ewc and lil dis n dat.
    Organic ftw.
    Real growers, recharge.
    Mammoth and fish shit, kelp me kelp you.
    Masters secret😂

  21. So can you just use fox farm. I want to grow some indoors but do I really need to mix lots of different soils together.

  22. If you regulate your par on your plant , can you avoid bleached tops ? If so what par do you recommend for stages of growing ? Thx !

  23. Man I got your book indoor marijuana horticulture back when I was in high school it's a reference I give to people that want to learn how to grow….. anyting….

  24. Back in 1981 2 or 3 I bought your book "Indoor Marijuana Horticulture" When I was 12. I Mail ordered it Using my dads credit card because nobody would sell pot because I was "too young". I read that book 100 times over until I memorized it. I wore it out.
    My sisters husband was growing pot so everytime my parents went to visit I'd go with them and sneak in their basement to take cuttings and anything I could sneak out. I'd wear loose shorts and bring alligator baggies to store cuttings and lava rocks. I double bagged it so nobody could smell it.

    I used the lava rock dunking method in your book because it was easiest for me. I mail ordered hydrofarm fertilzer, 1, 400 watt metal halide and 1, 1000 watt high pressure sodium light for flowering and ballists. I followed your directions to the tee. Everything was going great. Until my dad got the electric bill. My dad worked out of town all the time and he never around. My mom had to know what was going on. I think just didn't care until the electric bill came or the smell gave me away but I got busted. my mom had to know She cleaned my room when I was in school. I had my windows wide open in january in michigan because it got so hot in there.

    Anyway learned so much from you and everybody should read your book "indoor Marijuana Horticulture"

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