Growing Interest in Farmers Market

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9 thoughts on “Growing Interest in Farmers Market

  1. @outofworkbum Yes, have that situation here in the NW too. As population increases, developers buy up farm land to build new houses. There is one new 'neighborhood' that butts up against one of the U-Pick blueberry farms I visit. Sad to see. Sad to lose the farmland too.

  2. @ase010 Thanks! If you have any kind of space to grow food – by all means do! Community gardens are nice too.

  3. Sullivan County, New York – organic and heirloom farm market heaven! It makes me soooo happy to see the young adults taking their places as the producers, sustainers and educators of quality food!

  4. @WhiteTiger333 Same here! Here in the Portland metro area urban farming has taken off – those in their 20s and 30s are growing food in many creative ways. Challenge for many is getting access to land. There are resources being made available to help, though.

  5. @WhiteTiger333
    Respond to this video…
    Great video – Cups
    WT333 — I have been in upstate/Sullivan County, New York a lot lately and there is a mini movement towards organic markets and restaurants — and a more general acceptance to the organic farm market by the public. I have even found a 5 Star Certified Green restaurant in Sullivan County, New York It is nice to see.

  6. @CaptKelp Would that be Aroma Thyme bistro?! Technically, it's in Ulster County, although Ellenville is on the line. I LOVE that restaurant! It is such an enthusiastic supporter of quality local farming. 🙂

  7. Right on – you got it. ATB I didn't know where the line was, but I knew it was close. I love the place — Marcus and Jamie are incredible — not only do they have the best and healthiest food no matter what "kind" of food you like, but they matched it with the most incredible wines (100+) and Beers (100+) lists and even their spirits list is incredible. They also have as much local stuff in all categories food, wine, beer, and spirits as possible. It is right up there.

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