Grow Organic Eat Organic ( How to make vermicompost)

All farmer brothers Saluting my side! I am Mayur Jain who will tell you how to make Vermicompost fertilizer. This Vermicompost manure is a organic manure that is prepared in large quantities on our farm. I am resident of Nagaur Rajasthan India. Firstly a frame is made in which the compost is prepared For example, a 10 feet long, 3 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep brick structure has been prepared in which the earthworm can stay safe. To make this organic manure, first of all, we need cow dung This is a fresh dung which we keep for cooling on the ground for at least five days. After that we put this dung into these structures. After putting the dung in these structures we put earthworms in it After that you see the earthworms in my hand This is an unique gift of nature, so that we can make organic manure This makes organic fertilizer like grains of tea eating earthworm droppings Protecting earthworms is the main reason for our fertilization. How are they protected now we will understand We made this 10 feet long and 3 feet wide brick kiln, then put cold dung in it, then put the earthworms and now we have placed jute sacks above them on these structures. It keeps the jute bags covered so that the earthworms can be safe and at the same time the temperature is up to 25 degrees centigrade. We leave one day and spray water with this routine on the second day and at the same time pour water so that the jute sacks remain wet and moisture remains We can also use banana leaves or any grass weed waste instead of these jute bags. Now the dung and earthworms inserted in these chambers are reverted upside down for every ten days so that the bottom material can come up and down the top. Such a work is done by a tool of iron, as well as to make this compost, such work is done at least four times i.e. for every ten days. The specialty of this iron tool is that it has been made like a tooth in front, which is visible in three, these teeth have not been sharpened further, so that there is no loss of damage to these earthworms. This is how we pull upside down in such a way that the bottom material is below and above the material. You can see that the dung has been prepared, just like the tea grains At the same time, many earthworms can also see it. One more thing I would like to say is that we have used a cement shed on the terrace to maintain the temperature, and if you want to make it by any other thing like green net, grass or anything. You see, the finished goods are ready and how do we take it out? Carefully hear how we carry out these goods while keeping these earthworms in. We punch this material on the back of the same type of small iron tool, so that the earthworms go down towards the humidity and get out on drying the material from above. Now we will see that this is a sieve machine in which the finished goods are filtered. This is our always working worker who gives you the goods. Look at this, you put the compost on one side in this sieve machine, which goes out of the car, and on the other side if any earthworms come back, they are put on top of the dung in the bricks from here. So you can see this is our finished goods. Which was in the state of a dung that was forty days ago and today has become like a grain of tea today. We make large quantities of manure here, so we have worked on this sieve machine if you want any other type of sieve machine can also work. This water connection has been made so that water can be given to the jute sacks so that the temperature is cool. For this work, the water that you take for yourself, the same water should be used so that the earthworms do not have harm, otherwise you can get any kind of bad water as well as the water saved in the house. At the same time, one important thing is that in this, we can include fruit vegetable garbage with cow dung or wood filings or tree leaves or food fodder. In a way, you can say that all garbage collected from agriculture can be included. See this, it is our finished goods that our farmers do not make by working hard so we have made it packaged in these bags so that the goods can reach easily to the farmer’s brother. The name of my firm is GREEN GROWING SOURCES and the name of my product is KISAN KENCHUA KHAD One bag has been told through a circle that the first thing we say to the paddy fields is that the garbage cow buys the buffalo and cow cow dung is called this earthworm and these organic fertilizers come back from the waste of these earthworms. This is a kind of cycle which comes from where it comes back and ends. Now we need to know about earthworms how it works The life span of an earthworm is only six months But in these six months it gives birth to a earthworm 50 to 100 earthworms It means that after a life of earthworm, 50 to 100 earthworms are given to us. The whole body of this earthworm is filled with water, which is a unicellular organism, due to which it breathes the whole body and it can run on either side This earthworm gives the egg every seventh day after one month of its birth which gives it for six months after it goes Some people believe that killing an animal is a sin, but I say those farmers who can keep these living things as they told me and can protect them, they can do the job properly. It is clear that the farmers who can produce brother-organisms can also make this compost easily You will understand this whole project only when you go to this society to protect earthworms. You can see our ready Vermicompost fertilizer is like a grain of tea The main feature of this manure is that it maintains the fertility of the land. Maintains the ability to hold the water of the land Produces many bacteria inside the soil This bacteria is very important for our soil. I want to tell my farming brothers that it can be used for growing vegetables, growing all kinds of crops, horticulture, and all related work related to farming. My dear farmer brothers are cow-buffalo inside your house and they also have dung for them, then you only need these earthworms to help you make this organic manure. The intestine of the earth is our earthworm manure This farming brother would like to know how much to put it in the ground? Make this compost free of poison free by using this manure instead of uria and DAP so that we can free our food poisonous This manure takes at least 2 to 5 quintal in a bigha land And the rate of this manure is different in the market I say from my heart that this manure is very good for our land, so I request you to use this quantity in greater quantity. GROW ORGANIC EAT ORGANIC

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