Growing Gladiolus from Bulbs or Corms this Winter – 100% Success Results Timelapse

Hello Friends, Today will look into a very
easy method of growing the beautiful Gladiolus plant from bulbs this winter with 100 percent
success results at the end of the video. Stay Tuned.. Gladiolus is a classic perennial known for
its tall flower spikes in a sword like fashion. Gladius means sword in latin. Hence its also called Sword Lily. Galdiolus is commonly grown from its corms
or bulbs. Infact there is a slight difference between
a corm and a bulb, but at home gardening level that�s okay for me to use them synonymously. Well, Get some fresh bulbs from a garden store
and start planting them. Use larger containers because we are not gonna
transplant them again. Planting gladiolus may not product same results
at all zones, it differs from region to region. Choose a good draining soil with atleast 10
percent compost mixed in it � any compost like powdered cowdung or vermicompost. Dig the holes around 2 � 3 inches deep and
space the corms or bulbs atleast 3 inch apart. Make sure you insert the right end into the
soil where roots develop � the pointed end should be facing upwards. Then after placing them, cover them with some
loose soil and water them thoroughly and keep the soil moist by checking alternate days. Do not over water, the bulbs may rot. You should start seeing the result in a weeks
time. This is the result in 6 days. You can see the shoot developing. Then this one at 10 days after planting. Then finally this is the result at 2 weeks. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
on how to grow gladiolus from corms or bulbs with results. If you like the video, please give a thumbs
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17 thoughts on “Growing Gladiolus from Bulbs or Corms this Winter – 100% Success Results Timelapse

  1. I think every newbie Gardener should try planting bulbs or corms like gladiolus, lilium or tuberose – it’s really nice experience and good results.

  2. I plantsd them they are now beautiful big spikes swords however u want to call them. How long now before the flowers begin to bloom.

  3. hello,
    please answer me one thing
    once gladiolus flower., then will it flower again from the same plant?
    new plant will grow from root corm and that will produce new flower spike.

  4. When I planted mine I was only expecting 2 feet of flowers but guess what at 3 feet tall still growing and no sign of flowers. Bad idea if space is limited

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