grow easily MINT plant without any fertilizer in this monsoon season in pot on your terrace garden.

hi friends the sweet fragrance & the dark green colour & medical properties of this mint plant always attracts me so i decided once again to grow mint plant on my terrace & i will show you how to grow it from cuttings but before that friends if you have not subscribed my channel then SUBSCRIBE my channel for regular updates like this thanks now friends it’s time to take a branches from mint plant friends i have big mint plant on my terrace i select 10 mature branches from it for 2 feet wide pot friends if you have not mint plant on your terrace then don’t worry ,buy mint from any vegetable stores & select mature branches from it & make cuttings at least make 20 to 30 cuttings from this 10 branches & how to grow it i will show you next so keep watching this video now friends remove all the leaves from this branches so that the new leaves will appear soon & take at least 2 inch long cuttings from every branches & insert it in well drain potting soil & how to plant it in pot i will show you friends after taking cuttings from all the branches deep all the cuttings in rooting hormone powder for quick & healthy roots friends now it’s time to repot this cuttings friends the roots of this mint is so delicate so i have select this light media of cocopeat &perlite mix you can select any well drain potting soil too & take a cutting & deep it at least half inch in this potting media now one by one insert all the cuttings like this in this 2 ft wide pot i have plant 20 cuttings in this pot like this after planting all the cuttings spray the water lightly on this cuttings & put this pot at least for 10 days in semi shade area so that direct sunlight will not affected the cuttings within mont your mint plant will look like this friends due to monsoon season i have use no chemical or orgenic fertilizer in it & look at this it is quite healthy too friends if you like my video then like it, share it & SUBSCRIBE it thanks for watching

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  1. Sir Mere is plant mein kida lag raha hai to uske liye Main Kya Karoon kaun sa spray us Karoon

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