Grow grape 🍇vines in pots-By The Nature || টবে আঙ্গুর গাছ করতে গেলে কি কি দরকার।

In today’s video I am going to show you what are the essential things to do to grow grape vines in pots. We all know that in winter grape plants throws it’s all leaves. When Spring comes after winter then new branches and leaves grows. If we don’t care our grape plants now then we will not get best fruits. At first we need to select a perfect pot to grow this plant. Do not use 10 or 12 inches pots. As because it is a vine and grows very fast. If planted in the direct ground then no problem but if we want to grow it in pots for you terrace garden then select a best size pot. To grow a grape plant in pot we need a minimum 18 inches pot or greater. May be 18 or 20 or 22 or 25 or you can grow it in the big size plastic drums also.. At first we need to know it’s soil mixture. Soil pH should be 5.5 to 6.5. Means not much acidic or alkaline. To maintain soil pH we need to apply organic compost time to time. I will discuss some special types of fertilizers for this plant which I did not tell you before. You need to purchase some organic compost like vermicompost. You can also use decomposed cowdung (at least one year old) also. next is bone meal. Steamed bone meal is better to use. Next is Blood meal. Use of blood meal helps plants to grow juicy and sweet fruits. It is necessary for pots only.Not mandatory if in grounds. Next is fungicide. It likes full sunlight. If you want to grow it under semi-shade then fungus will attack. mainly anthracnose. Anthracnose : Leaves will turn black from the upper sides. If you are using fungicide powder then take 2 gram of it and add one liter water. Then spray whole the plant in every 10-15 days intervals. Application of proper fertilizers is important if you are growing it in pots. I am going to discuss a common ratio that how to make a perfect mixture fertilizer for this. 1 kilogram any organic compost such as vermicompost or decomposed cowdung, 100-150 gram fine mustard cake powder, 100 gram bone meal,if steamed bone meal is available then it will better, 50 gram blood meal, If you are using chemical fertilizers then take 2 tea spoon of NPK 19:19:19 or 20:20:20. Mix all together. Use that mixture fertilizer in every 15-20 days intervals. For small plants you can use it once in a month. For bigger plants use once in a 15 days. Different types of insects attacks on this plant like beetle.Which cuts all the leaves. You can use neem oil for this. Now a days we don’t have enough time to care our plants. For that condition you can use chemical insecticides. I bought this plant last year. This year I will plant it in the direct ground. Because I have not proper size pots to grow it. To grow this plant it needs some supports to spread otherwise it will not grow properly. So thank you very much to watch my video.

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