Growing & Caring for Trees : How to Fertilize Evergreen Trees

Hi I’m Jessica Smith with Blands Nursery in
West Jordan, Utah and today we are talking all about trees and shrubs. Right now we are
going to discuss how to fertilize evergreen trees. Most evergreens do not need fertilizer
and actually do not like fertilizer. Most people actually kill their evergreen trees
with too much fertilizer. If evergreens are given plenty of sun and plenty of deep applications
of water and are planted properly to begin with you shouldn’t really need any. On occasion
it may lose that lustery green color. It may need just a little bit of nitrogen and what
you want to do is just sprinkle maybe a tablespoon or two down around the soil late late in the
winter or early early spring and let mother nature water it in. Never ever add a commercial
fertilizer when planting around the root system. That will surely kill your tree. Just organic
matter and micro izee down in the soil. Both of those two will work together and actually
improve the health of your tree.

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