Growing Garlic : Prepare Soil with Fertilizer to Grow

So we’ve put the compost in. While compost
is a great thing, it is not really a fertilizer. It is a soil builder, a conditioner but this
is food. So you need to fertilizer too. This is the same fertilizer that we were using
in the other segments. It is a mixture of dry blood, rock phosphate and green sand.
In this mix, I put in a little more blood for a higher nitrogen because the garlic likes
the nitrogen in the soil. I tell people put it on like a powder donut or you are dusting
something. About like that is plenty. A little bit of fertilizer goes a long way. Incorporate
that into the soil too. One thing that we can’ really show here is time. It is best
to let these things sit for a day. You want to prepare your soil at least 2 or 3 days
before you are going to plant the garlic. let the compost and the soil really mix together.
There is going to be movement in the soil now. It is alive so we are going to go ahead
and plant it now. So that’s prepared. We will rake it out in the next step and mark the

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  1. One of the benefits of video is that you CAN show the passing of time. Film yourself planting the garlic a few days later, cut it together and make an interesting video.

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