Grow Green Vermicompost

Are you into growing the best flower, vegetable
and herb plants possible in your garden? Do you need a little help from a good green
thumb? If you answered yes, I have just what you
need. Grow Green Vermicompost. My name is John Biernbaum. I’ve been gardening and farming nearly all
my life. As a horticulturalist at Michigan State University,
I’ve taught over 10 different courses, including Greenhouse Management and Growing Various
Crops in Greenhouses and Indoor Plants. I’m currently teaching the Organic Farming
Principles and Practices course, a course on how to grow organic transplants such as
we have here, how to make compost and then how to use passive solar greenhouses like
the structure we are standing in. I also get to work with farmers in both rural
and urban settings to help them grow fresh, local, nutritious vegetables, flowers and
herbs. Here at the Horticulture Teaching and Research
Center, we’ve been investigating how to take campus food preparation kitchen scraps and
process them into vermicompost. The goal is to stop the waste and to close
the food cycle loop between farms, consumers and the soil that grows our food. Compost is typically considered a one-size
fits all but there are several types of compost depending on the inputs. Worm compost might sell for 10 to 100 times
more than a municipal leaf-based compost or a farm manure-based compost. The difference in part is due to the more
work that’s required to make worm compost and that it’s available in smaller quantities. But there are other reasons. Is vermicompost better? Yes. Grow Green Vermicompost can provide several
benefits. First it will provide organic matter that
helps with soil structure and drainage and it also helps with retaining water. And finally it will provide diverse microorganisims
that benefit the soil and the soil food web. Grow Green Vermicompost comes in a 4 gallon
bucket which is equivalent to 64 cups of compost. That means you can treat up to 64 flats of
seedlings or 64 growing containers or hanging baskets or transplant out 64 young plants
to get started in your garden. The material is available at the Recycling
Center and Surplus Store which is open to the public on Tuesdays and Fridays. And as an added bonus, when you’re ready for
a refill for your bucket, if you just bring your old bucket back, you can get the same
amount of material for $5 off the price of a new bucket. Grow Green Vermicompost can nourish your soil,
nourish your plants and nourish you and your family, all with the help of millions of worms. And let’s hope that the Grow Green can be
just like here in the Children’s Garden that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that’s
going to be your gift for your garden.

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