Grow plumeria or champa from cuttings and care tips

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I’m Avishek today I’m going to show you how to propagate plumeria plant from stem cutting
and it’s care. Plumeria is a tropical perennial flowering
plant or shrubs, it’s belongs to the family Apocynaceae. It’s commonly known as champa. Plumeria is a very popular flowering plant
for it’s unique fragrance. It is mainly native to the Mexico, Central
America and Brazil. Plumeria plant mainly propagate through stem
cutting and seedling, plumeria seeds are very rare. In this video I’m going to show you how to
propagate plumeria plant from stem cutting. Ok let’s start. First of all make potting mix for plumeria
plant, the ratio of the potting mix is 60% normal garden soil, 20% vermicompost, 20%
fine sand. Mix it well. Take growing bag or any kind of pot and fill
it with potting mix. Take 8 to 12 inch stem cutting, before planting
this stem cutting keep it shaded place 2 to 7 days for callus Take this cutting dip into the rooting powder. Make a hole center of the potting mix with
your finger and place this cutting into the hole and press it gently. Finally give some water, keep it partial shade
place. After 60 days cuttings look like this. It is my red color plumeria cutting. Roots are very well developed and it is my
white color plumeria cutting. Now we transplant into the individual pot. Take a large size container at least take
12 inch container. Take some coconut husk and cover with drainage
hole. Fill it with potting mix. Take this plant and remove this polythene
paper. Planted into the pot and fill it with potting
mix. Finally give some water. The caring tips of plumeria plant
1) Soil : It prefer well drained moist soil. 2) Light : Plumeria want full sunlight 6 to
8 hours daily. 3) Watering : It love moist soil but not soggy,
give water every alternate day. 4) Fertilizer : Before blooming use some phosphorus. Apply it every two to three weeks from may
to august. Thank you for watching my video. Please like my video and share my video, have
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  1. I do not understand . Please tell me the english month. My trees are to much long in pot. So i have some problem to maintain . Please helf me.

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